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New Prius Owners - Give Us Your Report

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Congratulations on your new car! Let us know what you think about it!

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  • kevregkevreg Posts: 11
    I just filled up my new 2005 for the first time today. What a deal. I got 54.5 mpg on with almost 50/50 city/highway driving. The biggest difference for me with this the "Prius" is that it has helped me do a 180 with my driving style. I am a notorius lead foot, tailgater, multi-lane changing driver. Playing the "how many mpg can i get today" game has really made me a safer driver and greatly reduced my chances of getting a speeding ticket. Did I mention the 54.5 mpg on my first tank?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    "Did I mention the 54.5 mpg on my first tank?"

    Was that calculated from miles driven vs. Gallons used, or off of the MFD as calculated by the trip computer?
  • kevregkevreg Posts: 11
    That was miles drives divided by gallons pumped into the gas tank. Acceleration and braking must by done very gently to achieve these results. A lot of coasting down hill. It does take some getting used to, but it is fun challenge and well worth the time.
  • manolommmanolomm Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum. Just purchased the Prius 2005 with all the bells and whisltes. I love all the stuff that came with prius. Where can I go and find accesories for it?
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    You will want to step over to the Prius Owners:
    discussion to see where others are getting theirs.

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  • mtransue1mtransue1 Posts: 15
    Go on E Bay and search out Prius hybrids and accessories. There are a myriad of thing to buy if you are interested..
  • I love my new Prius. I'm definately not your typical Prius owner: I hate NPR, I can't stand Hollywood, I don't wear Birkenstocks, I voted for Bush (twice)and I never eat tofu! But wow, what a technological marvel this car is! You have to wonder how good the third generation Prius will be.
  • sipsgassipsgas Posts: 1
    Had an interesting day yesterday. Our 96 Volvo 850 wagon was acting up a bit the last couple days, so we decided to checkout the Prius. While checking out the Prius and looking into trading the wagon in, the wagon decided to stop working. It actually died at the dealer in their used car lot and refused to start :sick: . Luckily this happened after the dealer had driven the Volvo around, determined a trade in value, and inked the deal. Not only that, but the slapped a USED sticker on the car even before we removed all of our stuff!

    So now we are the owners of a Blue 06' Prius, Package #7. The car actually in transit to the dealership and should be in today. We wanted a package #8, but there were only THREE of them located in our area VA,MD,PA,NJ. The dealer is having the leather added in for roughly $1,200.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    Congratulations on your new Prius! Be sure and keep us informed on how it is going...
  • We got our new Seaside Pearl #3 two weeks ago now. :shades: My old Honda Accord is still in the driveway, and it is having problems starting, too. We are waiting for the towtruck to come and pick it up...donating it to a charity.
  • Hopefully, a third generation PRIUS will perform better and be less dangerous than a third generation BUSH.
  • Thanks to Bush's Energy Policy Act of 2005, the hybrid tax credits are now in effect and hybrids are affordable to folks like me. Most Democrats opposed this bill. I'll grant you that he's a pretty bad president, but at least he got this through. It's also ironic that he's taking the heat for high gas prices when every time he proposes to go after new sources of oil, the Democrats oppose him.
  • bnewinsbnewins Posts: 25
    Sorry. I'm sure this has been asked before. My wife is getting a new Prius in about 3 wks. And I am considering the Camry Hybrid in June (on wait list). Can we take BOTH tax credits on next years taxes?
  • Sorry. I'm sure this has been asked before. My wife is getting a new Prius in about 3 wks. And I am considering the Camry Hybrid in June (on wait list). Can we take BOTH tax credits on next years taxes?

    The answer is yes, you can take multiple tax credit exemptions. But the amount of credit is vehicle specific.
    I know the Prius qualifies for $3150. Don't know what the credit is for the Camry.Probably sometime around September 1, if sufficient quantities of hybrids are sold, the amount of credit permitted will diminish.
  • I checked the vote tally on the bill. It was 275 for and 156 against in the House and 74 for and 26 against, so it certainly was not a party vote pattern and is at variance with your observation that most Democrats opposed the bill. FYI, John McCain vehemently objected to the bill describing it as "No lobbyist left behind". I don't think any members of Congress objected to the hybrid provisions and my understanding is that those who voted against the act did so because there were some serious lobbying perks for the nuclear and oil industries , particularly for the State of Texas.

    What really puzzles me is why the hybrid credit has such a short fuse on it. If Congress was really interested in stimulating consumer investment in this technology, why did they sharply limit the total number of vehicles that can qualify to 60,000? And why would you want to exclude low income people who don't have sufficient tax liability to offset the credit?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    "If Congress was really interested in stimulating consumer investment in this technology, why did they sharply limit the total number of vehicles that can qualify to 60,000?"

    The bill is designed to encourage auto makers to build new hybrids; it is designed to help those automakers who do not have a lot of hybrid experience(GM, Ford, Chrysler). Once the hybrids are built, the companies no longer need the incentives.
  • davem7davem7 Posts: 35
    The lobbyists for the American auto manufacturers prevailed in having the limit set at 60,000. If the limit were say 100,000, thats 40,000 more Priuses that would easily be sold. The 60,000 limit gives the American manufacturers more time to get their watered down hybrids on the market although realistically in terms of FE they will never seriously compete with the HCH or Prius, tax credit or not.
  • jaxsoljaxsol Posts: 1
    Hi! I have owned my 2005 Prius for 1 month now. I absolutely love this car! I bought it with 10,200 miles on it. It has package 4. In the past two years I have gone through a LOT of cars (99 VW New Beetle, 97 Honda del Sol, 00 Toyota Celica, 02 Mini Cooper, 00 Honda S2000, 00 Chevy Tracker, and an 05 Ford Escape...whew!) It is the running joke in my ofc to see what I drive up in next. Granted it has only been a month, but I am confident that there is no better car out there. Aside from the ones that I have owned, a big hobby is to test drive everything out there. The Prius was a very pleasant surprise!
  • seekoseeko Posts: 33
    hi there. you are going to continue to love it also. had mine since feb 8 th and wouldn't part with it for the world. pete :D
  • seekoseeko Posts: 33
    hi there p.f. i've had my prius 06 white #8 for 5500 miles now and just love it.i never ever thought i'd have a toyota in a million years. went from a cadillac eldorado to a prius. with pkg# 8 you are not suffering that much. in fact dont miss cad at all.never thought i'd say that. but its true. only thing i wish drivers seat would go back a few more inches cause i am 6ft. 3 in. once again the prius is one good little machine so far. is there anyone out there with a lot of miles on one? see ya pete ;)
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