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Nissan Versa Real World MPG



  • cubajoecubajoe Posts: 1

    2012 Versa hatchback 1.8SL My Versa was purchased in Feburary 2014 with 60 miles on it when delivered. Basically, it was a brand new car. It has CVT transmission. I lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the weather this Winter/Spring is colder than normal. The car was purchased in Ottawa and when I drove the car back to Toronto through Hwy416 and 401, I could only guesstimate the mileage to be aroung 24.8 miles per US gal. becasue the first tank of gas was supplied by the dealer and I didn't know the exact mileage when it was filled up. Finally, I had the chance to top up this car. In order to get true amount of gas uses until the next fill up, I topped the gas right to the neck, that means I pumped the gas until I couldn't pump in anymore! When the fuel gauge empty warning light turned on, I filled up the gas in the same manner. I recorded the gas mileage to be 21.84 miles per US gallon. It is much worse than the 2009 Corolla I replaced although both cars have the same official gas mileages. I estimate the Versa would cost $2000 more on gas for 60000 miles driving than the Corolla. I am thinking to trade in this Versa for a newer version of Versa, such as 2012 or newer Versa sedan. I have read all the comments in this colummn, some reported good gas mileages some not too good. Besides all factors affecting the mileage consumption, I think it is about the quality control of the manufacturing of this car. Somehow, either the gas sensor or something else was not set correctly or have defects which greatly affect the mileage of the car. For consumers like us, it would be very difficult to find out what goes wrong and mostly likely will be waste our time to ask Nissan to look at our cars to find out what goes wrong. So, the best way to deal with it is trade for another car!

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