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  • DaveM7, have to agree except possibly Honda coming on strong in the next couple of years. My '08 Base Model Prius is an absolute delight. Avg. 54-56 mpg. city and 48 mpg. hwy. The computer screen really makes you aware of mpg. and how you can keep raising it. I should have gotten leather seats but other than that - fantastic!
  • I travelled 1000 miles from Tampa to Falls Church, Virginia to get my Silver Prius with package #6. Truly love the car. I'm 72 and have owned 7 Mercedes and many different cars through the years. Most recently had a V-6 Highlander for 5 years which I sold to my best friend. People underestimate the Prius. I commute 70 miles round trip per day and find the power more than ample to go 75 to 85 miles per hour. With just 1200 miles on the car, I'm averaging 47 mpg. Learning to "coast" and be light on the pedal when I can. I think if our Government would reinstitute the tax credit for Hybrids and other alternative fuels we could solve our energy problems in America in 3 years. Can't say enough good stuff about Toyota.
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    Congratulations on your Prius! Did you get the Touring or Non-Touring Pkg. 6? I just got a call from FL. and they want me to come and sign the paperwork for a Touring Pkg. 6. I heard I have to pay 4% of my taxes there and the rest in GA. Is this some kind of a game? Why can't I pay the 7% Tax here? After all, I am registering the car in GA. Something fishy... don't know. I am still in the bargaining process.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    There are a lot of states that collect their tax even if you are an out of state buyer. Then your state usually collects the difference. In some parts of CA you have to pay 8.25% even if you are an out of state buyer.
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    Thanks for the information. It is good to know this. No car, yet. This car buying experience is really fun. I have dealers calling me, but they are not giving me a decent price. I will buy soon...I know this is a good time to buy.
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    I forgot to ask you about the price you paid. Were you able to get a good deal in Virginia? If you don't mind....can you tell us the price you paid for your Prius Pkg. 6? I am visiting my sis in Dec. and will be driving by VA on route to NJ. If I can't come up with a good deal next week, I would check this dealer. Can you give me additonal dealer info? I appreciate this-
  • south4south4 Posts: 32
    Just read your message and wanted to mention that you can add heated seats yourself. I went through the dealer to do it, because they got a better price than I had gotten from the same place.In our town the installer can change fabric seats to leather, change out sound systems and install a mechanism to heat the seats. I told another Prius owner in town about my seats and he had them installed too. Your dealer can probably tell you who can do it.
  • Prusa: When I looked for my Prius, there were no Silver cars with Package #6 in the Southeast Region. I went on the Toyota website and punched in zip codes for the mid Atlantic Region which I had from my Christmas card list. Three dealers in suburban Virginia showed up. I telephoned Bill Page Toyota in Falls Church and spoke to Yow. Terrific guy, no pressure. He had a Silver car with Package 6 which listed for $27,700. They gave me there no hassle price of $27,000. Yow picked me up at the airport. The car has virtually everything on it. Keep in mind, there are a lot more dealers in the Washington, D. C. area so they have to be competitive. In Florida there are fewer dealers and they play games. When I picked up the car, it had a temp. tag and I brought it home and registered it and paid the 7% sales tax in Tampa. It sounds like a lot of trouble to get a car, but I don't buy cars more often than every 5 years so it wasn't much of a hastle. I took the Auto Train home. The discount paid for the train and the flight up. Florida dealers like to "pack" their cars so be careful Or else they will offer you nothing for your trade. Good luck. Sailorman
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    Excellent information! Bill Page Toyota have already contacted me. I will be getting their quote soon. Dealers in FL gave me a high price and so I am not buying from them. GA dealers are not of much help, either. When they see that I am a woman they all think I am ..... : I rather buy in another state than having to deal with these individuals. I really appreciate all your help. Thanks a bunch.
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    Can you contact me instead? I went to view profiles and wasn't able to get through. Sorry-
    My email is in my profile.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    We can't get into the buying and selling of vehicles on the forum.

    If you want to contact someone in email off the forum, that's fine, but the discussion of any type of sales here is not permitted.

    BTW... Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! :)

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  • You asked that I contact you. What can I tell you that my earlier replies neglected to say. Will be happy to help.
  • Prusa: Missed your message. Sorry. I got the Basic model with Package 6. I definitely wanted leather and I would highly recommend it. The seats are firmer with leather and easier to get in and out of the car. Why can't the dealer where you buy the car just issue a temporary tag for 30 days while you register the car in your home state? I borrowed the funds through Capital One in less than 5 minutes. They didn't even ask what kind of car I was buying. They overnighted the check to me and I could have skipped the counrty and gone to South America as far as they are concerned. Great to deal with if you have good credit. If you only buy cars once in a while, I would recommend you get it with Package #6 and you will have every convenience imaginable. Bluetooth phone, Navigation, HID headlights, etc. Go for it and good luck. If I can help, please feel free to ask.
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    I will take your advise. By the way, I always wanted leather seats. This will be my first car my them. I can't wait!
    In the last few hours, a couple of dealers have contacted me with decent prices. Taxes will be paid in my home state. I will make sure the dealer knows this. I read (in one of the previous posts) that the end of the month and the end of year are the best time to buy a car. It looks promising out there. I really appreciate all the support that this forum ( I mean you all nice people) have given me in the last month.
    Thanks sailorman4....
  • Just bought an '08 pkg 5 in classic silver that had just been delivered to dealership (watched it being unloaded off the truck) paid MSRP. I did get what I wanted for my trade-in. Northside Toyota (Chicago) offered 6yr/75k extended warranty for $1250.00 negotiated down to $780.00. My credit union offers 7yr/80k for $870.00. I only put on about 7k per year. Not sure which one to go with or at all. Any advice?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    None. You will have the hybrid battery (which is what most people are scared about) covered the entire time by the factory warranty, 5 year power train warranty and the Prius is rated one of the most trouble free cars you can buy and you are not driving many miles.
    None of those choices make sense.
  • I agree with jaxs1. I have a 2004. While there have been a slightly annoying number of recalls or TSB's, my local dealer, who I did NOT buy the Prius from, has been great. They take care of the issues and they lend me a rental or shuttle me where I want to go and usually upgrade the software at the same time. I change my own oil so the only money I've paid them is for oil filters, air filters and washer fluid. They are absolutely great. (Bighorn Motors in Glenwood Springs, CO)
  • Thanks for the advice, decided not to buy extended warranty. Love this car!
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A reporter seeks hybrid drivers. Please send your daytime contact information to no later than Friday, December 14, 2007.

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