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Nissan Versa New Owners Report



  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    thanks pf_flyer. I guess it is the USB port which only comes with the navigation system then.
  • Made the deal of my life this last Monday: $15110 OTD on a new '12 Versa Sedan SV auto w/convenience pkg, mats, splashguards, & autodim mirror. Actual price: $13,910. Exhausting deal, but not dealer's fault...I'm a stickler & had tight parameters to work with. Recommend Jeff Wyler Eastgate to anyone within 2 hrs of Cincinnati. The most professional & honorable dealership I've ever dealt with, & I've seen many. Absolutely no attempted tricks during negotiation or in finance. Ken Bush was my salesman. Paul, Covington, KY
  • No Power? Compared to what your V6 Maxima? I have a 2012 Versa SV sedan & it seems to have plenty of power for everyday driving. The sedan has a 1.6 Liter engine & only 109 HP but it's 150#LBS lightter than last years sedan & 350#LBS lighter than the hatchback. If you want more power than just get the Hatchback because it has a 1.8 Litre 122 HP engine. I have 2 Nissan Versas, an "09" Hatchback & a "12" sedan & have not had a single problem with either car. We drive these on the highway EVERY day & routine cruise at 70 MPH & if I don't watch I sometimes do 80MPH because the ride is so smooth.
  • Wow, great deal. We bought a 2012 Versa "SV" sedan at Busam Nissan & got a pretty good deal. The stocker was $16,050 but the dealer knocked $900 off stick, then threw in a $500 rebate + gave is a more than fair $1,600 trade-in for our old 2001 car so final price was $13,000.00 & Busam automatically upgrades all their new car Nissan sales to a 7-Year 100,000 mile powertrain at no extra charge. I would definitely recommend Busam Nissan, that was by far the easiest & fastest new car purchase we have ever made.
  • That number 7% is B.S.. If I was selling an extended warranty. I would lie to you, to get you to purchase an extended warranty. 7% would mean out of a 100 car parts on the car, 7 would fail. I think their's 6,000 parts so that would be about 857 parts that go bad no way!
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