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Are you a new Vibe owner? Here the spot to tell us how much you love your new car!

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  • I just purchased a 2005 Pontiac Vibe with 20,830 miles on it. It was a trade-in at a local dealership. Title checked out one owner and I spoke with the previous owner who reported no problems. Car looks and drives great. Automatic, power everything (but I think I would pay more for good old manual windows!) and a Sunroof. I never look at color on used cars, only mechanical condition, but this is the first used car I have purchased that I am really excited about the color. It is metallic, spicy orange. Thanks to an error (they said) on listing the car on the web, price was $12,600 and drive-out I paid after tax / tag was $13,700. They updated the price to $13,995, but honored the lower price to me because I had printed it out a few hours after the car was listed on autotrader. I love the car; it's the newest car I've ever owned. How did I do on the price or was that a most elaborate sales technique? I'm in Georgia.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,411
    I just sold my '04 base Vibe, stick, 27k for $11,500. I had exactly ONE buyer, but he (and I) thought that that was a very attractive price.

    By comparison, your car is one year newer, has 6k fewer miles, has a worse color -- from a resale point of view; neutral colors are easier to sell -- a sunroof and an automatic transmission.

    I'd say you did very well indeed and their story is straight. This stuff happens, be glad you found a quality dealership. The price is also not so unbelievably good to make me suspect frame damager or a salvage title or some such. In a normal color, it's about an $11,500-$12k auction car.

    Next time, have the car checked out independently by somebody good -- for mechanicals and frame/body work. I ALWAYS do, ask me why.

  • lrm216lrm216 Posts: 1
    Just picked up my new black 2006 Pontiac Vibe and I am loving it. I researched in here and feel I got a pretty fair deal ($15,500). Used to driving stick shift but this one is automatic - have to make sure I don't eject us all right through the front window!
  • pdrakepdrake Posts: 10
    I bought a 2006 Vibe GT in February and am VERY happy with it so far ,however, I do notice a problem I have never experienced with another car. When I look into the driver side mirror to check for other cars (even if I bend my head down and look carefully) "SUDDENLY A CAR IS THERE EVEN WHEN I DONT SEE ONE!!! I think perhaps the mirrors are way too small and dont offer enough field of vision. I have almost run into another car perhaps 6 times now unknowingly and I am certain that I have been called every name in the book by now :O).
    Other than that I do notice the problem of the steering wheel being too far away and also I notice the AC is not the coldest (other people have addressed these issues). The GT has no trouble starting anytime. I am very happy with its power/gas milage (27 mpg average). The mirror issue is a safety problem though.....
  • Well I have a 2005 base Vibe auto/power package which I purchased new in August of 2005. It has more then lived up to my expectations. Besides a few paint chips on the hood it has run like a fine oiled machine. Presently it has 16,000km. I had it to the dealer for routine service only. No repairs no adjustments. Averaging 35km highway/ city. Use it like a truck. Sure can carry a lot of stuff. Carry 8 ft plus pieces of 2x4 and you can still close the hatch. Carried a 14ft ladder no problem opened the hatch window and viola, two piece hatch what a great idea. Pretty hard to find a more versatile vehicle. It does everything well and looks good doing it. Would I buy another one? Yes indeed. Only thing I would add would be the sunroof. A steering wheel that really tilts and telescopes would be handy as well.
  • Try adding some little stick on convex mirrors. I did, made a world of difference.
  • I bought a 2006 fully loaded Vibe with a manual transmission, which evidently is unheard of in California. I had to wait 12 weeks for one to be built. I absolutely love it. I bought a new 87 Nova (another GM/Toyota car) 19 years ago and with 230,000 miles it still runs. Hopefully this one will hang on the same. One complaint though, the recirculation button can be turned on easily enough but can only be turned off when the direction of the airflow is set to floor or lap. Is this normal? Shouldn't I be able to control recirculation or not at any time (except when the AC is on)?
  • I purchased a new 06 in Dec 05.
    It has had an oil & filter change every month ; & a K&N Air Filter at 20,000kms.
    I put Molyslip Anti-Seize compound on the sparkplug threads. Mileage;36,000 kms in 7 months.

    This 1.8l, 16 valve engine is excellent.
    The biggest surprise was the variable timing V-tec. The revs only climb to 3300 to attain 145km/hr. I thought this car would be noisy from high revs on the highway, but its perfectly quiet at 120-130km/hr !


