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Toyota Prius Dash & Instrumentation Questions

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  • We took ownership of our 2005 Salsa Red, package 6 Prius 2 days ago. Since we bought the navigation system we have some studying to do. We are been learning all the bells and whistles.

    We ordered our Prius in May 2004 but with the order wait time we decided to not order a 2004 but wait for the 2005.

    Looking forward to having other owners to chat with now and then.
  • otncgirlotncgirl Posts: 1
    I also have a 2005 and I still havent figured out the navigation system. If you do, pass it on. I absolutely love my Lil P. I'm so glad I waited and finally got one. I guess I was desperate to have it because I got Package #6 (all the bells and whistles). Paid about $30,000.00 +, because I opted to get the extended warranty. I was so excited I didnt even care to bargain. I just knew I had to have it. I researched it for two and 1/2 years and knew this was gonna be my next car. I bought it on April 15th (Tax Day). Take that Uncle Sam because I will be writing ift off in 2006. My wait time was about 3 days or so. Everyone, friend, people I meet at the gas station etc. are just as excited to see it as they heard so many great things about the car. So looking forward to talking to everyone at this forum and learning all about my Lil P.

    Otncgirl (Sunny California) "> :)
  • mtransue1mtransue1 Posts: 15

    Loved your encouraging message. I have had a deposit on a Prius ... the red... without navigation system... and a combined package of 4 ad 5 since January. Since it is special order the expected time of delivery is June.

    I have to sell a Honda Civic... 2002 with only 13,000 miles on to be able to purchase this car which out the door, tax and all will be $ 24.750.. Does the price you paid include preparation fees and tax....

    My car was ordered in N.C. although I live 6 months here in Fl. where I am now. There are not too many down here but when I do see one I get very UPBEAT.
    I even saw a red one the other day. Actually it is more maroon than red.. but I never had that color car... always tans,silvers,white cars..

    Tell me on this board how you like it as you drive it. I didn't get the fancy disk player either but I got mats... heavy duty and a plastic thing to put in the back included in my price. I was thinking of the extended warranty too. Did your price of thirty thousand include that...

    Thanks for giving us all of the info. you did.
  • Hello!

    I see you have a question about your Navigation system. Toyota and Lexus have the same Navigation system that is very user friendly compared to other systems on the market. I have worked for Toyota now for three years and have completed a Navigation System class to earn certification with Toyota. What questions do you have about the system? Your salesman should have made sure you understood the features of the car while taking delivery. ;)

  • seekoseeko Posts: 33
  • seekoseeko Posts: 33
    i have a question on the navigation on the 2006 prius .it says that you can put in a phone # to locate the address and take you to that destination and no matter what i do it says it doesn't recognize the #. can anyone reply to maybe help me out? thank you. :
  • devsiennadevsienna Posts: 69
    I believe the problem is that you can't put in just any ol' number to serach for directions by. It has to be a phone number that is already in the database of Points of Interest. I.e a retail business, hotel/motel, gas station, local government office, car dealership, etc. Putting in your cousin Frank's home phone number won't work.
  • seekoseeko Posts: 33
    thank you for your answer devsienna i new there had to be a reason for this and you explained it . thank you.pete
  • seekoseeko Posts: 33
    hi there just wondering if you figured out your navigation system yet? i have one also. just keep trying to figure it out. i got mine down pretty good i guess. at times it still makes me swear at it a little i guess. but i love the everything about the prius so far. sometimes it seems that it has a personality all of its own. i like it a lot. email me if you want sometime.i know a little about the prius .i've had mine since feb 8th. see ya pete :)
  • utleysfutleysf Posts: 2
    how can i get rid of the opening screen on my navigation system. somehow i feel in my own car i should not have to agree to drive safely everytime i get in the car. I find that screen insulting.....year 2005
  • seroqseroq Posts: 12
    The illustrated energy screen with picture of the battery charge. My battery charge determined by the number of blue stripes. I never get up to a picture of the battery with blue stripes getting to the top, indicating a full battery charge. Is this normal or does it indicate some problem with the battery taking a charge?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    You asked the same question in two different forums, so I will link you to the answer I posted in the other forum. :)

    Just click here.
  • The telephone number search is for publically listed business telephone numbers and other public entities. Private telephone numbers can't be used for destination input unless you have added them to 'My Places'.
  • seroqseroq Posts: 12
    Very occasionally instead of getting the blue stripes on the battery, I get green stripes which extend to the top of the battery. Can anyone tell me if this represents a problem?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    I beleive that represents a fully charged battery, so is therefore certainly a good thing. :)
  • seroqseroq Posts: 12
    Ran out of gas: warning signal comes on too late. I want to know if I damaged the hybrid battery discharching it too much trying to get to the gas station on battery power alone. Does anyone know how to check the battery's condition; everything seems to work well depite this.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    When you have used too much battery, it will shut down before you can do anything like fully discharge it, or it has been posted here. ;)
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Even when you repeatedly try to restart the car with no gas, the system will successfully protect the battery. You probably reached around 20% state of charge (SOC). That shouldn't cause damage. The computers will shut you down when the battery reaches about 20% SOC. The car appearantly knows when you put gas in, so it wouldn't let you try to restart until you do put in fuel. The only "dangerous" (for the battery) thing you could do is just put in a gal., then try to restart. Then put in another gal. and try to restart. I've read that you have two to three restarts once you reach the 20% SOC, so the above actions might get you dangerously close to no charge. If you have to carry gas to the vehicle to get it going, just make sure you put in at least three gals. (the amount several owners report is required for the fuel pump to pick it up).

    I don't know of any way you can test the battery, though I'm sure the Totota dealer could. If you just drive the car and note if it still works as it did before, that would be a good test.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    I totall agree.

    And, of course, there is a battery check guage, included at no extra charge, in the instrument cluster. ;)
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "And, of course, there is a battery check guage, included at no extra charge, in the instrument cluster."

    Yes, but it is calibrated to show something other than the actual battey state. The battery is limited to 20-80 percent of charge, which the car shows as depleted to full charge. And we don't actually know if the software attempts to correct for battery degredation over time when displaying the power levels.
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