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Nissan Versa Real World MPG



  • That's great mileage for your car! Ours with a CVT, and doing quite a bit of short distance errant running, after 15 fuel-ups and almost 10K miles now at 29.2 mpg. I don't think there will be any more break-in/improvement. I wonder if the CVT eats away a few mpg's.

    Other than that, it's a fine car. Well made, roomy, quiet, boring.

    Not as much fun as my TDI that gets now 43 mpg and is on its way up as it breaks in further.
  • rcosrcos Posts: 4
    I've driven my 4-spd 2009 auto for almost 2 years now and have gotten about 27.5 mpg since the second tank-full. It now has 14k miles on it and I drive 90% city, usually 6 miles or less each way. I've seen 35-ish on long trips.
    Our 2010 Altima gets less than than even with its CVT, but a CVT robs MPG plenty if driven stop and go as this one usually is. Keeping the RPMs low is where the mileage is, but ours is usually in the 2-3k range, usually just cause thats where the fun is :blush:
  • natureboy3natureboy3 Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    Versa S hatchback 4sp Auto with 3600 miles on it.

    Mileage test:
    1. 34 mpg
    2. 37 mpg
    3. 37 mpg
    4. 35 mpg

    I live in a hilly rural county with the highest legal speed limit of 55 mph which I pretty much stick to.

    I'm retired and don't need to commute nor be anywhere on schedule so I can, and do, take my time getting around. If my only choices were between "city" and "highway" driving I would have to say neither. Much of my driving is just cruising through the countryside looking for good bird spots - both my wife and I are avid bird watchers.

    Just for comparison my wife's Buick Park Avenue doing exactly the same kind of driving would give us about 24 mpg. Although the Versa is relatively quiet and smooth for it's class it's nothing near the tomb-like silence and arm chair comfort of the Buick. My wife says that driving around in the Buick is like sitting in the living room and watching the countryside roll by through the picture window.

    I understand these numbers may not be relevant to most of you but they reflect the actual mileage we get driving the way we do and that's the bottom line.

    So far, we are satisfied with the Versa given it's limits.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,427
    That seems to be pretty strong mileage; well done. My wife has a 10 Versa hatch with the 4AT, and the best we've managed is 30mpg, but is mostly used as a city car. Great to see others get more out of it.

    15 Leaf / 15.5 XC70 T6

  • 30mpg -

    That's the trouble with the mpg postings on this thread - are we comparing two different cars or two different driving styles? If I drove the same way your wife has to drive I may do no better in my Versa.

    Just got back yesterday from a round trip of 325 miles to Minneapolis and back - 33mpg. Put car into CC at 65mph (the speed limit) and just let her cruise into the city. Interestingly once I got into the the city I had to drive faster than out on the rural highways. Did a lot of driving taking beltline freeways around the city and everyone was driving 80-85 mph and I had to keep up with the flow of the traffic or be run over.

    Your wife's 30mpg as a city car driving stop and go and urban freeways may be very reasonable.

    I pretty much read all the post in this thread going back to 2007. I noticed that as time went on the mpg postings got better and better. I wonder if the early Versas may, in fact, have had some problem? I'm no gear head but I do know that programming of the motor control unit does not have to be far off to adversely effect mpg. Perhaps Nissan realized this and quietly went about reprogramming the later Versas for better mileage?

    Just speculation on my part.

    Take care,
  • wr426fwr426f Posts: 2
    I just purchased a Brand new 2011 Nissan Versa Hatchback. I love the car but have been sorely disappointed in the gas mileage. I am only on my third tank and i have heard that mileage does improve but I am skeptical. The 1st dealer tank got me 25 mpg and the second which i did got me 24.5mpg. Simple math 300 miles, 12.4 gallons to fill up. I dont know what everyone else is doing but everyone else seems to report better numbers. Even the Dealer said he had not heard of anyone getting less than 30, of course he would be somewhat biased. I very much like the car so I am hopeful that the mileage will improve. Also i have not taken a road trip yet either so if that goes well it will take away some of the sting, after all i went from 5 minivans in a row (which i loved for trips with the kids) to a subcompact completely for fuel economy reasons. My 6 cylinder vans were getting 18-22 so at 24 or 25 MPG i am not gaining much. Good Luck All

    Signed: Optimistic.
  • fflintstone1fflintstone1 Posts: 19
    edited June 2011
    There is going to be a range of reported mileage numbers, ranging from very low for brand new purchases with CVT tranny, lead foot short distance city driving to very high ones for broken in, standard tranny, subtle driving, long distances, CC set at 65, and a gentle breeze blowing from behind.

