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  • Hi everyone,

    I am currently in the market for a 2006 M35/45. I only like the Wheat Interior with Rosewood Trim, which rules out the Sport Package. I am looking for the Technology Package, however.

    So, I'm comparing a regular M35 vs. an M45. The cars look identical on the interior & exterior. The only difference I'm aware of is what's under the hood.

    The price difference on the used market is between $5K and $8K, depending on exact options, mileage, etc.

    Question -- Is an M45 worth the difference? That is a lot of money for just an engine upgrade. But I've also heard the Infiniti V-8 is much smoother and quieter than the V-6. EPA gas mileage is only 1-2 mpg worse. Some people have said an M35 is essentially nicer and larger G35. But the M45 has an unique engine not shared with the G, and that alone is worth the price of admission.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If there are other differences (good & bad) I haven't thought about, please let me know.

  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Any thoughts (M35 v. M45) would be greatly appreciated. If there are other differences (good & bad) I haven't thought about, please let me know.

    I own the 45 sport and have only test driven the 35. The primary difference that I notice is that the 35 has the same exhaust chip set as the G35. This creates a fairly pronounced exhaust note that some people don't care for. It really is a nice sound but at the high revs required on the highway can be a little noisy for some. It tends to be pretty constant as well so if you want extreme quiet the 45 may be the better choice.

    As you also mentioned, depending on how the car is driven, you may get nearly the same mpg in the 45 that you would in the 35. The numbers I've gotten to date are very similar to what I've seen posted here by owners of the 35.

    Performancewise, the 45 is quicker and can pin you in your seat but both cars are plenty quick enough for most people.

    Function and handling seem the same so I believe it really comes down to whether you prefer a little extra punch and a quieter ride or whether you'd prefer to save some money.

    I've often wondered how much better the M35 non-sport version would sell if they would tone down the exhaust note a little. The most common complaint, especially from those who have switched to the M35 from other luxury vehicles, is the noise.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 150

    I have the V6 and it is fast and handles well. I do not know if the heavier V8 will adversely affect handling. I personally did not get the V8 because I felt it was not worth the extra $. However, you cannot go wrong with either engine.
  • buddybradbuddybrad Posts: 36
    Last week when I test drove a M35x the first thing I said to the salesman was, "Why is there so much engine noise when I accelerate?" He said Infiniti is trying to make it a performace type car (BMW) vs a luxury car (Lexus). It didn't have a performance sound to me - just noise. The sound went away when the car leveled out. I didn't take it on the freeway. Maybe I should try the 45, but here in Chicago the x was appealing.
  • scmetalscmetal Posts: 6
    I have had the M35x for about 9 months. I do find the acceleration noise to be annoying, and frankly totally unnecessary. If I were 18 years old I guess the growl would be more appealing. That said, on highway driving it seems to be less pronounced.

    As far as the all wheel drive goes, I would say I am a little disappointed. I live in Chicago and we've had a good amount of snow this year. My previous car was a VW Passat W8 with AWD and it handled much better in the snow. Perhaps it is because the M is a RWD car at its core versus the VW was FWD. OR perhaps it is simply the result of it being the first year Infiniti has AWD in such a large car. Just not sure. I am very curious on how the Audi A6 AWD performs. I suspect it is much better.

    Overall, I am happy with my purchase but my impressions are that the BMW is a clearly a better performance car and the A6 a little more luxury and a better winter car. I do feel that the reliability of the Infiniti will be better than those two and for the money a solid choice.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Tires can make a huge difference, so take that into account. We've not had that much snow here,so I can't compare, but my last car was an A6 quatro. The Audi was and probably is more capable in the snow, but the Infiniti isn't bad.
  • While on the surface, the 2007 Infiniti M35X seems to outshine the German and other Japanese competition. Add to the pot the great reviews from both car and consumer magazines and you think you just bought a winner. I thought I did!

    My experience with this car is that the Japanese car manufacturers just don’t test their cars in cold weather. Once winter arrived here in the Midwest the M35X developed dashboard rattles and squeaks from all areas of the dashboard – around the navigation screen, behind the instrument cluster and by the glove compartment. Two trips to the dealer have done nothing to remedy the problem. I said Japanese problem, because I had a 2004 Lexus RX330 that had the same problem. It took going to a 2nd dealer and three long (multi-day) visits, but they finally got the rattles and squeaks out of the dashboard. And Lexus knew there was a problem and put out a service bulletin on fixing the problem, not denying there is a problem like Infiniti is doing. I also have a 2006 Acura MDX that has the dashboard rattles and squeaks. I’m sorry to say it, but the M is the worst of the bunch.

    If you live in the southern part of the country, then the Infiniti M will be a good choice. Other than poor gas mileage, the car is a pleasure to drive. If you live in an area of the country that has cold weather, you will definitely be sorry you bought an Infiniti M. Just do a google search on Infiniti dashboard rattles and squeaks and see how widespread the problem is.

