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New M35/M45 Owners - Give Us Your Report!



  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    jackie12...I can comment on most of your problems.

    I had a problem with my M35 trunk not closing, likely the same one you have. I just could not close it without slamming it down multiple times. After trying to adjust it using the knobs on either side of the trunk lid, the dealer agreed to replace the locking mechanism. Now my trunk works perfectly. Push your dealer to change the locking mechanism.

    Most all Nav systems have old maps and it's rarely worth buying the updates. I'm in real estate and my 06 M35 maps don't show roads built in 2001.

    Finally, the fueling problem. I too have the fuel pump cut off before the tank is filled. Inevitably, I am pumping at a station that has the pumps set to pump fast. Now the car should handle it...but for some reason it doesn't. Some have suggested that there is a flap at the bottom of the filler pipe that closes too easily. The solution is to pump the gas a little slower...annoying, but it works.

    linda9286: The Infiniti Bluetooth does have some adjustments (in the service menus)....first, the dealer can adjust/test the microphone sensitivity...and second, there are high/medium/low settings. The fundamental cause of feedback is either volume being too high or microphone sensitivity being too high. You may have the playback volume set too high and you can adjust that yourself....establish a call and quickly turn the volume down using the radio volume knob (note: the radio knob will change the playback volume of bluetooth, but only when you have established a call. If you turn the volume all the way down and you still have feedback....there is a problem on your car that infiniti must fix. If you want to fix it yourself, you probably can solve the problem by changing the bluetooth phone (different brand/model). Tell us which phone you are using....some work better than others.
  • dano4dano4 Posts: 35
    My previous car was a 2005 Acura RL. I am very pleased with my 2007 Infiniti M35x and won't focus on all of the favorable things as they are too numerous to list. I have had no warranty repairs or maintenance issues in the first 6 months/6500 miles. Here are my suggestions for improvement:

    1) Better gas mileage. I average 22mpg at 75-80 mph. The mileage is about 6 mpg lower than my Acura and is largely due to the very close gearing and low 5th speed. When I first got the car, I honestly thought it was stuck in 4th gear! At 80mph, revs are well over 3000. The M definitely needs a 6-7 speed or a CVT.

    2) Less engine noise on highway-a byproduct of low 5th gear. I've largely gotten used to it.

    3) Improvements in NAV system. My Acura listed many more potential destinations at one time (restaurants, hotels, etc,) and provided addresses and phone numbers for each. The Honda NAV system is superior except for a multitude of highly annoying "lawyer warnings".
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    I'm sure #3 can be adjusted in the Nav display setup to show more "potential destinations," BKA "points of interest."
  • veritas7veritas7 Posts: 18
    "I have a M45 2006 and live in the South, Jackson, Ms. area to be exact. The Infiniti dealership here is pathetic."

    Linda, I am so glad I found your message. I would like to talk to you, if possible. I live in Jackson as well. I was about to purchase the M35 about a week ago but something just told me to hold off. I took it home for a day and a half and noticed that 1. the gas mileage was not good 2. the voice recognition was horrible (I had to say dial and the number 7 or 8 times before it stopped adding extra digits or got them correct at all and 3. I noticed a vibration at 80mph. The dealer "explained" all of these away but I still didn't feel right. I'd like to hear more about your experience because to be honest I haven't found anything else I like as much. Not sure what to do! Thanks.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 148

