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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan: Tell Ford What You Want!



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    And let's not forget the Lincoln LS came with a manual way back in 1999. It also underwent suspension tuning on the Neurburgring while the CTS was still on the drawing board. Unfortunately it was only available on the V6 and the Lincoln dealers not only didn't know how to sell it - they wouldn't stock any for test drives. So very few were sold and it was killed in 2003.

    Traffic is one factor, but I really think many Americans are just getting lazy. BMW has a new system that will park your car for you in the garage. Not parallel park, mind you - just pull your car straight into the parking space. If you can't pull your car straight into the garage by yourself then you probably don't need to be driving. I guess the theory is you can squeeze the car into tight spots without having to open the driver's door to get out but the demo didn't say anything about the ability to back the car out automatically.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,894
    Actually, BMW is also demonstrating a car that parallel parks for you, too.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Actually, BMW is also demonstrating a car that parallel parks for you, too.

    I know, but that makes more sense since parallel parking is hard if you don't practice it a lot. And it doesn't require a reflective sticker on the wall.

    Here in the northern suburbs of Atlanta there aren't any parallel spaces left anyway. I haven't parallel parked in years and don't expect to anytime in the near future.
  • Add a 3.5 V6 and power adjustable pedals for taller drivers.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I believe there is a small, very small market for performance family sedans. Personally, I would not buy one. I just want a good handling, solid value family sedan. For image reasons Ford should offer a sport version of the Fusion/Milan. A 3.5 265HP, 6speed manual, choice of AWD or FWD sport tuned suspension. Offer some sort of subtle body changes to distuinguish between regular Fusions/Milans. This car would sell but I believe the market would be small. :shades:
  • "For image reasons Ford should offer a sport version of the Fusion/Milan. A 3.5 265HP, 6speed manual, choice of AWD or FWD sport tuned suspension."

    Consumer Reports is saying that future plans for the Fusion include a turbocharged version and a hybrid. Sounds like the Fusion performance model we've been talking about is coming, and it will use a version of Mazda's MZR 2.3 four that powers the Mazdaspeed6 and the new CX-7 sport ute.

    Although I would be happy if Ford would simply make the 3.0 V6 available with a 6-speed manual, the zoom-zoom engine with the manual transaxle would make the Fusion highly entertaining to drive.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,447
    way back when, those 200 hp/5 speed taurus sho's were a lot of fun. well, at least as much as i needed. :)
  • iglooheatiglooheat Posts: 32
    With all this talk about performance, I'm interested in better fuel economy from the 4cyl 5 speed. 31 mpg highway ?!?... Camry gets 34 (or 10% better). I'll probably by a 07 Fusion if I can get 4 cyl 5 speed SEL with NAV, but I'd prefer 34 (or more) over 31. Maybe an engineer can tell be why 5th gear can't be super tall for better economy.

    BTW - those manual taurus models had 220 hp ... I had one.
  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    We had a taurus 4cyl 5spd,that was the MT5. Ford dropped
    it after a coupla' years to give room for the sho. West-Central IL winters(and salt) were Brutal to the body. It
    fit my needs,at the time, and was a blast to operate and easy at the pump.
  • pontiacgtppontiacgtp Posts: 15
    1. a manual V6 option
    2. satellite radio, mp3 player input, navigation
    3. hybrid engine option
    4. xenon headlight option
    5. traction control or AWD

    If any of my wishes are in the pipeline does anyone know when Ford plans to introduce these upgrades?
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    I want Ford to replace radio with new more stylish one with color LCD display. Current radio unit look ugly and it also difficult to use. They should add SD card slot to play mp3 files. MP3 player is okay, but I do not carry MP3 player around and just putting 4GIG SD card with all songs I may ever need would solve all my problems.

