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  • Thank you for the suggestion to file a complaint with NHTSA. After the second time in the shop they replaced the electric seat switch. All was well for a couple of days. My children noticed the seat moving first. I didn't believe them(or didn't want to) and chalked it up to PTSD from the previous episode. On Sunday it began moving just a little and the service manager said they all readjust when you get back in the car even those without the memory feature. My book didn't say that but I took his word for it. Then this afternoon while I was driving down the road it went slightly back aand then all the way forward to the steering wheel again. I called them right away. Does anybody think I A. might have a lemon and B. since it only happens in the middle to late afternoon ,evening hours is it possible it has something to do with a computer error. I love this car and hate to see it go.But at this point I feel like I'm in a Stephen King movie.
  • phillyguy5phillyguy5 Posts: 10
    Based heavily on these postings, I have decided to go for a new 2006 Pacifica base, with the only extra being the side airbag curtain.With the employee pricing, it came in uner 22K. While I wanted upgrades, my wallet can't afford it. I feel better about my decision after reading so many positive comments. Two friends, who do not post here, have said it is the best running car they have ever owned. Having owned both Lincolns and Cadillacs, I can say the Pacifica handled comparably to them in the test drive. I am picking it up tomorrow.
  • tristan1tristan1 Posts: 39
    Good luck and enjoy your new Pac. It's been a year since I bought my touring AWD and so far so good. No complains here!!!
  • phillyguy5phillyguy5 Posts: 10
    Thanks tristan. Third day and this car has been outstanding. Took a little bit to get down the controls, like the wipers and the headlights.
  • phillyguy5phillyguy5 Posts: 10
    Been a few weeks now and a few hundred miles. Took it down the Jersey Shore in this heat and was not happy with the A/C. Air conditioning is only cold enough when the "recirculation" button is depressed. And every time you turn the car off, the recirculate button has to be depressed again. I didn't notice it at the time of purchase, but the dashboard trim above the glove box has some large imperfections in it. It looks like somebody kicked the soft trim and left some large dents in it. It feels to the touch as though these are points where trim was glued on. It handled well on the highway and gasoline is cheaper in New Jersey. :confuse:
  • stevenwstevenw Posts: 18
    That's strange. Our Pac's AC has to be turned up (temp raised and fan slowed) after we've driven for more than 10 minutes because it's like a freezer. We've never had an isue with the AC not cooling properly. The rear fans/motors are often placed in the off position by our 7 year old becasue she gets cold on drives of over 15/20 minutes.
  • We bought the car in May and now have over 5,000 miles on it. :)

    AWD Touring.

    There are no mechanical issues with the car...unbelieveable!!

    We wish the navigation system was a little quicker and more accurate...but it does work within specs.

    Mileage is about 18 MPG.

    Not exceptionally quick...but rides very nice. :shades:

  • stevenwstevenw Posts: 18
    Do you drive with your hand on the seat memory buttons? Maybe one of them is set for all the way up and you're inadvertantly hiting it. I've ben reading these forums for years and have never seen a seat that moves by itself as a problem.
  • My wife and I traded a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback and a 2004 Suzuki XL7 for a 2006 Pacifica Touring demonstrator with 6500 miles on it. Although I don't much care for the color (Magnesium Pearl) the car came loaded except for satellite radio and a sunroof.

    We originally bought the Pacifica with the idea that my wife would drive it, and I would get her 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport. After one week of driving the Pacifica she decided she liked the Jeep better so I have the Pacifica now. Other than mediocre gas mileage and some difficulty negotiating my way into tight parking spaces I'm very happy with the Pacifica. The only problem has been that the CD/DVD changer will sometimes not display the correct track number on MP3 discs when played on the "random" setting, but I'll have the dealer check on it the next time I bring it in.

    Mileage has gone up steadily since we bought it and we're currently at 19.
  • Two months, 2,000 miles on a 2006 Base model and no problems. The car had handled excellently. Gas mileage is not great but I did not buy this car for that reason. If I wanted good gas I would have bought some little puddle-jumper. I also feel better buying an American made product. :)
  • eaj1eaj1 Posts: 5
    Bought a new '05 AWD Touring in Jan '06 No problems so far. Just went on a 1200 mile trip to MI. The pacifica performed great. I had no problem with the power going up the PA mountains. In January I posted a question on how fast is the pacifica. Someone wrote back that the pacifica was not a race car. Being a corvette owner I'm used to speed. I must say the pacifica can hold its own. Great ride and a great looking car. I'm very happy with it. This is a great website.
  • Well, we're over 2000 mi on this thing and It's a joy to drive,,,,,,at least that's what my wife tells me....LOL
    Although, immediately,,,,within 75mi,, the tire pressure system alarm came on and won't go off. At the dealer now. Other than that it's been a dream. Nav system is great, stereo has one complaint. DVD won't show MP3 ID TAGS on songs. I've recorded several different formats and it will not show them.
  • Well they dropped the pressure back to 33psi and retaught the sensors. They gave me a TSR which shows that if the pressure changes +7/-10 the error is triggered. It's possible the calibration was not done at the factory and had never been taught to the onboard. Seems to be doing ok. The MP3 problem may be fixed with a new CD player. It will play MP3 but will not show the ID Tags. FM comes up with artist and title but Sirus and CD's (even commercially made CD's) don't show ID's. This was a heads up for the dealer/service. Said he'd never seen this before and want us to call Sirus.. Told him I would but am going to call him back no matter and ask him what his plan is.
  • Leased a '06 Touring AWD in June. Now have 4100 miles on it. Traded in a 2003 Explorer and I couldn't be happier. Only issue is that my blower motor for the rear air conditioner went out, but that was replaced by the dealer. On my wish list is the 5 speed tranny from my Explorer and maybe another 25-50 horses under the hood
  • There is a HUGE air pressure fluctuation when driving abouve 45mph with one back window down. I went to buy the wind guards for the windows but thought they looked goofy. I did put the sunroof shade on. Hopefully this will help with the problem. It actually talks about this problem in the manual and says to adjust the window......Design flaw
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,893
    Well, I'm not a "new owner" anymore, but I'm not sure what other discussion to post this in.

    anyway, my accord was in for service yesterday, so I was in the Pacifica for my commute. It is a very rare opportunity when I get to drive the vehicle without the family on-board. Anyway, I just want to ask ... does it get better with age, or is it just my imagination?

    It really seems like, at 15k miles, its now hitting its stride and feeling nice and 'broken in.' It feels quicker and more nimble than ever. Our mileage, however, is still hovering around 18 mpg in mixed driving, so that hasn't picked up too much. Although it is still better than when it was new.

    anyway, its a real pleasure to drive sometimes. Granted, I like sporty cars and driving pretty fast, so its not something I'd like as my daily driver, but its a nice change of pace to get into the Pacifica and have a smooth, quiet, and comfortable drive.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,893
    Yes, I guess you could call it a design flaw. Its a flaw that has been repeated in every single SUV I've ever owned, beginning with my 1987 4runner.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    My Pacifica definitely got better with age. I think the transmission is programed to learn your driving habits and adjust accordingly. 18 mpg in mixed driving seems to be the best you will get if you, like me, drive 70-75 mph and are "aggressive" when you accelerate.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,893
    yup. 70-75 is about right. I wouldn't say terribly aggressive when accelerating. My wife complains if I break 5000 rpms. ;)

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • stephenstephen Posts: 131
    I just ordered a new signature series, which comes pretty well loaded. Sunroof is extra, and I did not order that. Will I be sorry at trade-in time? I hate sunroofs, but I notice that every Pacifica Signature available at dealers in Michigan has a sunroof, $800 extra.
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