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Nissan Versa Real World MPG



  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    I have a 2007 red Nissan Versa S with about 2500 miles on it. Purchased in August 2006. My last couple of fill ups have averaged a whopping 15 mpg. I am now dealing with Nissan and the dealership I bought my car from has it again to check mileage. Nissan says they have never had any complaints. Has anyone else ever contacted Nissan direct regarding there mileage? I drive my car on average 10 miles a day in town. Other than this small problem I really enjoy my new car.

    Not knowing your driving conditions, no one can make an effective comparision, but it does sound low for a car like the Versa. My commute is 6 miles each way, and I usually drive my Subaru Forester in winter. Yet, I get 22 miles per gallon doing that. Then again, it is mostly a highway setting, so if I drove in pure city streets, I bet the Subie would get middle teens at its best.

    What are your driving conditions like, other than the distance?
  • I have an 07 Versa S Hatchback automatic with approx. 16,000 miles. The mileage has dropped radically since early November; the most recent tank around town was a whopping 16 and a freeway trip yesterday, at 70-75, netted only 23. Anyone else see similar low numbers? Any guesses why? It's running absolutely normally, with no dash lights indicating problems.

    Yes, the local commute has been so short that it never warms up, so I wrote that off to just running rich while cold. The 16 mpg tank was longer trips, 10-25 miles, so the car did warm up. And the 23 mpg freeway trip was to exchange the Versa for our Camry. Going from Orange County, CA to San Luis Obispo with the Versa got 23; the return trip in the 4-cyl 1998 Camry got 33. The Versa's AC was on in the early morning only to keep the windows defrosted. The Camry's AC was on for about 50% of the return trip because the day warmed up.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    I see. I am wondering whether your Versa's O2 sensors are possible culprits. If they are not functioning properly, the mixture can stay on the rich side, no matter how well warmed-up your car is. Your MPG is low. Our 2.5 L AWD Forester being driven in Minnesota in the snow gets just about the same mileage as your Versa, and yet, as I noted above, my commute is only 6 miles each way. You are in southern California, and your trips are longer than mine. Something has to give. I would say take it to the dealership and have them check the fuel-air mix, if nothing else, in order to eliminate faulty O2 sensors as a cause.
  • Sounds like good advice - thanks. I know something's not right, as my Avalon gets 28-30 on the same freeway trip, and low 20s around town.
  • Yep I too along with MOST all you other Versa owner bought the car for the MPG and I cannot get close to the window candy they posted for it.
    date miles gal total mi on car mpg
    7/27/2007 188 6.373 8341 29.50
    8/3/2007 265 9.887 8604 26.80
    8/12/2007 332.4 11.537 8936 28.81
    8/22/2007 287 11.402 9223 25.17
    8/28/2007 266 9.171 9489 29.00
    8/31/2007 131.8 5.02 9621 26.25
    9/10/2007 293.7 11.403 9915 25.76
    9/22/2007 304 11.964 10219 25.41
    9/30/2007 291.5 9.023 10476 32.31
    10/21/2007 256 9.429 10963 27.15
    10/29/2007 304.8 11.397 11267 26.74
    11/6/2007 286.4 11.859 11554 24.15
    11/20/2007 262.1 11.34 11816 23.11
    11/29/2007 201 9.259 12018 21.71
    12/9/2007 271.4 10.009 12289 27.12
    12/16/2007 98.1 6.41 12387 15.30
    12/24/2007 266.4 11.365 12654 23.44

    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I would say that most Versa owners do not maximize the MPG potential of this car.

    I have had three different Versas over a 5 week period while my other car was being serviced. I drove over 2k miles oin that time (August and September) and never got less than 32 MPG and quite a few times exceeded 36 MPG.

    My commute is 40 miles each way, 50% highway and 50% stop and go. Typically it takes me 80 to 90 minutes to get to work and the average speeds are between 25 to 30 MPH.

    If we assume 15% worse mileage in winter, that would still mean 27.2 to 30.6 MPG.

    My 2007 Sentra 2.0. S, that is heavier and has a slightly larger engine is achieving no less than 31MPG and as much as 42 MPG (the week after Christmas with reduced traffic).

    The secret? Try to flow with the traffic, don't accelerate briskly. The less you have to brake the better you are driving. All of this without aggravating other drivers, of course!
  • I have an 07 Versa SL sedan with CVT auto. after 3400 miles i get only 22 mpg consistently. i do combo driving, some high speed and some in-town. i get gas after the low-gas indicator comes on, usually @ 260 miles, and fill it up with @ 11.7 gallons of gas. i am very disappointed in the mileage, especially after reading all the blogs where the average hovers around 29-30 mpg. Is it an O2 sensor problem. Your thoughts?
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    What I would like to mention to anyone who, regardless of what car they drive, is experiencing what appears to be a below average mileage is the following test.

