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Dodge Ram Climate Control



  • zara3zara3 Posts: 12
    We have the 2002 model which has an electric motor on the blending door. The 2001 is suppose to have a cable..?..

    But we have yet to find the problem. Though we did replace the control unit on the dash..that was easy.. And that was Not the problem.

    We went to the dealer a couple of times, and one of the people over there said remove a fuse for a minute so whatever will reset itself?? Nope.. they were goofing on us! fun fun..

    Asked at the dealer what it would take to fix it. They said $800+ because the blending door was stuck or broken, and the dash needs to be removed..Big JOb.. airbags, air-conditioning..etc.. sighhhhh... (What we don't understand is How can the blending door be stuck or broken if it does move from cold to full Hot position?)

    I Wish someone who has actually fixed this problem would post a reply. It would be so helpful.. my boyfriend is about to tear the dash off. He thinks Dodge is aware of it being a problem and is trying to cover it up, cost too much to fix and is a huge liability. Then he heard some where on some other forum that the blending door was on back order... so they must be replacing a lot of them at owners expense. :cry:

    Anyway any help would be Very helpful.. and if we find out anything we will also post it here. ~Thanks~
  • I am having a similar problem--did you fix your problem and where did you get your information to fix it?
  • My heating blower does not blow as hard as it should, sometimes it does after I shut it off or am driving awhile. Any ideas? I live in Minnesota and its kinda getting cold out! lol :cry:
  • Check the switch and the resistor. Resistor is located under right side of dash near the blower motor.
  • Great, is there a way to see if the resistor is bad?
    Thanks Amy
  • Yes, by checking continuity. An electrician or a good mechanic can do this. Keep me posted.
  • Thanks, I will check it out tomorrow morning after work! Let ya know! :)
  • Here is a link to the TSB for replacing the blending door:
  • Thanks I still need to have someone look at it could'nt get in this morning!
    I will keep ya posted. :)
  • zara3zara3 Posts: 12
    Thanks corkscrew;
    I will keep this info so when we do start digging into the dash..which sounds tricky, but from the looks of all the troubles that can happen its good to know how to get in there to fix things. It says 2.3 hours to get at the blending door..but that's for someone who's done it many times..I'm thinking a couple of days! Plus better make sure the blending doors are not on back order. And then there are those scary airbags to deal with!

    Is there any info on a temperature or heat sensor that would operate the blending doors smoothly. The door works, you can hear it going..ennn..ennn. ennnn... but it just goes from cold to all the way hot about midway up the dial. Is this TSB for the kind of trouble we're having then?

    A mechanic at a station said Dealerships can just plug in the "body control module" to their own special computer and reset it. According to the Dealership there was no such thing...8 hours to fix it..$$$$.!! far the fix is for us...turn on the heat till its roasty toasty inside then shut it off..then on..then off..and since I'm the co-pilot, that's my job. That driver guy to my left..short of pulling the dash apart wants to install a cable operated hotwater control value in the heater hose! Like the old trucks had... so meanwhile.. on/off/on They really don't build these things to last do they.
    Thanks again~~~~~~~ :lemon:
  • To check for proper operation of the blending door set the control on defrost and the fan on high. If you feel heat coming out of the floor vents then you have a problem with the blending door. Listen closely as you may hear the blower motor seem to change speed as well.
    After disconecting the negative battery cable wait NO LESS THAN 2 minutes before proceding work. This will prevent air bag deployment ( capacitor discharge).
  • zara3zara3 Posts: 12
    I talked with the pilot and he said:
    "There are 2 doors in the heater box. The directional door is the one that directs it to the defroster, vent or floor and that's working fine. But the blending door is blending the hot and cold air depending on what the control calls for. In 2002 Dodge Ram this door is controlled electronically..with an electric motor actuator (that ennn... ennn... ennn sound) while the directional door is still vacuum actuated (phussss....). We found out about this because we bought a dash control unit (thinking it would fix it) and the 2001 is different from the 2002 (old body style)
    The blending door, the one that controls the hot and cold, moves from one extreme to the other and it won't stop in the proper mixing position. (I.e. warm)"

    He suspects there is a resistor that senses heat from the engine and its in the electrical circuit.
    Just wish we could find more info on this..a more detailed diagram..short of buying the dealership service manual for this truck.
    and... I think the pilot has now decided to jury-rig it instead with the idea in the previous post. :cry:
  • I bought the dodge assuming it had recirculationg air(evevn my old 79 tbird had it) I didnt even bother to look until I got behind a dump truck spewing out smoke and I reached for the air recirc button and it wasnt there! I went to the dealer and asked if theye could retrofit, they said no. I am stuck turn my heat or ac completely off when I want to keep smoke out. I am looking for advice on how to block outside air from coming in and still have system work properly???? Can it be done?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You should have a setting labeled "Max A/C" - that's recirculating air.

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  • rxpx40rxpx40 Posts: 10
    Folks, my wife just bought herself a Lexus for Christmas. My BMW owner friend was telling me about changing out the 'in-cab air filter' on these vehicles. The BMW has 2 return air filters and the Lexus RX330 has a single return air filter. These filters clean the return air when you set the AC on recycle (max). My question is: Do the Dodge Ram 2500 pickup trucks (2006 models) have a recycle (in-cab) air filter. I looked in my owners manual- no mention.

  • You asked a question that i myself have. i just bought this 02 dodge and its a sweet truck, but the owner before me smoked like a chimney. since i dont smoke ive spent the last week detailing the interior and basically peling the layers of tar off the inside and also pulling out the vents and cleaning the tar and what i can see. so i think the inside is as good as it will ever get, I also am using a box of baking soda to soak it up. But unfortunately when i run the air. heat or cold, i can still smell smoke, and am also wondering if there is a in cab recyycle filter. and where it is located. If not does anyone know how to clean/flush the climate control system of smoke. thanks- Jes
  • I have a 2006 Ram 2500, when I turn the fan motor on; whether it be heat or air, the lowest three speeds do not work... the high works perfectly normal.. any ideas?
  • I have an 02 Ram w/ a 4.7 that is quickly approaching 100,000 miles. I have been having some problems with my cooling system and I think that it may also have something to do with my heater not working properly. In the past few months I have;
    1) developed a crack in the plastic tanks on my radiator, 2) blown a hole in my lower radiator hose (in which I went ahead and replaced the thermostat), 3) blown a hole in my upper radiator hose. Then my heater would only blow hot air for a couple of seconds and go cold. I drained my cooling system and took the hoses off that run to the heater core. I ran a water through from a water hose it thinking that it may be clogged. Well after I done that it worked really good for about 3 days and now it will only blow hot air from the right side of the truck. Has anyone had similar issues or know how to fix this?
  • i am having the same type problem. i only get heat out of the passenger side. the driver side is cold. i can feel the pressure change when i turn it up but no heat.
  • jilltjillt Posts: 2
    You have to tap under the dash on the passenger side to get the blower to work. Anyone else with this problem? Had it fixed once, it stopped again. It also blows warm air on the passenger side and cold on the driver side when the AC Is on.
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