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Toyota Yaris - Audio, Stereo questions



  • adoobwaadoobwa Posts: 1
    I have a dumb question. When you hook up an iPod using the auxiliary jack, can you use the dashboard controls?
  • typer73typer73 Posts: 11
    Instead of using mp3 format, use WMA... it's more compact. I use 96kbps, it's ok for using in the car, and again, saves space.
  • i own a 2007 toyota yaris sedan. and I was courious what type of stereo system it had in it. I know toyota like to put jbl in there Tundras, but I don't know about the yaris. I don't know if its a 1,2,or 3way system. whether or not if it has coaxials or components built in. i anyone know for a fact, what the yaris has in it wheter it be jbl, boston, or whatever.
  • I'm owner of a 2007 Yaris Sedan, and I use my CD player the entire time. I always use MP3 CDs burned by me, with Nero Express. I tend to make different folders to make playlists, and they always play fine. And I always leave the session of the CD open.

    My problem is, for example, I burned a CD with 2 playlists (folders). Two months later I want to add another playlist to the CD, and when I put it in, it plays all the songs that were there, but not the new ones. This also happened with a CD with no folders at all; it won't play the new burned files.

    I have checked the CDs in another MP3 CD player and they sound fine.

    Is the CD player incapable of doing so or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you. :)
  • I just bought a Yaris Hatch with standard stereo. I'm having trouble with the signal strength. When I'm sitting still the stereo sounds great but when I start to drive the signal strength drops slightly and only one of my front speakers works. Is this a connection or reception problem? Is there a way to get this fixed?
  • ON the "double ended headphone cord", is it a 3.5MM plug? And is it "two or three" rungs on the plug?
    Thanks for the help
  • I have a 2007 Yaris with the Toyota stock non-SRS mp3 player and a few months ago I think I pressed the text button while a MP3 CD was being loaded. Since then no CD/MP3 text will display for any CD. This make navigating directories and songs impossible on Mp3 cds, forcing me to just listen to it on random. I have tried pressing/holding/strobing the text button at just about every possible state of operation for the player and nothing seems able to fix it. Anyone seen this before and have any help?
  • Some of you may have noticed that most MP3 players just don't have the power to drive the stock stereo in the Yaris. I bought a Boosteroo in line amp for my player that fits in the little slot next to handbrake and really does a nice job of punching up the sound cleanly. They have some different models in different prices. Hope this helps someone.
  • mrlobomrlobo Posts: 3
    Just got a 2008 yaris sedan and am really happy with it!
    i tried to make a mp3 cd for the car with for diffrent folders on the disc and it will only play one of the four folders. I am using creative zen media source 5 .
    if anyone can give me some help or tips would be great !!!
    thanks :)
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Have you tried the up arrow button to switch between folders?
  • Im having the same problem and was wondering if youve find a way to resolve it.
  • Since I hadn't heard from anyone, I thought it might just be me!!

    I'm booked in to have it checked out on the 25th Feb. When I spoke to the guy on the phone he said he hasn't heard about this before, but that there are 2 connections for the stereo and both of these will need to be looked at. I'll let you know how I go!
  • yea you probaly need a MP3 cd in the cd player that has folders, tha fuction will not work with a regular cd, nor if the mp3 cd has no folders in it
  • No I have not be able to figure it out.
    I made folders named them and then tried another disc with folders and just numbering the folders like 1, 2 or 3 still nothing .
  • yeah i did make a mp3 cd in fact sveral of them and still nothing wont play folders
  • :confuse: i just bought my yaris it is a week old and the first day that i had it i had the same problems that you all are describing, also, it wouldn't give me my cd back. After about 30 minutes of fiddling with it it finally came out. I took it right back to the dealership and they said that they have had a lot of people have the same problem his response is that toyota doesn't know how to make a stereo.... Yeah right. So they are getting me a new one at no cost, so i dont know if this helps at all but there was my dealerships response.
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    Does anyone know if the MP3 Upgraded Yaris factory stereo (the one with the aux jack near the parking brake) has any type of output (RCA jacks) for a sub? Or do I have to go with speaker output adapter.


  • freddie6freddie6 Posts: 1
    ei, did you get some tips on how to remove the stock speakers on your yaris. i got the same problem.

    can you give me some advice if you were able to deal with this problem? thnx!
  • How much did you pay inclusive of taxes ... etc and from which state?
  • Thank you - thank you - thank you!
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