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New Pacifica Owners - Give Us Your Report

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Congratulations on your new Pacifica! This is the place to give us your first impressions.

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  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    Picked up the Pacifica Saturday.
    The agreed price was invoice + $700. Since the rear seat entertainment system was added in error (no one will fess up) I paid invoice.
    We have all the options, except chrome wheels (like the silver wheels with the silver paint),
    the Sirrus radio, U-Connect & heated battery.
    The only problem so far is a defevtive center-dash speaker which severely inhibits the 5.1 sound system. Hope to get this fixed very soon.
    The Nav. system is fantastic, and very easy to learn.
    We drove it 50 miles over some VERY hilly terrain, and I was quite pleased with the hill climbing power. After 130,000 miles in 300Ms I expected the Pacifica to feel underpowered, but I was pleasantly surprised. More later.
  • jerrykohjerrykoh Posts: 15
    it's kinda funny seeing the polar opposite opinions about the pacifica on this thread. I just bought it recently, for about 500$ above invoice. Have drove it for around 150miles now, and it's a great ride... it's quiet, comfortable, and really luxurious... MPG remains to be seen if it can hit 18, but i'm optimistic... plan to take a long roadtip in the car soon... any other real owners on this thread?
  • rever2rever2 Posts: 15
    We took delivery on April 28th, and are well satisfied with it. We (wife and I) got the light almond with the light taupe interior. Along with all the standard equipment it has the 6CD player, sun roof, power lift gate, a full size spar tire, and chrome wheels.

    With 600 miles on the car, it is getting 16 to 17 mpg on a mix of city and Interstate driving. I expect this to go higher after the vehicle brakes in. The 14 from Car & Driver looks to be an anomaly.

    I had a ‘98 T&C LXi van and put 70k on it. This Pacifica is so much nicer. The ride, handling and quietness are so much better than the vans. And yes, I could have gotten a Town and Country Limited for less, even test drove one, but in my opinion the Pacifica won hands down.
  • aviateaviate Posts: 31
    I just wanted to post that I am a recent new owner of a Pacifica. I am an old Grand Cherokee owner and compared the 2 for what I was looking for in a vehicle today. I still love the Jeep and think it is a great vehicle, but thought the Pacifica was more to my style these days. I noticed on the forum some folks worried about performance and pricing. I purchased a Montero Sport last year which listed for $32k and can tell you that the Pacifica is a huge improvement over that SUV. I have also looked at the new Volvo and the Infiniti and think the Pacifica is a very good competitor for these more pricey cars.

    I am looking forward to eating up the miles in this new cruiser.
  • Made it through the first week of driving without a hitch. I "borrowed" the wife's new Pacifica to take it to work and show the guys. I must say that driving it to work I thought, "wow, I just might have to get me one of these." I felt there was much more room in this car taking 4 to lunch than in a small sedan and the comment from the rear seats was, "this is so much more comfortable than the backseat of any SUV I've rode in." I hadn't done any test driving on it until that point.

    The most looks came from people around me while waiting to get on the metered freeway onramps. Mostly minivan drivers. LOL.

    When showing off the DVD system with "The Matrix" the guys said, "this rivals a basic home theater system." Of course a few of us have high end home theaters with 50-100" screens so the mini 7" is quite different but will certainly do for a car and keeping the kids entertained.

    Does anyone know of any other boards out there for Pacifica owners? I'm hoping that for those of us who were willing to take the early plunge on a completely new model line that we can share joys or frustrations related to the car as we all get used to it.

    I was looking to maybe get some accessories as others previously mentioned and was wondering how to get a discount on them such as the 10% or 20% mentioned in previous posts. Do you just ask them to discount it? I'm disappointed that they don't sell any of those accessory groupings at a discount either.

    Filling up the tank today, will just have to close my eyes when the bill comes on that 23 gallon fillup. I like others appear to be getting only 14 miles to the gallon, according to the avg./mi./gal. display feature. I sure hope it gets up closer to 17 or this will be worse than our Explorer.

