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Jeep Liberty CRD Diesel Real World MPG

steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
How's your gas... er, diesel mileage? Please include tidbits about your driving style, additives, odometer reading, etc.

If you stumbled in here but own a gas Liberty, please post your mpg over in that discussion.

Jeep Liberty: MPG - Real World Numbers


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  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,796
    So you want real world FE numbers. Well here goes.

    So far I have not quite 11K miles on my 2005 CRD Limited.

    If I do 75% city and 25% highway, then I average about 18.9 MPG.

    If I do a 50/50 blend, then it climbs to 21.6 MPG.

    If I do a long highway trip and keep the speed around 63 mph, then 30.5 to 31.2 MPG is not uncommon.

    Driving style is mostly laid back. I let the world go by and kill itself. I like to push it a little on country roads but the Liberty not being a "tossable" vehicle kind of limits that. I usually stay around or just a touch over the speed limit around town, but will not exceed 65 mph on the highway.
  • bmartinpebmartinpe Posts: 51
    Generally we see 20-21.5 mpg in mixed driving on our 05/2005 build Liberty CRD. I am on my fourth EGR valve on this diesel engine. Once we got as much as 25 mpg on a trip to NC from Middle Tennessee, but the fuel economy dropped back to about 21.5 on the way home. I have never had a 30 mpg tank! I have been using Amsoil Cetane Boost and Fuel Modifier, and now am using Power Service (one-fourth bottle to a tank).
  • julie10julie10 Posts: 6
    I have had my CRD since August 2005 (Love it by the way!). I have almost 12,000 miles on. I drive probably 65% freeway at about 70 mph and 35% city driving about 35 to 40 mph and get an average of 22 mpg. The worst tank I ever got was 18 mpg. My best was just recently on a trip traveling with cruise set the first hour and a half of travel at about 74 mph and then 2 hours with cruise set on 63 or so and I got 27 mpg...that was my best ever. Hope there's more of that to come!
  • ecramanecraman Posts: 25
    March 2005 - 31,000 miles

    25-27 mpg all of the time, mostly highway with some bumper to bumper. A/C on all of the time. When not in bumper to bumper on I78 average 70 mph.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    At 23,500 miles:

    Overall mileage since new is 24.59 mpg. Data indicates that mileage may have improved .5 to 1 mpg since new. Best fill-up was 32.8 mpg (tail wind) and worst was 17.9 (all town). Mix of driving is maybe 52% highway. It's difficult to sort that out because some of the town mileage is 45 mph with no stop lights and some is bumper-to-bumper.

    I have been experimenting with Cetane number improver on the last 4 or 5 tanks and cannot sort out any difference in mileage, performance or sound of engine. Unfortunately, my egr valve stuck closed on the 3rd tank with the additive.

    I drive 5 mph over the speed limit in town and 65 mph on the highway which may be 5 under or 5 over depending on posted speed limit.
  • olegrizzolegrizz Posts: 7
    Only about 2,500 miles on my 2005. Only had it a month and a half so far. Very laid back driver, kind most hate I guess, not in a hurry to get anywhere most of the time. Normally not over 5 miles over speed limit ever. 65% highway and 35% city normally. Getting about 23 to 24 mpg. Have not took a real trip with it yet but on little 45 minute runs on the highway see (when reset the trip monitor) from 30 to 32 mpg running around 60 mph. Does seem to run better with bio-diesel b5
  • 29232923 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Liberty crd Limited. I kept it in my garage for a year, 2800 miles in fourteen months. I then added a righthand drive controls to use it on a rural mail carrier route. The route is 92 miles and 246 stop and starts six days a week. Route is all gravel, 50% gentle hill 50% flatland Nebraska, total time for engine to run is 4.5 hrs. per day. MPG Normal driving 17.9 MPG Kicking Turbo in every chance I get 16.5. Numbers may not sound impressive to most but I am happy since I have been used to 11 to 12 driving 3800 buick and Olds on the same route for the last 11 to 12 years. The 3800 V6 was rated 30 MPG highway.
  • I have a 2005 Liberty CRD. Crossed the country getting 23mpg regardless of how I drove. 18 mpg in the winter with 4wd. Now I'm lucky to break 20mpg. 16,000 miles on it and it just barfed it's egr valve. Dealer wants $89.00 every time they look at me even though it's still under its' useless warrenty. Egr parts will be available in two months. Diesel is going for $3.16 a gallon here and likely to go up more. Regular unleaded is going for $3.00 a gallon.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We bought our Liberty Sport CRD Sept. 29 2005. We have 17,700 miles on it. Lowest has been 20. mpg best has been 23.5 mpg. We use full time 4x4 everytime we go some where. Our road is 5/8 of a mile of dirt gravel, ruts, sharp rocks, and a steep hill. We have never gone on a trip. All our miles are within 120 miles of home. Most people in economy vehicles don't get this good. We live in Lake of The Ozarks., and there is lost of slow downs and stop and going. I was expecting to get 24 mpg, but I found some on the forum may tend to over state or guess a little high.
    Most problems that the CRD have, are related to Tec's not knowing what procedures to follow in reparing things. For instance when the EGR goes bad the PCM must be replaced as well. Very few Tec's knew this and just replaced the EGR, sometimes as many as 4 times! This sort of thing makes buyers lose faith and become convinced what they bought was poor quality, which the CRD is not. If considering a CRD be smart be wise buy a Chrysler Extended Service Contract. Diesels are long lasting, but parts are heavy duty just as the engine is, thus the cost is a lot. A diesel pump is $2007. + labor. Those who use Bio Diesel above B-5 are asking for real trouble, even though they think it runs fine. Some people just won't listen, and when the CRD fails because they did their own thing, then it is all Jeep's fault. Sorry I do not agree. I would say buy one but follow the Owners Manual. Very simple, and easy.