    Dealers are full of [non-permissible content removed]... they will tell you anything to make you feel good about your purchase beforehand or question yourself if something seems wrong afterwards.

    I am used to my 45 mpg Jetta, so the 28 mpg we are getting from the Versa are not overwhelming. On the other hand, I would hesitate to call this a "Subcompact". It is very roomy, tall, with loads and loads of space for the back passengers. Not like a van obviously, but not like a true subcompact either.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,427
    I'd take any MPG trends with a grain of salt for the first couple thousand miles; engines take some time to break in. My last Honda was so/so for the first 15000 miles, then it made a marked jump upwards. Same for a Subaru I had prior.

    Even though I've thought our Versa MPG could be a little better, with only 5k miles, I don't think we've driven it enough to know anything definitive yet.

    15 Leaf / 15.5 XC70 T6

  • rcosrcos Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    I've had my 2008 4-speed auto for almost 4 years now; 17k on it now, and despite a slight bump somewhere during the first 8k, I'm still getting a mediocre 26 @ 90% city. I too take it easy most times and notice that when I do get frisky a number of times during a tankful, my mileage suffers about 10% overall. I have to say, it's more than 2x better than the 77 cobra ;)
    I'm not too upset about the mileage as the other attributes of the vehicle more than make up for it for me: reliability, space, comfort. My father and brother can sit with great comfort in the back despite both being 6'2".
    Take most dealer mileage stickers at 80% of their face and you'll be right around reality.
  • wr426fwr426f Posts: 2
    You make several good points fflintstone. Especially regarding dealers!! lol. I should have bought a Jetta seems like my first mistake. I guess I used the term subcompact a little loosely since it does have a ton of space compared to the others that i looked at. I do drive mostly city and the only breeze in Texas is when a Miskito flys by. I am a little encouraged. I filled up again today and my mileage was a slight bit better at 27. Add a little bit for sitting idle while on the phone during work...a little for the 106 degree temp we've been at and i can maybe count on 28 or 29 with maybe low 30's for highway. Those numbers are becoming much more acceptable and i'm looking forward to lots more versa driving fun. Getting me some sweet aftermarket wheels next week so i'll look fly doing it. later's
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 45,527
    A reporter wants to talk with people who expected to get better gas mileage in their relatively new vehicle. Please email by Tuesday, July 19, 2011 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience. Thank you.

    Moderator - Minivan fan. Feel free to message or email me -

  • hbfeverhbfever Posts: 13
    So…I have an '07 Versa SL hatchback, standard, just under 33,000 miles. I purchased it, new, in March of 2007. Like many posters here, I to was underwhelmed by the fuel economy…especially since I had the Versa with the "original" fuel estimates of 30/34…not the revised 28/34.

    My fuel economy has risen steadily over the years. 90% of my driving is intracity driving: no freeways, all surface streets, stop & go, rarely above 45mph. I have used the 1-2-5 shifting regimen (something I found on this forum) for 3.5 of the four years I have owned the car.

    From the data I have been able to chart and observe…I am getting, on average, about 315 miles per tank. Each time I fill up I put in approximately 11.3-11.8 gallons. This translates into 26.7 - 27.9 mpg. Considering the type of driving I am doing…that is about as advertised. Unfortunately, the MPG doesn't climb all that dramatically when I do venture on to the highways.

    This brings me to now. This last tank of fuel. I am at 210 miles with a quarter tank remaining. This is about 50-70 miles behind my averages (2-2.5 gallons off). I have been able to watch the fuel needle move like I was 16 and gassing a 289K. My question (besides WTF) is: Is this a bad fuel sensor (I haven't spotted any leaks or smelled gas)? I am waiting to fill up again and see if the volume is off, but I am more than a bit ticked off that after only 33,000 that there might be a fuel sensor issue. If anything, with my driving habits and below average annual usage, I have taxed the sensor less. Anyone else experience this?
  • I picked up a 2012 SL sedan with the 1.6 engine and CVT. My first tank reported 37.6 mpg. Hand calculated it came out to 36.6. My second tank came in about 1 mpg lower. I commute into Boston and the temps dropped so I think that may be a factor. I driving is 50% city and 50% highway though half of my highway is stop and go traffic on route 93. I drive easy most of the time with occasional trips at 75 mph on the highway.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,414
    That's a good number to hear. I don't expect that our 4th Versa, 2012 that we pick up tomorrow (6-speed), will hit that number but we've consistently been getting 32-33. That WAS in the 35-36 mpg range until ethanol blends hit the pumps and stole 10% of the mileage, but that's another topic for another discussion over on the Automotive News board