    Great board and I'll try to help answer people's questions as well as just posting comments on how things are going with the performance of the Pacifica.
  • waltkwaltk Posts: 4
    Just got my Pac (FWD basic $25,000 with rebate) on Friday, and put 300 miles on it in two days. The car is extremely comfortable. I don't think there is a car on the market that can compete with its comfort (My last car was a chevy Tahoe which was large but not at all comfortable for passengers sitting in the rear. The car before that was a 300E which had better acceleration comfortable for driver but less so for passengers). Handles curves very well. The more my wife and I drive it the more we like it. The only thing I will change is to upgrade the radio.
  • Picked up my Pacifica July 1 and must say that it is one of the best put together cars that I have owned,I have been very Impressed by almost everything espially the ride and the amount of room inside,wished that it had a little more power and larger side mirrors,interior materials could be a little more higher in quality,only problem that I found was a loose button on the radio.
  • drlawrencedrlawrence Posts: 28
    Picked mine up Thursday.

    AWD 26U
    Intermezzo sound
    GPS Navigation
    19-inch wheels
    Mopar hitch and 7 pin harness installed

    I was driving an Envoy that would have cost $33,000 to replace with a like model. I had a close up look at the Pacifica at the NAI show and thought it was nice, but didn't think it was for me. After a test drive, I liked it more and thought it would be satisfactory.

    Not sure why I was so under whelmed, but after driving it for the weekend, I must say I love it. Handles like a sedan, but you're still up high like an SUV. Quietest Chrysler I've ever been in and the 19-inch wheels make for an exceptionally smooth ride. Intermezzo audio is much better than the premium Bose sound of the Envoy. The Chrysler autotemp blows GMC's away, and the seats are much more comfortable. The cabin is roomy feeling, and the second row seats have lots of space for head and legs. They can also recline and slide fore and aft. The pockets on all four doors are huge.

    The in-dash navigation is fantastic. Easy to see and use. Surrounded by the back lit dials, it makes for a beautiful instrument cluster. It is underpowered as I knew from the test drive, and autostick is useless IMHO, but I'll be using the vehicle for a long commute, so AWD, comfort, and sound system were my biggest wants.

    I would highly recommend this vehicle, especially now that they've lowered the price. I'll have it for 24 months. We'll see how it goes.

  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    I finally got it ! 2005 Chrysler Pacifica, Jan 13, 13h, Inferno Red, FWD Touring, 26S. Drove around town about 100Kms. First impressions:
    _ The standard headlights are impressive. White powerful light. Probably the best I ever used.
    _ Steering, brakes, suspension, stability are simply perfect. I have a powerful "safety feeling" when I drive it. It's like the car hugs the road.
    _ Powertrain: Acceleration wise this is no rocket, because simply it's not supposed to be. This is a 4500 lbs vehicle ! The gear box does its job properly and I don't miss at all a 5th gear because it keeps the engine RPM between 1,500 and 2,100 all the way till 100Km/h (63 miles/h). At 100/63 the engine spins around 2,100 RPM which is perfect. Who needs a 5th gear ?
    _ Visibility is not as bad as I thought. The right rear blind spot doesn't matter if you use the curved external right mirror. I would complain more about those rear tinted windows. During the day it's OK but during the night they attenuate light too much. Why they don't allow people to buy Pacs with regular clear windows ?! Many cars have tinted windows. I don't know why.

    Putting anything together, The Pacifica is the ideal vehicle for all the fans of Volvos 240, 740, 940. It has the same charm, the same sturdy feeling. If Chrysler made this thing reliable, it will be the "next big thing". Like the vans were in the 80s. The gas prices could be the only problem. I will know soon where I am ...
  • rsharprsharp Posts: 103
    If Chrysler made this thing reliable, it will be the "next big thing".

    I agree. But the fact is Chrysler (and the other US auto makers) have never caught up to the quality standards of their competition.

    What amazes me is that you admit that the new PAC you just purchased is not reliable. Yet you have very strongly defended the PAC in your posts.
  • He did not say it wasn't reliable. He merely made a supposition using the word "if".
  • Just leased a silver '05 FWD with side curtain bags, alloys, 6 disc changer and cargo package. It is a 27,270 MSRP vehicle that I'm leasing for 232 a month with no money down (plus tax). In my opinion, it is a tremendous deal for such a safe and well constructed vehicle. The Pacifica's appearance is quite impressive as is it's solid feel and crash worthiness. The only area where the vehicle can be criticized is the substandard radio and climate control switches. It's unfortunate after going the extra step in creating a truly upscale 'European' feel interior with the usage of the soft touch materials on the dash and surround that they used flimsy plastic pieces and a God aweful radio in the center console (yes, I know it was a run-on sentence). However, for the price of essentially leasing a base Altima, I have a cool looking, solidly constructed vehicle with side curtain airbags. You can never have EVERYTHING you want when you are trying to find a bargain but I feel with the Pacifica I came as close as possible.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    Just leased a silver '05 FWD with side curtain bags, alloys, 6 disc changer and cargo package. It is a 27,270 MSRP vehicle that I'm leasing for 232 a month with no money down (plus tax).