    In my two short months of ownership, I’m also getting the feeling that I’m not going to get the Lexus level of service and support. The dealer’s (Field’s Infiniti of Glencoe, IL) lack of concern and poor response from Infiniti has me thinking I make a huge $50K mistake buying this car.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Some people have said an M35 is essentially nicer and larger G35. But the M45 has an unique engine not shared with the G, and that alone is worth the price of admission.

    You asked and then answered your own question about the V6 v. the V8 ... so much for that.

    Insofar as the M is a "nicer and larger G35", that's silly. Different platform, heavier, queieter, etc. Putting that aside for a moment, when my lease is up on my M35 I may well go to a G because I drive almost exclusively locally ~ 6,500 miles per year and that doesn't justify the extra cost for the M over the G. But I'll stick w/ Infiniti and will be plenty satisfied w/ the G. Bart :shades:
  • spark763spark763 Posts: 13
    2007 M35X

    I live in Massachusetts, I have had no problems with and rattles or squeaks. The only problem I have had is shifting from 2nd to 3rd when is is cold, the transmission slams into 3rd. This only occurs when the transmission is cold, first few miles of travel. Other than that issues I love the car. The M is far superior than the G, I had a 2004 G35X.
  • jjsheinjjshein Posts: 10
    This may be my personal preference, but my '06 M45 Sport (RWD)w/snows handled much better than my Audi A6 on all-season tires.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    dedicated snows, at least the better ones, are vastly superiour to the typical all-seasons tire. I've always preferred swapping wheels/tires and benefiting from higher performance offered by tires designed for the season.
  • blueyfishblueyfish Posts: 26
    I previously had a 2003 M45 and now have a 2006 M35X. I absolutely love the M35. Had no problems with the 03 but, this is a truly wonderful car. When the lease matures next summer, I will probably get another one.
  • jackie12jackie12 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2007 M35 in December. Having driven it now for 2-1/2 months, I feel I know it well enough to comment on it. I have read the shortcomings of the '06 model and thought that all or some of them would have been fixed for the model year '07. Not so. In all, I am pleased with the car and feel it is worth the money, but here is a list of what I feel could be improved. 1.) The nav system has '05 maps, 2.) the cabin is a noisy due to road noise, 3.) the driver's side door seal (on the body) has torn, 4.)the trunk is hard to close, you have to slam it, 5.) the fuel filler opening causes the auto-shut off on the pump nozzle to shut off prematurely, once I was splashed with fuel. as I said, Overall I am pleased with the car. It provides a wonderful level of luxury.
  • I have had an Infiniti 2006 M45(sports package)for several months. I have taken it repeatedly to the dealership here in Jackson, Ms. and the major issues with the car have not been addressed. The car's navigation system, I am told, does not recognize female voices and the blue tooth has an an issue with feedback and has to be disconnected immediately upon answering the phone. There is LOTS of wind noise when driving. I am told this is RUSH noise and it is what it is. The under carriage of the car sounds like metal on metal(heads turn if the road is a bit bumpy). I am told this is the suspension of the M45 and that is the way it is suppose to be also. I have called Infiniti consumer affairs and was told that the dealership says that the car is performing normally and therefore I have no problems. I have never driven a car that was so noisy and inferior in my 39 years of adulthood and I can not believe the ATTITUDES of the representatives of Infiniti.
  • I have a M45 2006 and am very displeased with it. There are very few of these where I live and wished there had been someone to advise me before my purchase.
  • I have a M45 2006 and live in the South, Jackson, Ms. area to be exact. The Infiniti dealership here is pathetic. All I hear concerning my issues with this car are excuses. I have never had this problem with any other vehicle and service. If there was another dealership around I would go there. I would sell the car but who would buy this high ticketed inferior product. I was elated(sorry) to hear someone else was also having a problem with their Infiniti.
  • Linda, you need to escalate your issues well beyond the dealership. Send a letter or email to Infiniti USA and explain your problems succinctly and unemotionally (that is not a sexist statement, we all tend to get emotional dealing with such issues). Give them your phone number and ask to be called to discuss this further. Trust me, you will get a response from someone who can expedite a remedy for your problems.
  • kelper2kelper2 Posts: 5
    Linda, I wish you luck. I'm in Canada and have owned Infiniti's for over 17 years. My M35x problem has frustrated me so much with the Company and it's lack of care for it's owners over fundamental safety issues I've vowed to never buy another one of their cars again. My experience (many telephone calls, etc.) is that they simply are not responsive to the concerns of their customers - period.
  • This past week a rep from Infiniti was in Jackson, Ms. and looked at my car. The problem with the blue tooth was validated (they are working on the issue?) and the other problems were said to be characteristic of the vehicle. To have a car that literally sounds like the underneath is falling apart and the doors not shut is extremely disturbing and obviously Infiniti chooses not to address. Believe me I have not given up and have contacted the attorney general's office here. Do you know the email address or address for Infiniti? Thanks for your comment.
  • I am afraid you are correct. I have never owned an Infiniti and can promise you I never will purchase one again. NEVER have I dealt with a dealership or company that refuses to place customer satisfaction first. I drove Lexus prior to this purchase and thought they were comparable. Boy was I mistaken.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.
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