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Dodge Ram Climate Control



  • jan01jan01 Posts: 9
  • brempebrempe Posts: 2
    TSB - I presume stands for Technical Service Bulletin. Is there a specific document reference that I can provide to my serviceperson?


  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    It's usually the A/C result of the vent door in TSB 24-004-03.

    Before you go that far, be sure to check that you have a full charge of R134a.

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • Bad news....17 days have passed and no part has arrived. I was told by D.Chrysler on 7/14/06 and again 7/21/06 (in writing) and last week by the dealer the part was shipped! Well if it was shipped I said from where? No comment, silence on the phone, I said why can't you track it? They told me the parts manager would call me back...Well it never happened, 17 days with no functioning climate control!!! No air from the vents at all while the fan runs.

    No shipment = no tracking, what do you think?
  • I just purchased a 2006 1500 Megacab and the AC seems very
    inefficient. The vents for the drivers side hardly blow at
    all. The one vent for the passenger side seems to be ok
    and the vent in the back blows pretty good. If there was
    a way to shut off the back vent I think most of the problem
    could be solved but there is no shut off for that vent.
    Driving to work in the morning when the temp is 78 it is not
    a problem but when driving home when it's 95 the ac takes
    forever to cool the cab. I saw an earlier post that
    mentioned that Dodge probably did not upgrade the ac enough
    to run that extra vent in the back. That's exactly the way
    it seems. Has anyone else noticed this problem on their
    Megacabs and have you found anything to help with cooling.
    I keep a sunshade in the window and the windows cracked
    while parked.
  • Dangerfi-
    Sorry to hear about your problem, I have an 06 Mega Cab also with poor air conditioner performance. Be ready for a battle with the dealers and Daimler Chrysler!!!!! I have been to several dealers and now for 19 days with NO A/C or any air from the vents. They don't even know when the part will be in and they dont't care either

    Please see my past postings and log on to ( coldness). Lots of good info especially from Manatlarge! Start now and document every conversation/details, you will need it.

    This is a big problem and the dealers and Daimler Chrysler customer service center is playing DUMB. Already filed a written complaint with no results, I have moved forward with the next step and it will get their attention!!

  • bcc1bcc1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 3500 Megacab. I bought it last week and the a/c was not working well. I did not notice this in the test drive. I brought it back the next day and they found two bad codes. They replaced two parts, not sure what. It was Saturday evening when I got it back. A/C still does not cool. Passenger side blows very weak. On high and recirculate it is noisy and not cool. I have a Yukon XL also, I cannot put it on medium with out being frozen out!

    Took it back in and after 5 hours, they said they charged the coolant. It was now cooling a little better. That lasted two days and it is back to the poor performance stage. I am very dissappointed. This is my first Dodge and I am very uncomfortable with the way this is going so far. I am bringiong it back in for a third time tomorrow and I have only had it a week!
  • BCC-
    Mega cab/Quad cab owners are all faced with a serious design flaw, with the weak air conditioner performance. For a standard cab the air is probably fine, as the cab sizes grew the systems capacity did not. Any combination of high heat or extra passengers pushes the limits to the minimal system.

    As I stated before, document everything and all the details of the condition. I am on day 25 with no air circulation at all, I might as well bought a truck with no A/C!! As you will find out the customer service/support is the worst. They want to sell...sell...sell... not fix.

    Good luck!
  • jan01jan01 Posts: 9
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    The blend doors are electric now.

    kcram - Pickups Host

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • bcc1bcc1 Posts: 2
    Update - I brought the truck in to the dealer yesterday for the 3rd time. They kept it all day and advised they will need to keep it overnight. They seem to be trying to fix it this time. I hope so. So to summarize, I have owned it now for ten days and it has been in the shop for 4 of those days to repair the a/c. I'll update after this repair and let you know if it works. The service rep told me they had to remove the dashboard to access the system and are relocating a sensor to improve the performance. They seem to be trying.
  • BCC1- Thanks for the update, your sensor relocation is an "interesting fix". From the information I have been given...The flaw is in the recirculating door(s)and housing. It is a 7-8 hour job to replace the assembly. The heater core, evaporator and dash have to be removed to change it out.