  • Did I not understand correctly that you use biodiesel yourself, Farout ?
  • goodcrdgoodcrd Posts: 253
    Why do you keep in full time 4x4. That is not needed when on paved roads? Just shift into 2wd high. Your MPGs will definitly improve. You should be averaging at least 25+ MPG's.
  • derbs24derbs24 Posts: 17
    Purchased Nov '05, currently has 28,XXX miles. Best ever was 27.25mpg(cool spring weather) and worst was 21.85(Cold winter week).
    Tried different additives, found them all to be a waste of money(unless it's real cold and you NEED it) with no gain or loss.
    EGR replaced at 22K, no big deal, dealer did a great job. 15 ppm ULSD should help come October.
    Love this little Jeep!!! Can't wait to get a Grand Cherokee with the new Benz diesel!
  • tailgatetailgate Posts: 32
    I have 13,500 on my 05. These are summer time measurements with the a/c running most the time. Best: 28.5 Worse: 21.5. Running great, owned it for 1500 Inferno Red miles now. Even with the high cost of fuel, I still struggling to keep from hopping in the CRD, with nowhere to go :shades:

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    thstranger: The only Bio fuel I have knowingly used was what was left in the tank when I got it after my dealer swapped it for my CRD. I can see no reason not to use B-2 or B-5. We just do not have any Bio fuel where we live.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    goodcrd: We only use fulltime when on our 1/2 mile road that goes to our house. I have the select transfer case because when it rains or anytime I feel the need for the fulltime I use it. The command does not allow it's use on dry roads. I feel this fulltime is as important as the ABS. I seldom have more than 2% of a tank of diesel. I consider 22 mpg better than the mileage sticker said 21 to 26 mpg. The best we have gotten so far has been 26.1 mpg and that was on WalMart diesel!

  • abbzer0abbzer0 Posts: 3
    Just picked up my new 06 CRD this past weekend. Had a 600 mile drive home. With agressive driving, I averaged 27 MPG freeway the drive back. Man, I sure do love this thing. :)
  • stbstb Posts: 31
    16,600 miles since Sept 05 low 19 avg 21-22 best 23
  • rjsjrjsj Posts: 5
    Before I begin, first when checking mileage figures make sure your odometer is correct. I have tested 3 new Liberty CRDs, including mine, and the odometer is NOT correct on any of them. Use a good GPS unit to verify. I use 2 Garmin C330 units.

    On mine, a 2006 CRD, if my odometer shows 100 miles, the GPS shows 106.6 miles. The second vehicle showed 100 miles w/ GPS at 105.2 miles and the third showed 100 miles w/ GPS at 104.7 miles. (on all 3 the OvHC show the same as the odometer did).