    Where did you get this deal?

    Did you have a trade in?

    I go to chrysler's web page and enter
    Cap cost. 27270.
    Term 36 mo
    Mileage 12,000
    Lease Cash Rebate 2,000

    Residual is 13,580
    Monthly Payment is 466.06

    I'd do a 232...but where???how???
  • hi what part of the country are you...i am interested in leasing one as i have an 8 cyl. durango and with the price of gas...its horrible......seems like you love the car
    how long is your lease for and was it from chyrsler or just your own deal...i would love to get your deal too

    thanks so much
  • rsharprsharp Posts: 103
    If you are looking for improved gas mileage over your Durango...don't look at the PAC to make your gas mileage better. Many people only get low teens for gas mileage on the PAC.
  • alg528alg528 Posts: 18
    I've had my silver 2005 Pacifica Limited for about 4 weeks. I am leasing it after leasing a 2001 300M for the past four years. I loved the 300M, but cannot get used to the new 300's. Also, I wanted more room for tailgating (UConn football). Anyhow, wife and I just made a round trip from Rhode Island to North Carolina (780 miles each way), and I could not be happier with the Pacifica's performance and comfort. It was the first time I had made this trip without feeling tired at the end of the journey. Gas mileage according to the trip computer was 21.5 mpg. I had been getting around 18 for every day (mostly city) driving. Not bad, but the 300M used to get 27MPG on the same road trip.

    I love this car, and I really love the Sirius radio. Well worth the little bit extra. Regarding dealers, this is the third Chrysler in a row I have purchased or leased from the same small Mom n Pop dealer in RI. Obviously I am well pleased with them and know by thorough research that I have been treated fairly. I have my service done by another Five Star Chrysler dealer closer to my work, and have also been extremely happy with their work. This is why I am so surprised to read of so many complaints about other dealers. I hope my experiences are typical and not the negative ones.

    Anyhow, just thought I'd share my thoughts after one month of Pacifica-ness.
  • I just bought a 2005 Pacifica Touring three weeks ago. I chose it over the Ford Freestyle and the Honda Pilot. You just can't beat the drive. Unfortunatley I'm having a problem with the driver seat just moving on its own. At first it only did it when in park or when stopped but last week it moved all the way forward to where my knees and chest were touching the dash and steering wheel while I was driving down the road. I frantically pulled to the suicide lane, began to cry and called my dealer. It had to be towed in because I obviously refused to drive it further. I picked it up this morning. The mechanic said they fixed the module. I think that's what he called it. I asked if it appeared that it needed to be replaced and he just answered in circles. This afternoon it began doing it again. Luckily I have my six year old who has witnessed it. I took it straight to the dealer. With all that said has anybody had the same problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Gosh! That's scary, I'd insist they replace the whole "module", rather than repair it. No, we've had no such problems.

    As promised, I've come back to report on our 2,000 vacation to the American Southwest - the first real "road trip" in our Pacifica. It was great and the Pac did beautifully. A/C still kept us comfortable in 115 degree desert heat, power was enough for high speed driving on interstates, for mountains grades and, most importantly, for passing RVs and slower vehicles driving those mountain grades! Luggage space was more than sufficient (there were 4 of us), seats were comfortable from start to finish. The kids enjoyed their back-seat DVDs when the scenary palled, we enjoyed all the comforts of driving a beautiful car through some of the most beautiful landscape to be found anywhere. No complaints at all! :)
  • Yes I even think there is a technical service bulletin (TSB), out on the control of the adjustable seat or at least the fact that on some cars it has lost its memory - which is not a far leap into moving on its own.
  • "At first it only did it when in park or when stopped but last week it moved all the way forward to where my knees and chest were touching the dash and steering wheel while I was driving down the road."

    If the dealer doesn't or can't correct this problem, contact Chrysler directly. You might also consider filing a complaint with NHTSA since it did happen while you were driving which makes it a safety issue that could result in an accident. That also protects you if anything happens because your complaint will be on record at both Chrysler and NHTSA.
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