    And speedometer and tachometer shouldn't stay so far away from each other. I have a habit to monitor both of them at the same time.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    And move AC controls higher in dash. Current one is difficult to access.
  • frostyrfrostyr Posts: 20
    I always like Fords and wanted to buy a Milan or Zephyr but the console hit my leg. I know that some other people have the same problem. I'd like to see them remove the console and give more leg room. Since the console hit my leg I bought a Lexus ES 350. The console still hits my leg but since there was no other choice I bought the Japanese car. I am very serious when I say that I think they should offer an option of buying the car without the console and with more leg room. This is just my opinion.
  • 1) I want the 2008 MY Fusion Hybrid to be available in the year 2007 (no delays)
    2) I want Fusions to start offering memory seats/mirrors.
    3) I want a car that has the power of a V6 but gets 40mpg in the city.
    4) I want all this for less than $25,000
  • yoribe2yoribe2 Posts: 65
    1) A tiptronic-style automatic transmission shifter, or at least a "2" position.
    2) A less noisy 4-cyl engine.
    3) Standard ABS on all Fusions.
    4) Map lights located on forward edge of the ceiling, not in the center, like in the models equipped with sunroof.
    5) Longer front door map pockets.
    6) Separate rear headrests, not built-in ones.
    7) Turn signal stalk angled at 0 degrees, not at 45 degrees.
    8) More slimmmer, compact key.

    Thank you, Ford!
  • mad_dogmad_dog Posts: 7
    I recently rented a Fusion for a day and was disappointed overall. As soon as I got in and tried to back out of the parking space I realized how limited the visibility was in the back. I am 5'5". I was taught not to rely solely on mirrors, but in this case I had no choice. The car did not have enough power to get moving. The steering was way too stiff. The handling made it feel smaller than it really is. Just a few weeks before I rented a Taurus for a day and had no complaints with it. Next time I rent a car I will gladly pay for an upgrade to something else.
  • Fusion/Milan are okay vehicles, but they feel cheap. It is just a feeling caused by interior desig/materials and even how trunk looks. There are no hooks or net in the trunk so I do not know how can you put stuff into trunk and it does not fly around.

    Stiff steering is okay. Fusion is probably more driver oriented vs cruiser like Camry or Taurus.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The steering was way too stiff.

    Not for me, I like it. If you want lighter steering, try the Milan.

    The car did not have enough power to get moving.

    So you just sat there in the rental car lot, since it would not move, or... :confuse: :) .

    Seriously, did you push the gas pedal to the floor and feel that it did not accelerate fast enough? The 4 cyl has adequate power for me. If you want more then try the V-6.

    The handling made it feel smaller than it really is.

    I am hoping you meant that as a positive comment and not a complaint.
  • Love my Fusion so far, and love the fact that a domestic automaker designed and builds it (yes, the car is made in Mexico along with its tires, windows, and other components). I hope it's built for the long term quality...but time will tell. First impressions are very, very good. Now, some suggestions about things that are missing....
    1)there is no "one-swipe" wiper trigger
    2) interior lighting is not so good (single dome light in roof reeks of the penny pinching accountant), footwell lights and a rear seat dome light would be very nice.
    3) engine noise from the 4 cyl is greater than necessary, but that could be because the rest of the car is so quiet that you hear the engine more easily. 4 cyl power is fine, not great, but more than adequate. I haven't driven enough miles to establish gas mileage #s, but I'm optimistic.
    4) safety...abs and side airbags should be standard, not optional (side airbags are std on 07 models)
    5) the trunk is huge, and needs some hooks or a net to control cargo
    6) rear vision is limited...a victim of awesome styling, enhanced trunk room, and a very nice rear seat. how about adding back up sensors at least as an option? My van has these, and I scoffed at first but now I love them.
    7th and final) a 5 speed fan would be great...the 4 speed fan seems noisy, again that may be because the rest of the car is so quiet you hear the fan. also rear seat vents would be nice.
    NOW, I love the car, and so far have zero regrets about purchasing it. And, something I haven't seen a comment on yet, my SE 4cyl auto was nearly $90 a year cheaper on insurance than a similar Camry.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    Well, owned the Fusion SEL V6 now for just over 2 months. My average MPG is a stellar 27.4 miles per Gallon in my V6. No problems whatsoever to report. I bet it won't make the media that the Fusion/Milan/Zeph are very reliable vehicles. Interior is holding up great. I have to admit, I clean the leather about once a week and wipe down the inside with Maguires. The only thing done is tinted windows and splash guards. Next thing will be a good quality bra for winter driving months. This car continues to handle great and be a drivers car. Very happy with my choice. :)
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