    I leased my m35XI when the car first came out in March 2005. The car handles well and is very fast but the gas mileage is 18 around town and no more than 24 on a long highway trip of at least an hour or two. A shorter highway trip the car might do 22. I have not had any problems with the car just normal maintenance. The one thing I do not like about the car is the headlights. They do not project out as far as I would like. Consumers Reports said the same thing about the car. Unfortunately Inifiniti and my local mechanic both indicated that the lights cannot be adjusted even though some owners on this site said they could be adjusted.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    I get 18.5 mpg on regular on my M35 and all I do is drive around town (real estate agent). The headlights are absolutely adjustable....Infiniti tells dealers they aren't for some unknown reason and your local mechanic is just not up to speed on infiniti's. Take the instructions from this forum to your local mechanic and have him adjust them.
  • kelper2kelper2 Posts: 5
    Re: Headlights. It evidently depends on how your M is set up - if you have auto-leveling headlights they are not adjustable by the methods noted earlier in this forum. If you have non-auto-leveling lights they can be adjusted. Evidently Infiniti shipped both versions into the US but only the auto-leveling into Canada. According to Infiniti technicians the auto-leveling feature simply keeps compensating for any adjustments you try to make. Personally I think the car is unsafe at night when you use low beams and Infiniti has built an unsafe car. California based Infiniti designers who designed the car indicate that the car was subsequently engineered in Japan - I think this is the reason why the car is so poorly set up for rain, cold weather and highway driving at night -- too bad because it has so many great features. Infiniti has shown no concern about the headlight problem and, in fact published an interesting article in their magazine to dealers which advises their dealers to tell customers unhappy with the low beam lights that the sharp cutoff results from the xenon headlights which have been used for years in Europe - they just take some time for customers to get used to them. What they fail to mention is Infiiniti specs these headlights for the cutoff at around 30 meters while in Europe xenon headlights are spec'd for a minimum of 60 meters. If my headlights could be adjusted to cut off at 60 meters I'd be a happy driver. Evidently the US laws now allow for xenon headlights to be adjusted visually, acknowledging that the simple measurement of height at x distance doesn't work for xenon headlights.
  • md1bmdmd1bmd Posts: 1
    At age 40 I hate making assumptions, but I still do from time to time. I am assuming that there are very few people out there that drop $45-55k on a vehicle with out doing at least a little homework.

    I have had my '07 M35x for 2 months/2,500mi. There has not been one issue that has come up that had not been addressed either here or else where. All of this was available to me prior to leasing. The "noise", yep, I hear it, not a distraction. The lights, you want poor low beam bixenon visibility, drive my s2000 or my previous vehicle an '04 Volvo s60r. The gas mileage, everywhere I read was 18-24, thats what I get. Bluetooth issues, not an issue for my phone, a motorola slvr, but occas an issue for my wife and her razor...
    I know that sites like this are here for info, but also for us to vent from time to time.
    The most constructive criticism I have seen is that about which dealerships to avoid. Thankfully my dealer hasn't had to step up to the plate on any issues yet.

    I guess all that I am saying is just like everything else in life, Let the buyer beware, read the small print, make the best decision you can based on the info provided to you, and there is always "next time".
  • rxkerxke Posts: 148
    Thanks for the info. I will give it to my mechanic and see if he can do it. If not I will take it to Inifinti. Thanks again.
  • kelper2kelper2 Posts: 5
    FYI - check behind the adjustment screw assembly and look for a black cable leading into the adjustment assembly. I've been advised this cable is from the auto-leveling sensors and if you find it adjustments to the headlights will not work. I'd be very interested in finding out from any readers if they have this cable and have been able to successfully adjust the headlight beam beyond 30-35 meters.
  • shepsan1shepsan1 Posts: 4
    I am sorry for those who have had problems with their M. In the fourteen months I have owned my 2006 M45, I have not experienced anything but pure pleasure with it. It has exceeded my every expectation.

    I did a detailed research before buying my M. Since I thought that whatever I purchased would be the final car that I would own, I wanted to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted.

    My look at various luxury sedans took two weeks because I wanted to not only read about each model, but to personally inspect and drive each one. Fortunately, there are dealerships for Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes within thirty-six miles of my home.

    Although I found things to like in each model, something or another became a disappointment. What I did find is that when one buys a new car, the inspection should NEVER be on the showroom floor. All of the cars looked beautiful to me on a showroom floor. It was only when I saw the car in sunlight, sat in it and then drove it, did I get a more accurate impression of the car.

    The M45 was the car I chose because it best met my likes and dislikes in terms of beauty, style, comfort, performance and handling. Configured with the technical features I wanted, the cost of the M45 best met my pocket book.

    I have driven this car in hot, cold, good and bad weather. It has traveled over good highways and bad roads. Regardless of weather or road condition, I have always felt in command of my car and that it could avoid any hazzard I encountered.

    I am truly sorry that some who have posted have not had the good fortune with their M's and I have had with mine. I really do think that it will be my final car because it has everything I have always wanted in a car.
  • Nice report Shep!
  • kivikivi Posts: 12
    My wife is generally very happy with the car, and feels that she chose correctly among the cars considered (A6, bmw 5 series X, and the Lexus).
    We have experienced a couple of problems though. The DVD player will not display properly on the front screen. This means we cannot play any music DVD's, because even while the car is in park (or stopped) the screen shows a message that says functionality will return once the car is stopped.
    Secondly, the bluetooth connection to our phones worked exactly once....on our way home from the dealership. It has never worked again since, so rather annoying.
  • I've got one of those EZ-up fold up canopies which I have to haul around with me. Since the car doesn't come with fold down rear seats, does anyone know whether I can fit this in the trunk? I can't find the trunk dimensions anywhere. My canopy is about 12 in x 9 in x 48 in when folded up - a bit bigger and longer than my golf bag.