    After adjusting the mileage to GPS mileage I am getting on the average highway trip (Savannah GA to Knoxville TN) 30.6 MPG at 65 MPH, no AC and using Cruise Control. (65 on the GPS which equals 69 on my speedometer). I am using regular dino fuel. (Enmark, Hess and Flying-J)

    The best trip was 33.1 MPG, the worst was 27.6 using A/C.
    In town, I usually get about 23-25 MPG on average with A/C, and in a city with heavy stop and go traffic about 19 - 21 MPG with A/C.

    A recent trip to Grand Canyon AZ from Savannah GA averaged 29.8 MPG at 60 - 70 MPH (a 4360 mile trip, 65 most of the way, some head - side wind and a lot of rain).

    My CRD has 10,564 miles on it, every thing is stock. Best mileage seems to be at 37-38 PSI in tires, 60-65 MPH. A/C seems to pull 1.5 - 2.0 MPG, 1 window down and no A/C looses about 1 MPG and sunroof part way slid open looses about .5 MPG with 1 window cracked about 3 inches (like for smoking).

    I consistently get 8 - 13 MPG better than my 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited did, with a 318 CID and a K&N filter.

    I tried a K&N filter on the CRD for 400 miles, and lost about 2-3 MPG, plus I began to see oil & dust in the intake, so I would not recommend a K&N oil style filter for the CRD, (but do recommend them for the gas engines). Oil and/or dust in a diesel intake is a big no-no! I switched back to stock filters!

    Also have noted only a .5 - 1.0 MPG loss using full time 4 wheel drive, which is a lot less reduction than I expected. My testing on this vehicle has been extensive, all hand calculated using GPS as stated above. If anyone is getting poor MPG figures, I would first suggest checking your actual mileage using GPS before accepting the low numbers.

    As far as qualifications on my tests, I was a mileage tester for the IVAP unit testing Hydrogen Fuel Cells in the 70-80's as well as a fuel cell developer.

    I have talked to several factory service reps and they have admitted the odometer is usually reporting on the low side, if it is off any. They have no fix for the three I tested as the encoding software show correctly for the tire size.

    Something that really helps MPG on diesels is to coast rather than hard breaking and to let off some on the accelerator as the torque increases. Follow the torque curve. Example, as the speed increases from a stop to about 30 mph, start letting off slightly as the engine gains RPM (speed). Above 2,000 RPM is beginning to waste fuel. Keep letting off a little more until your desired speed is reached. It takes a little practice at first, but soon it will feel natural and a very fluid motion with the torque curve will become second nature. This can then be applied to your particular driving style, with positive results.

    I hope this helps some having low figures, as well as people considering the CRD, as the CRD does have several big advantages over the gas versions.

    I am amazed with the off road capabilities the Liberty displays. A fantastic go anywhere vehicle! :D
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rjsj: I appreciate your very detailed information on the CRD's.
    However, I have personally experienced that the speedometer can be corrected. I put on 245 70 16 tires, that were off by a small amount. I called the 1800 992 1997 number and asked about adjusting the tired with the speedometer, I was referred to the dealer. They measured the outside circumfrance, and them made the correction required. The cost was $30. and took about 1/2 hour. The speed is accurate according to the State Trooper which used the radar to check it for me. I have a 2005 CRD if that makes any difference.

  • rjsjrjsj Posts: 5
    Maybe I was not clear, sorry.. I never meant to say the speedometer could not be changed for different tire sizes, I meant to say the tire size on the vehicle matches the software encoded, so no further fix is available. Yes, when changing sizes, they can re program for speedo adjustments, but in the cases I posted, these are the stock tires, the speedo re programed with the same results. Chrysler did re-program mine also, with nothing changing. I'm still am off as I mentioned in the post. All I am saying is to use a GPS to check your accuracy on the odometer if you are having low mileage readings first, just in case your CRD has the same issue as the ones I have checked. Not all the CRD odometers are off, but in low MPG readings, some may find my situation to really be the cause, and MPG may not be as bad as these folks feared.

    When I played with the dealers system, (yes, I am a retired diesel cert. master mech as well) I did notice the only adjustment calibrations I could change was based on tire size, not tire measurements. Perhaps your dealer has a different system I am not aware of. If that is the case, I would love to know, as I could insist mine and the others tested and be re programed using it instead.

    Until then, on my CRD, I just have to add 6.9 miles per 100, and the MPG will come out accurate, or base it on the GPS with the same results.

    Even with this small problem, I still love this vehicle. :D
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