    + body sheetmetal too thin....caves in during waxing.
    + 'A' pillars far too wide, creating severe blindspots during intersection left turns. You have to make sure of crossing pedestrians by moving your head to each side of the left side of the windshield.
    + Noise levels from back cargo area too loud. Bought 2 mats to fix it.
    + Doors & hinges far too light duty.
    + Foam doorseals instead of rubber.
    +Tilt steering doen't tilt: only adjusts heighth.
    + Can't easily replace fog lamps....have top dismantle shields. And the light is only held insecurely in a pressfit notch.
    + The engine doesn't start quickly after the 1st start. Once past warmup, it takes too much cranking.
    + NightVision not available as an option.
    + gaspedal too short.
    + Too much wind noise with rear windows down.
    + Green emerald paint color not available.


    + Good looks !
    + Amber rear safety signal lights!
    + Excellent drivers seat adjustable heighth !
    + Fog Lights !
    + Manual disconnect button for O/D !
    + Excellent transmission !
    + Excellent rear seatingroom !
    + Plug in adapter for household current !

    Looking forward to the next Vibe 08-2010, or as soon as Green paint is available !
  • atlvibeatlvibe Posts: 109
    Got 1,600 miles on my '06 vibe and no complaints. It's good on fuel, cold A/C, and never been back to the shop. Parking is a breeze and I can drive it without any effort at highway speeds. My only complaint is my own fault. I bought one with the non color keyed disco cladding on the side. Sometimes, I think it looks dated. other than that... Good..GOOD...GOOD Vibrations. per the Beach boys.
  • Looking to buy a GM Pontiac Vibe? DON’T! Go with your gut and buy a Toyota Matrix- same drivetrain and basically the same car but remember why GM cars suck so bad and have such a terrible reputation: reliability and customer service. My wife and I just traded in our 2004 Kia Sorrento for a smaller car with better gas mileage. We looked at Mazda 3 wagon (sporty but too small for two dogs and a child), Toyota Matrix (around same price but no roof rack), and the Vibe. The Vibe seemed like a good deal – support America and all and it does have a Toyota drivetrain so we took a gamble. Well, we owned the car for 10 days, didn’t make a payment yet, and it was in the shop twice for a total of 5 of those first 10 days. The mechanics first accused my wife of driving in third gear while doing 75 on Interstate 95 but then finally found the problem. Now, you would think that GM and the dealership (NU Car in Newark Deleware) would want to do something but so far two sales managers have mysteriously disappeared off the face of the planet or have lost their ability to return or take a phone call AND the service manager couldn’t understand my fear that the life of my braking system was shortened due to the emergency brake being applied sporadically at all speeds causing the wheels and engine to smoke and overheat. My wife had to pull over twice because of the smoke. Common sense tells me that I’m not going to get the full life out of the braking system and that come 36, 001 miles, I’m going to be replacing most of the braking system. Also just as frustrating is to get pushed off by service to the national GM customer service people. I’m not sure what country they’re in but it must be in a country where when you say that you’re going to get back to someone and work to resolve a problem, YOU ACTUALLY DO. Three people so far have not called back and it just keeps getting worse. So, thinking about going with a GM car? Don’t do it- your gut tells you ‘no’ and it’s right. Once you sign on the line they don’t care what happens to you and that’s how they have the reputation that they have.
  • roy15roy15 Posts: 16
    I bought my vibe new two and a half years ago: I must agree with pevitts. The dealership has given me an awful time about warantee work; I went against my gut never again. I have had trouble with A/C they replaced the compressor, gas tank fills slowly= they tried a quick fix after telling me I didn't know how to pump gas, it still fills very slowly. The worst is the uneven tire wear. They told me the bushings needed to align the wheels were back ordered nationally. They found the bushings but car is still pulling to the right. I am not surprised GM is failing. RoyNC
  • I've had mine not quite 4 months and have put 5500 miles on it and it's been almost perfect. The AC is not as cold as I would like on really hot days, but it does cool off the car eventually, and it's fine on not so hot days.