    The Inconvenient Truth About Ethanol


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  • pixel1pixel1 Posts: 14
    This past week we traded in our '07 Versa SL w/CVT on a 2012 Sentra with CVT (like that transmission!). Had 84,386 miles on the Versa so figured it was a good time to trade while value was still relatively high. The car was a delight and never gave us any problems, and I kept track of every fill-up....overall MPG was a very decent 31.4, and this was just about 50/50 city/highway in southern Oregon, which is definitely far from flat country! The best mileage was 40.2 on a run down I5 to Calif. with a favorable wind, and the worst was 24.6 with in-town driving during winter.
  • Wha tis wrong? Well according to the Nissan dealership(s) and the "NIssan Technical Tean", - there is nothing wrong. Read the following carefully, and your conclusion should be not to buy this car or any other Nissan vehicle. The dealerships do not instill confidence, nor do the customer service divisions nor the Technical Experts in engineering. Shoddy product is being produced in Mexico, and then shipped to cold climates. The Versa which is produced in Mexico should stay in Mexico as it cannot perform in cold weather. The following have been my problems since the car was new, and the Nissan Tech Experts are lame. They have no solutions to these problems. They nactually tell me that these problems are normal for the Versa with CVT.

    1. It is normal that the CVT transmission makes a whining noise on coming to a stop.

    2. It is normal to hear the clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk noise after leaving the curb. This is the ABS self calibration that sets in every time after you start the car. This problem kind of makes you forget about how you feel in the car, and that the upholstery is pretty good. At this point you are worrying that you are losing the engine, - who cares about comfortable upholstery.

    3. The mileage I have gotten is 1/2 of what is in the brochure for a 2010 with CVT. The answer I get here is that it depends on how I have been driving the car. Let's face it, its only got a 1.8 l ENGINE so what could you possibly do with this tin can?

    4. Most current problem is that the car won't start at -15 degrees C. It was fine in the first year, but itlooks like the battery is going now at 11, 800 km.

    If I could do it all again I wouls never buy a Nissan product. :lemon:

    It appears that Nissan is making lemons, and they do not want to take their lemons :lemon: back nor repair them.

    I will never buy a Nisan again!!!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I just bought a 2011 Versa Hatchback a couple months back with the reg tranny, and I to have been averaging around 23 MPG. I have been driving it like a baby as well. Its only got about 800 miles on it, and I know about the whole "break in" thing but 23? Thats horrible for a 1.8L. Has your MPG improved?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,414
    So much depends on driving conditions you face and driving styles. Right now we have 3 Versas in the family. All are 6 speed manuals and we average about 31-32 MPG in mixed drving, about 33 on long highway trips. That number was up around 35-36 prior to the introduction of the ethanol boondoggle at the pumps.

    But back to my point... a friend bought a 6 speed Versa after having seen how much we like them. He lives in the same area as me, so we're driving basically the same roads, although he doesn't do as much long distance drving as we do. He's only getting 28-29 mpg. Driving style and habits HAVE to be the difference.

    I agree that 23 seems REALLY low, but it's hard to make a call on whether there's a mechanical issue with the car based on that alone. Winter driving conditions, things like living in a hilly area, all sorts of things can eat away at the number


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  • This one actually calculates average MPG. I am getting 39.2-39.5 MPG in the greater St. Louis area, and about 36 on the freeway at 70-75 speeds. Now, I haven't hit any big traffic jams in the 2 weeks I've had the car, but I have been driving carefully. I am in the fifth gear when the car is above 30 MPG, and I coast a lot.

    My daily driving is about 30 miles freeway at 60-65, 6 miles on a 45-50 mph parkway, and 5-6 miles on 40 mph streets.