    This may be a deal-breaker for me...let me know if anyone's had luck with this. Thx
  • billgould1billgould1 Posts: 6
    Those darn smart keys are expensive. I think Infiniti are the smart ones. Best I could do versus $340 charge was to buy the key on e-bay for $75 plus $65 to program at my dealer - $200 less but still a lot of money. I never understood what's the matter with a regular key anyway. This seems more about their revenue than my security.
  • riker2riker2 Posts: 36
    Bought a new M45X several weeks ago and love it. The only problem - and as I said it is small - is the wipers. When they sweep to the left, toward the driver, they produce a loud "thunk" noise as they finish the left sweep.

    My last car's wipers were silent in operation, and made no noise during operation. Is this normal, or can the speed-intensity of the wipers be adjusted so it doesn't sound like the wipers are about to fly off the car.

    At first I thought the left wiper was hitting the window trim, it's that noisy. I cheked it in park, and the wiper does stop short of the trim, but really does make quite a noise.

    The other noise related issue I noticed was the tinny sound from the roof when it rains. It sounds like no insulation was installed between the headliner and the roof of the car. It reminds me of sitting on a porch with a metal roof during a rainstorm. Again, this was not apparent on my previous car.

    Normal? It's not a biggie, and I can get used to it, but when I'm listening to music with the wipers on, I hate the percussion from the wipers coming in off the beat of the music!
  • chemichaelchemichael Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2008 M35 on May 20, 2008. The exterior is platinum graphite and the interior is wheat. I opted for the base technoloy package (inboard nav, rear camera, music box, etc.). I purchased it in metro atlanta for about 1500 below invoice.

    My initial impressions are as follows:

    I really like the interior. Everythin is easy to use and intuitive. Controls are easy to reach. I have used the voice recognition feature, the touch screen, and the controller all with equal ease and success. The seats are very comfortable. The backseat has a tremendous about of space (I have a car seat in their and my 3 year old gets in and out without a problem). Dual temperature controls is a nice feature for me and my wife as we have different temperature preferences.

    I really enjoy driving this car. I have to agree with other reviewers that I am not a fan of the OE tires. That being said, I have had no issues with steering or control, i Just don't care for the way the tires ride. I'll likely keep them till they need to be replaced.

    I am using an iphone with my car and had no trouble syncing it. Calls have so far been very clear on both ends. No complaints here.

    I agree with other reviewers that limited use of the nav system while driving (e.g., not being able to scroll to second page of restaurants) is annoying, but my understanding is this is not unique to infinit.

    I had a very pleasant experience at the dealership. The night I picked it up, some serious storms rolled through, so the saleman made arrangements for me to come back the next evening to have the car detailed and he did a detailed tutorial of the technology and helped me set my ihpne up.

    I really love this care and have no complaints. There are some small annoyances but they in no way affect my enthusiasm for the car. I don't regret my purchase for a second!
  • rxkerxke Posts: 148
    HI All

    I purchased the M35xi when the new model first came out. It handles well, is spacious and fast and the back up camera is great. However, in owning the car I have a few things that I do not like about the car: 1)parking brake light is small and not that noticeable so there have been times when I drove the car with it on until I noticed that the car was slugish. The parking brake is not very strong; 2) the regular lights at night do not project out very far and I have had to use the brights alot; 3) The best highway mileage I can do is 24 mpg. My previous car
    (E320 Mercedes AWD) got between 28 and 29. Given the the 2009 M35xi is not changing very much and the gas mileage is not great I will probably get a different car.
  • berkesndberkesnd Posts: 9
    Just came home recently from the dealer with a band new (104 miles) 2007 Crimson red M35 with both the tech package and advanced tech package. For some unknown reason (perhaps nobody likes red anymore) this car had been sitting on the lot for some time, The car is wonderful and fun to drive. I don't even mind the lane deviation system (when I can hear it). Only complaint so far is the adaptive front headlight system. The cutoff of the lights is rather low making it difficult to see some parts of a dark road ahead of you. I had a number of Infiniti cars in the nineties and left the brand for the last ten years in favor of the Nissan Maxima. We felt that the Q and the I series kind of lost their way. This car had re-established our faith in the Infiniti brand.
    The dealer (Niello Infiniti of Concord, CA.) was great: informative, helpful, friendly,and gave us a very fair deal.
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