    With any car dealer, your satisfaction with the service department will be proportional to how clearly and calmly you communicate with them.
  • Does anyone have experience with long road trips with children or adults in the backseat? I am concerned about taking my 3 kids on 2000 miles road trips like we do a couple times a year, on that flat bench seat. I would have a 12 and 9 year old in the back and 16 year old in the front with me. Any feedback?
    thanks, Pat
  • Pat:

    I would not worry at all. The Vibe has the roomiest and most comfortable back seat of any car I've owned. In fact, I like it so much, that on long trips, I often surrender the driving to someone else in my family and hop in back.

    In terms of kids, I took my 3 nieces and nephews and my mother on a road trip. My oldest niece sat in the front with me, and my mom sat in back with the two others. No problems at all.

    I've taken road trips of more than 200 miles with 3 full-size adults in back and have heard no complaints. The Vibe's back seat is larger and more comfortable than cars twice its size. My dad has a Buick LeSabre. It's back seat is much more cramped.

    Happy motoring!
  • Thank you so much for writing and the info. I thought the back BENCH seat was so flat and possible uncomfortable as a complaints eh?
    I know the roominess is there for sure. By the way, I am looking to buy a 2006 Vibe with 23000 miles for $16000 plus $1800 for the 5yr/100,000 warranty from the Toyota dealer, whose lot it is sitting on...
  • You're welcome. Yes, I've had no complaints, although I will admit that we certainly put the skinny adult in the middle...:-)

    $16000 sounds a little steep, even for a 2006, IMHO. Is the car fully loaded? I only paid about that for my brand new 2005, although it is a 5-speed, and doesn't have the Moon/Tunes option or ABS.

    Just a thought. It seems a bit high for a used Vibe. Most of them go for between $12,000 and $14,000 or so. Think twice about your warranty also. I've never bought an extended warranty, and never had reason to use one - even on much less reliable vehicles. The Vibe is rated better than average by Consumer Reports, and its rare to hear of the type of serious repairs most of those extended warranties cover. Just my two cents worth, though - do what makes you happy, and be happy with a great car! ;)
  • The second number in a tire size is the PERCENTAGE of the first number. So, P205/55R16 shows that the sidewall is 55 percent of 205. It does not show the sidewall as being 55 mm.
  • twigatwiga Posts: 2
    We special ordered our Vibe new in June 2005. So far we have been pretty happy with it. Comfort and ergonomics of the seats are not the best, but otherwise.. Our Vibe only has 14,000 miles in it and we keep it in good condition. Like others have said, we were dissapointed to find paint chips after only the first week of driving it. Recently, (it is white) around the bottom door panels there are pinpoint orange spots starting to develop that don't wash off. Can it be that it is starting to rust??? Anyone else noticing something similar?
  • I have 70,000 miles on my 04 awd and have had no problems at all. A coworker who had an 03 sold it with almost 200,000 miles. Any car will last if you keep up with a proper maintenence schedule. I have towed a trailer with mine with 2 motorcycles in it. With the rear seats down, it holds about 9 bales of shavings and at least 2 large bales of hay. I have also taken it down many dirst roads and over small hills with no problems; it actually tracks better than my friend's full size chevy.
    For the people who say "go with your gut and buy a matrix" psssh. They are the exact same car. I presonally think the vibe is styled better. From what I hear the next model vibe (08 I think) is supposed to be really good looking. Not quite as tall and a little wider. If they make it in a awd, it may be time to trade in ol silver. ;)
    The only complaint I ever had with my car is the wimpy tires it comes with, and I took care of that by swapping with a more aggressive tire. I have Fuzion tires on it now. They were noisy during break in period, but hold up in the rain really nicely.
  • Right On!

    I agree with you. I test drove the Matrix and found the interior a bit cheap plus the overall dimensions were tiny bit smaller. The Vibe is a bit roomier. I test drove two different Vibes automatic and standard transmission. I prefer the standard. I owned a Ford Ranger before so I did have to get use to sitting lower. The adjustable seat and the tilt steering wheel was a big plus. I am small and my husband is almost 6 feet. The only complaint he has is the pedals are too close, however, that is perfect for me since I am petite. The gas mileage is great 36 – 40 mpg. With any new vehicle, you can run into problems as I did with my Ford Ranger. My 06 Vibe is almost year old with absolutely no problems. On long trips, the ride is very comfortable. This car is so great that four other family members bought one.
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