    Fill up your car right before a freeway/highway ramp. Then go straight onto the freeway/highway, and drive for at least one, preferably two hours without stopping, and at a legal speed limit if that is safe to do. Set the cruise control if you have one. Then get off the freeway/highway and immediately head for a gas station. Fill your car up. Check the gas mileage.

    If your MPG number is still low despite trying this, then your car may actually be having a problem for which you should engage the dealership. If your number after this test looks pretty good, then it is likely that your driving conditions, including your driving style, are what is giving you a poor MPG in other settings.

    The whole point of the above is to control the driving environment in such a way that you can maximize the gas mileage. You would have a stronger case for a mechicanical cause if, despite driving under a near-ideal condition, your car still gets a poor MPG.
  • Something's GOT to be wrong with your car.

    I have an 07 Versa HB with CVT and am at 3600 miles. My lowest mpg was 29 and my highest has been 36. My most recent tank, after mostly city driving, was 33. I was quite pleased with that one.

    I do believe driving style can affect mpg (as so can terrain) but I can't see how that could make it as low as 22!.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Given the wrong ingredients, the Versa (or any small car) can get a low mileage. I was once stuck in a Tokyo traffic for eight hours during which I moved only 50 miles. I can guarantee you that a Versa or Fit or Yaris or whatever would have gotten 22 MPG or lower in the same traffic that I was in.

    Wrong ingredients can involve driving styles, but also other elements like traffic conditions, type of gas you use (does it contain ethanol), ambient temperature, etc.

    But if you do not have such adverse ingredients, you have to suspect the car. That is why it is important to test your car's mileage in an optimum condition such as the one I described above to see whether that makes any difference.
  • Oh I agree that now and then you will get poor mpg due to this or that, but for him to get 22mpg consistently, I would think something's got to be wrong there.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    I too have a Versa that sucks gas like and old farm truck, and am taking it in this week for an air/fuel mix test to see if there is anything out of whack...

    It has given us bad gas milage from day one, so perhaps there is something the dealership can find/fix.
    Now here comes the "but" I don't think anything they will find will explain why this car's little 1800 cc engine can't be giving EVERYONE who drives off in one, amazing MPG's.

    I am now thinking the Versa engine is TOO small, and they made a mistake not putting in a bigger one, like the 2 ltr engine in the add credence to that thought, there is this comment from this board..

    "And the 23 mpg freeway trip was to exchange the Versa for our Camry. Going from Orange County, CA to San Luis Obispo with the Versa got 23; the return trip in the 4-cyl 1998 Camry got 33."
  • I just took mine back to the dealer for its 3500 mile service and complained about the poor mileage. All they said was there was nothing wrong with the O2 sensor, and to keep my speed down and avoid fast starts. I have been using the cruise control on I95, keeping it at 60mph. So far, i've got 100 miles out of the first quarter tank, which seems to be an improvement. On my last tank of gas I got 25, which is a slight improvement, and am hoping this tank will get even better. i'll let you know.
  • yeddoyeddo Posts: 20
    All I know is that my mileage improved after about 7500 miles. In the city (combination rush hour and regular driving), I'm getting between 26 or 27 mpg consistently.
  • Hey Russvagt,
    I share your frustration. Same problem or real vs announced mileage (in l/100km). I went to my dealership and he told me to wait 5000kms (have a 2008 versa hatchback manual 6 speeds in Canada) and everything should be in order. Between you, me and the fence post, this is BS to highest level considering the present blog.

    Just noticed something interesting this morning. On the Nissan US website, mileage has been revised to 26/31 mpg (city/hwy)
    where for the same car in Canada the mileage is 36/45 mpg

    GO FIGURE!..I am going until 5000kms are reached and then it's Court time if they do not want to take the car back.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Just noticed something interesting this morning. On the Nissan US website, mileage has been revised to 26/31 mpg (city/hwy)

    EPA has revised its gas mileage testing protocol, and as a result of what they claim is a more realistic set of testing modes, the mileage figures for virtually all cars have gone down. This is not Nissan's consipiracy or anything like that, and the company is merely showing what EPA has rated under the new testing system:
  • May be the difference in the MPG is because in Canada imperial gallons are used (4.546 liters per gallon) and in the US it is 3.785 liters per gallon, don't you think?
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Besides, every country's authority has its own method of testing the fuel efficiency, and comparing the mileage across national borders is not apples to apples and therefore not really meaningful.
  • Hi fellow Versa owners. I now have over 4,000 miles on my '07 Versa sedan (auto with CVT). I have modified my driving habits by using cruise control on highways, keeping it at or under 60mph, avoiding quick starts and keeping tires inflated to @35 psi. I still can't break the 26 mpg barrier. My last fill up was 25.7 i think. This is very frustrating as the fuel estimates at average mid 28 mpg. I'm starting to regret not buying the Civic.
  • I have a regional Rep from Nissan.
    And once again I have to take my car to yet another dealer for a fuel consumption test.
    Nissan is telling me I am the only person complaining about the gas mileage problem.
    My car has tested fine on all diagnostic tests and yet I can't seem to get more than 15 mpg city.
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