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Jeep Liberty Real World MPG



  • Actually, the Liberty would get 30mpg if it were being towed by the V8 Escape.

    I have one of each, and they get about the same real world mileage -- the Liberty has more of a truck feel to it but has more oomph in the engine compartment, but the Escape drives a bit nicer on longer trips.
  • All I can say is that's what my trip computer tells me and I verify it by dividing the number of miles I drive with the gallons I use to fill up my Jeep. You say impossible... Nothing's impossible... Maybe my Liberty's exhaust, intake manifold, valves, etc. just came together just right. Maybe the fact I live in Honolulu? I'm just telling you what I get... :shades:
  • I have an 02 and stopped looking at the mpg. If you have a jeep then you can't care about MPG. They are notorious.
    A V6 3.7 is a hefty engine don't expect to get toyota miles.

    You bought a Jeep to go rough, did you think you could go cheap too? Want Miles get a Rav4 just stay off the trails you will block them when that thing gets stuck.

    Having a Jeep is a auto love thing. You tell someone you have a Jeep then move on. They don't get it. They don't understand but they respect you. A Jeep is Respect.

    There are Rolls, Mercedes, Porsche, and there are Jeeps.
    Even a Hummer does not get the respect a Jeep does.
    It says something about the owner. You are a free spirit, able to go over obstacles.
    As the legend goes--
    It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't Understand.!
  • I have the 6 speed I average 20mpg I have seen 23 and as low as 18 using 4wd in the dead of winter.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    It seems you're not gaining anything with the manual shifter. Are you happy with it? How easy is the clutch in heavy traffic after a day's work or a long walk in the forest?
  • Between 18 and 23 mpg with an average of 20 sounds pretty good compared to most other postings i've read. Usually people with the automatic are getting more like 15 average. I suppose it depends on where you drive too.

    How is the manual to drive? I would guess since its a big engine it should be easy to shift but maybe a little slow to engage. (compared with the small cars i've driven with manuals.)
  • Our 2002 Liberty Sport will do about 13 around town and at best 21 on the highway. 2005 CRD does 26 all of the time but that is mostly highway.
  • My big problem with my Liberty is she is a piggie, 12 mpg city and 14 mpg highway. I have never owned another car I did not get in the EPA rating for gas mileage. My 94 Jetta got even better than the EPA rating.
    I am naming her Miss Piggy.
    Anyone else disappoint with the economy of the Liberty? Is it just mine or do they all do this bad?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    you must have a problem because most everyone is reporting the low 20's cruising on the highway at 60 mph.
  • Bought this vehicle new for my wife. After review of all contenders in this class, she settled on the Limited model, hoping to receive respectable mileage. This is our 4th Jeep, we know we sacrifice a little but this "vehicle" gets absolute miserable mileage. We now have 5,000 + miles and I have tracked every tank from the 1st 200 miles. Best ever achieved is 18.4 on a 300 mile all highway trip. Generally see 14-16 on the highway with mileage around town at 10 mpg (really) or less. After 1st 3,000 miles, switched to Mobil 1. No dramatic gain except an excellent oil. 2 different dealers have said nothing they can do except drive it and get some miles on it, it will improve with break-in. 5,000 miles and no improvement. Very disappointed and thinking of getting rid of this "lousy" vehicle. Our 2000 Gr. Cherokee 4.7 L gets better. My Suburban got better. Jeep is not wanting to do anything and have turned a deaf ear to the issue. Anyone have any suggestions to help improve the mileage?? If it weren't for the "crappy" mileage, we could probably learn to like the car, but this is a major irritant. :mad:
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    I know the mpg computer is not extremely accurate but what does your read out to when you cruise at 60 and reset the console? Mine is always around 20-22 mpg but changes with wind and terrain. Around town maybe 15. You should make sure that you have the computer chip reprogamming procedure if you have a Liberty that is affected. Unless you get almost what you paid for it, you will never recover in depreciation what you lose in gas mileage swapping vehicles. For 10000 miles the difference between averaging 20mpg [impossible] and 15mpg at $2.75 a gallon is $258. You can adjust it anyway you want but mpg is rarely a sound reason for switching vehicles. If you like the Liberty, enjoy the ride and forget about the mpg. If not, swap it for something that does better and smile when you fill up but don't figure out what that switch really cost you.
  • Jayrider,
    Appreciate the comments and I agree to the huge loss in trading vehicles. It is more the issue that this small, but heavy, vehicle is so "thirsty" and the big machine, Jeep / Daimler-Chrysler, is unwilling to even offer any "words of wisdom". The typical "party line responses" get old. What iss the "computer chip reprogamming procedure" you mention? Is that a recall item and what years or Vin/s/n range vehicles were affected? Is this something that may improve the mileage?
    Thanks - Stingray
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    You might check for posts re the chip re-program or ask your dealer. I have an 03 and it doesn't effect me but I have read posts here that refer to it. Good luck.
  • I went and looked at the Jeep website and there is shows the sport (either manual or automatic interestingly) as having a gear ratio of 3.55. The limited comes with a 3.73 ratio. So that should make the limiteds appear faster and less fuel efficent. I would have expected the automatics to all have the 3.73 but in any case if you were to replace the final drive gear (not too expensive to do since its in the rear pumpkin right?) to a yet higher ratio it should help mileage I would guess.
  • Thanks.
    Appreciate the opinion and tend to agree with the ratio theory. Down side to this is the frt. and rr. ring&pinion would need to be exchanged to maintain proper drive line balance. This becomes more complicated and expensive. Drive line wond-up, just like with different diameter tires, can be quite a problem.
    I do feel Jeep "screwed up" putting a 3.73 ratio in. A 3.48 or 3.55 would have been more appropriate. With this engine, they are too high in the Hp curve, compromising fuel economy. Naturally they will never admit to this, just like they ignore the whole issue with low mileage problem. I've talked with several other owners who have the same complaint.
  • yeloroseyelorose Posts: 5
    I'm so happy, I had to tell someone! I have an 05 Liberty Renegade 4WD. Usually I get about 17 mpg in mixed driving (60fwy/40city). One tank was only 16.5, so I really babied it this week, using every driving trick I knew and got the mileage on my last tank up to 20.90 mpg. This is the absolute best mileage I've ever gotten. Now if I can get used to everyone blasting by me on the freeways and side roads, maybe I can do it again! ;)
  • theronrohrtheronrohr Posts: 51
    Heh, heh, congratulations! But its pretty sad that you have to work that hard to get 20 mpg. Did you try overinflating your tires? That's been the most effective thing for my Mustang on long trips. I'm interested in the Liberty's cousin the Dodge Nitro. Its supposed to be rated a little better on gas but I'm not sure why.
  • redlemonredlemon Posts: 4
    I have a 2006 diesel and I’m only getting 22mpg if I drive it right. Is there something wrong with my jeep liberty crd 4x4. After 19K it isn’t getting better. Friend of mine regularly gets 25mpg on his 2005. It is expected to get 22-26.I do my calculations myself. Thanks

    :confuse: ">
  • bmartinpebmartinpe Posts: 51
    Ask your friend if he fills his tank with imperial gallons instead of American gallons. 20 miles per American gallon would equal 25 miles per imperial gallon. (Because the imperial gallon is bigger.)
  • synlubessynlubes Posts: 184
    i get about eighteen miles per gallon to twenty in town and about twenty three to four on the road dont pay attention to the readout display it will be off about two to four miles
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