    The door(s)and it's operation or lack of explains why there is an uneven air discharge or it allows heat to be sucked off the heater core.

    This is why my truck has not been fixed, they are waiting on the they say.
  • Alert-------

    Mega cab owners with faulty A/C or climate control need to log on to This is a new web site documenting this serious problem. We need the help.

  • cactus5cactus5 Posts: 22
    BCC1 & Silverbullet06, My 06 quad cab just doesn't measure up either. My old '95 F-150 would freeze you out even here in phoenix on a summer afternoon.. I drive a 06 F-250 at work it will freeze you out in 2 minutes. Did that 7-8 hour job solve the problem? Sure feels like heat being sucks off the heater core which warms the cool air on the way to the cab. Darn truck only cools well at 5 a.m.on my way to work. And the air flow from the passenger side is weak. Sounds like we're in this same boat together.
  • Cactus5, Well 35 days waiting for the door recirc P/N 5073962-AA did get air moving again. The story I get just keeps changing, the dealer originally ordered this P/N on 07/13/06 and they were told it was superseded by a new "blower case assy". Basically all the complaining I did to D. Chrysler and checking on the part status everyday with the dealer was for nothing.

    I filed a complaint with the California New Motor Vehicle Board (mediation) to get some action. Since 2002 D.Chrysler has not participated in the CA certified lemon law program!!!!

    Once the complaint is filed the manufacturer has 10 calender days to respond. It took 13 days and a then phone call to D.Chrysler in Irvine, Ca to make something happen.

    The same day the call was placed from the mediator I got a call from my dealer to pickup a rental car and the part would be at the dealership in 1-2 days....I picked it up last Friday and the air does come out of the vents but it will not cool the cab off. It was 92 degrees and you barely reach a comfort temp with the fan one notch below high and on recirc. I noticed the vents on the passenger and rear seating vents felt warmer. After a 30 minute trip I checked the temp on those vents and it is 60 degrees vs 50 on the drivers side.

    The truck has the dual zone temp and they are on cold. We will be hitting over 100 by the end of the week and I will be back to opening the windows or sweat! The operation is as good as it gets, poor......Everyone needs to call and write D.Chrysler to file compaints.

  • Quick fix to no circulation, While "waiting on parts".

    I have a 2003 2500. And can, or could, here the "clunk" after start up. I am at the conclusion that is was the fresh/recirculate door. a few days ago I experienced the same no air flow problem, but could not here the usual "clunk". After reading this post I checked the system My self. the problem is that the Fresh/Recir door had broke off the control rod and had fallen onto the fan intake. The door can Be removed thru the blower passage by droping the blower (3) screws. Its a bit tricky to position the door thru the outside intake allowing it to pass thru the blower passage, allowing air to flow.
    This is only a temporary fix to this specific problem. the unit still has to be removed to replace the door, and it allows outside air to flow thru the recirculate opening. One has to either block the outside opening, or the recir opening. but cold air is nice in 100+ deg temps.

    I hope this helps someone.

  • jan01jan01 Posts: 9
  • jdailyjdaily Posts: 1
    Does any one have a suggestion about just the opposite of this post. My Dodge 2003, 2500 quad has very cold Driver side 2 vents, but the passenger side 3 vents are at least 15 degrees warmer. I checked and i have to move the drivers side dual climate control 1.5 inches to the warm side to make them equal temps. crazy
    Now i used to hear some thing similar to that Clunk in the above post at start up, but i was thinking it sounded more like Removing an air tool from the air hose with pressure still on.
    Ohh i have been to a professional and he wanted 650 bucks to replace the temp. thermocouple, he was saying he had to remove the dash, and replace some thing that turned the air on and off by temp before it froze up. similar to an old pressure switch. any thoughts ?
  • cactus5cactus5 Posts: 22
    Had my truck into the dealer for 2 days, they replaced the recirulator door. My A/C seems to be working just fine. I'll send you any updates. Oh they also replaced a circuit board my left rear tailight was out too.
  • Thanks for the update!! Their great trucks if the A/C is working.

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