    With 39.5, a tank gives me 400 miles. I always knew the EPA estimate of 27 city was wrong, and they have no business estimating city driving MPG on manual transmission cars.
  • dangeloj76dangeloj76 Posts: 1
    i'm trying to change my spark splugs in my 2007 versa, i need a 14mm extra long socket or a 14 mm deepwell socket. does any one have information on here i can get the tools, having a hard time . could someone please help me. and are these the corrct tool needed.
  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    These are very preliminary results based on the first tank of gas in my new Versa (5 speed) and partial consumption of the second tank. Initially, the computer reported an average 35.7 mpg with mixed local and highway driving. This figure went to 39.2 mpg with an 84 mile highway trip to the casino. I reset the mpg meter to measure the return trip and the computer came up with 46.5 mpg for the all highway trip. I do not know how accurate that is, but that is a remarkable figure.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,414
    Not sure I'd judge the mileage on a first tank with any vehicle. I currently have a 2011 and 2012 Versa, both with 6 speed manuals and (with ethanol in the mix) they both get about 31-32 MPG in mixed driving. Same fo the 2007 that I sold to my daughter. If I manage to find a gas station without ethanol in the mix, the mileage will jump to about 35 on highway trips, but that's about the highest I've ever seen. I think if you do the calculation yourself by filling up, running most of the tank, filling up again and seeing how many gallons you used over those miles, you're going to see a number more int he low to mid thirties range.


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  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    Yes indeed pf_flyer, you make some good points about the first tank of gas. It is really too early to tell. But when I pulled into the gas station with 240 miles on the odometer, I could only put 6 gallons of gas in the tank. So maybe the computer is not that far off. Time will tell. Some additional info, the shore highway is flat and straight as a line, the AC was off. And I drove about 55 to 60 mph max as the car is still new.
  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    Completed the second tank of gas today after combined local and highway driving. The computer reports an average of 43.7 mpg. There were 293 miles on the trip odometer and the car took 6.7 gallons of gas (using 89 octane, middle grade gas). So the computer figure looks to be fairly reliable. I am reminded of my 1986 Nissan Pulsar which also routinely yielded 40 mpg. That car had a 1600 cc engine with a five speed, but with a compression ratio of 8.5 to 1 it only produced 69 horsepower. The low weight of 1860 lbs. allowed reasonable performance. The Pulsar was fun to drive, I miss the flip up headlights. The Versa has so many technological improvements.
  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    Nissan Versa 5 speed Sedan S with about 800 miles now and 3rd fill up. Computer reports 42.1 mpg, 253 miles and 6.5 gallons of 89 octane gas.
  • rcosrcos Posts: 4
    I'm on my last month of a 5-year lease. 2008 4-spd auto. started out getting about 26 mpg on 87 octane; many mileage readings taken and overall a 28 MPG average, 95% city use under a light foot. Not the best by any means, but better than our larger cars have provided. Car is being bought-out and going to a good home as I refuse to give the dealer the $5000 extra equity vs. current market value as it has only 22,000 mi on it :)
  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    Obtained 89 octane gas yesterday in Monroe, Ct. The computer reported 43.5 mpg for mixed driving. Drove home and then round trip to the casino today, a combined total of 211 highway miles. Yet the gas bar graph indicated that I still had well over half a tank of gas, so I checked the computer mpg which now reads 47.7 mpg for these highway miles. I am very pleased by these results, significantly better than I expected.
  • I bought a 2012 versa last month for a commuter. I wanted the best mileage in a affordable car. I've been feeling good because the computer has been telling me I'm averaging 35 mpg. After filling up a few times and figuring the actual mileage, I'm only getting 30. I’m trying to figure out the discrepancy and if it’s a programmed one. Anybody else having this issue? :confuse:
  • smalltownsmalltown Posts: 75
    I've had my Versa Note for a month now. Took a trip to Chicago, about 500 miles, mostly on two-lane highways, plus 80 miles in the suburbs. I reset the computer before the trip. According to the computer, the average is 39 mpg. In town previous to this trip, the mileage was on the low end, about 27-28. This is expected since most of my trips are under 3 miles, with 6 or 7 stop signs or traffic lights.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,414

    About 240,000 combined miles on the 3 Versas in our family and all three are still getting about 31 MPG in our combined driving (fair amount of highway) 32-33 on long highway stretches.

    Prior to ethanol, we would get 35 on the highway, but that's another story for another discussion :)


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