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New Prius Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Well, the older we get, the longer it takes us to adapt to new things.... :P
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    I agree that the beeping seems pretty useless, but please accept responsibility for almost getting into the accident; YOU are responsible for maintaining control the vehicle. If you were uncomfortable attempting to back up, it was YOUR responsibility to not do so.
  • > If you were uncomfortable attempting to back up,
    > it was YOUR responsibility to not do so.

    I am indeed uncomfortable backing up from tight spot in a busy shopping mall when being continuously distracted by the loud beeping sound. It drives up my blood pressure. On the other hand, even if I am not comfortable, I really have no option unless I am willing to abandon the car!
    I wish there is a switch to turn that off ... and I consider the default beeping to be not only an annoyance but a safety issue.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Well, since it's the American Way, you can always get a shyster, and sue. :P
  • There is a way to turn off the reverse beeping. I just did it last night. Do an internet search on "prius reverse beeping" and you should have no problem getting instructions on how to do it.

    (just don't try to sue me if you get into an accident because the beeper didn't warn you were in reverse ;) )
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    My son bought a Prius last July. I don't find the reverse beeper all that bothersome.

    I can see why Toyota included it -- at low speeds, only the electric motor could be running (almost silently), PLUS it has that funky electronic gearshift which physically returns to neutral as soon as you release it.

    Seems like it would also be a good idea for the beeper to be heard outside the car, so pedestrians would be aware of the otherwise silent car.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Unfortunatly, Toyota has the Prius beeping -inside- the car only. While I -could- live with that, it's just silly. I'll be turning mine off, when I get my car.
  • Search the web. There are directions on how to disable the really irritating reverse beeper.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    OR.....any dealer would be happy to do it for you. ;)
  • vu2000vu2000 Posts: 58
    I just bought a Prius 3 days ago. I find the reverse beeper helpful not annoying. The shifter is much different than a regular car, I find this beeping noise helpful reminding me that the car is in reverse :) . Still on my first tank of gas. I would love to get 44mpg(per Consumer Report) or better on average with this baby.
  • I'm sure lots of you have heard accolades like this before, but after 20 months and 63,000 miles I have to say it: The Toyota PRIUS is probably the best vehicle I have ever owned!
    It has simply been an awesome car. Comfortable with lots of room, fun to drive, and as reliable as they come. I drive 63 miles to work one way each day of the work week. And then when I get home, my wife often takes it to run errands. She thinks it's fun to drive, but also loves the fuel economy. She drives a Mercury Mountaineer daily, and although she likes it, she is fond of the Prius and all it has to offer. Often the only time the car is sitting is when we are sleeping.

    Purchased my Prius in March of 2005, and besides the usual maintenance and tires, all I have had to do to it is purchase 1 tail light bulb for $2.19! I call that awesome. Compare that to the 2003 Chevy Silverado I purchased new and then had to put new brakes and rotors on a couple months ago, and also a whole new instrument panel since the speedometer went out - a total cost of $900, all within a 3 week period.

    The Prius is absolutely a wonderful car. Only 1 major complaint and 1 minor one. Major: I am on my 3rd set of tires at 63,000 miles - and soon to purchase my 4th set. I have always gone with the original Goodyear Integrity as replacements. Someone told me to try Michelin, as they will last longer. So may do so on my next round. But am not thrilled I am going thru so many tires.

    Minor complaint: every time I try to touch the volume control mounted on the dash for the radio, I accidently touch the scan button and it changes the station - slightly irritating. I have learned to use the volume on the steering will to prevent it.

    The only worry I have is that I will max out the batteries in the next 18 months and have to purchase new - a major expense.

    By the way, I simply love the stability control on this car. My 63 mile drive to work is 95% freeway, and I often get in close calls with stopped traffic due to wrecks etc. It has prevented me from sliding into someone in the next lane numerous times. I can see why the government wants to make stability control a law by the end of the decade. It is definitely going to save lives.

    A last footnote: my kids love this car, and their friends think we are the hottest!
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Don't worry about the traction battery. It should last for many years - and is warranted for 7 years and 10 years in California. The 12 V battery is the one that fails. Just make sure you don't run out of gas and don't leave a door open - especially the rear hatch. Having the interior light on overnight can greatly shorten the life of the 12 V battery.
  • Thanks for the tip. In Ohio, the batteries are guaranteed for 8 years or 100,000 miles. That's my worry, I will hit 100k within the next 18 months at the rate I am going. Have researched the battery life on the internet, the conventional wisdom out there says the batteries will last to 120,000 to 140,000 miles. That's why Toyota can guarantee them for 100,000. That leaves them a good buffer. However, that is still a concern for me since I will hit it within 2 yrs. on the outside.

    As for leaving he interior lights on or door open - YES - I had experiene with that one. Only had my Prius about 4 months when I parked at work one morning, and when I hit the power button to shut if off I must have hit it twice, and it went to Accesories mode instead of power off. Heard a beep warning when I got out of the car, but ignored it. Came out at end of the day to drive home and my batteries were dead. Had to jump it with another car - BE CAREFUL - this takes a certain procedure - see your manual. You must atach the jump cables to special clips in a small access box under the hood and the manual warns to use caution, otherwise you can harm the battery or car. But following this procedure, it started right up and the batteries recharged fully within 30 minutes of driving home. Have not had any trouble since, but am careful to shut the car off fully when I press the power button now.
  • I just purchased the 2007 Prius. I think I really like it. Unfortunately it is extremely painful for me to drive. I do not wat to spend 3000 dollars on seat cushions per other posts regarding the concrete like seats. There is obviously no support to my legs. I am very young, weigh about 105, and am 5 ft tall and have no istory of any back, or leg problems. I have been suffering from intense bottom, leg and now back pain after driving 15 miles to work-less than 80 miles on the car. Ready to sell unless it can be resolved. Suggestions? Help?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    You are aware that there are Prius taxis out there with over 250,000 mi on them? I think the battery wear is more time than mileage affected. At any rate, a new traction battery is around $2000. The fear mongers would have you believe that when it fails it costs more than the car! You can even get used ones (from Prius written off in accidents) for less than $1000.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The Obus Forme seat cushions I've seen are less than $200. You might want to try them. You can even get them with heaters!
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    I have no idea if this is any good, and I have no experience with the website, but I noticed something called a "Revolver Cushion" at the below website. It's about 2/3rds of the way down.

    Revolver Cushion

    Also, I've read of folks tilting their seat up with a stack of washers. I have no personal experience with that approach, but it might be interesting.
  • After such a short time I would not assume it is the car. Back pain can come from many sources. Try the cushions suggested by others here; also ask the dealer for advice. But you should also consider whether you hurt your back some other way such as moving furniture or exercising and the car seats are just aggravating a condition or injury caused by something else.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Just to add my 2 cents regarding safety. The automakers generally recommend against using cushions on top of the seat, because it can lead to improper seat belt positioning and/or the untoward motion of the lower body in the event of a frontal crash.

    On the passenger side, such cushions can also interfere with the occupant sensing device, which turns the passenger frontal airbag on or off depending on weight on the seat.

    I'd try adjusting the seat and steering column as much as possible before giving up, although I realize the Prius driver seat has no height adjuster.
  • philmophilmo Posts: 77
    I'm going to take a guess in the other direction -- that the seat is too high. In which case there's not much you can do about it. Having your legs hang off the end of a seat that cuts into mid-thigh can cut off circulation. (Like a long ride on an old ski lift.) One idea may be to put down some kind of pad or mat for your resting (left) leg to give it some relief. But, geez, be sure to use something that is flat, doesn't scoot around and doesn't get in the way of any controls. Good luck!
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