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Honda Civic Navigation Systems

gatrhumpygatrhumpy Posts: 126
My wife has a 2003 Honda Civic LX. I would like to give her a navigation system for her birthday. I would only like to get her an in-dash unit that also plays burned CDs and mp3 CDs. What are my options, and what would I need to complete the installation (i.e. Metra Dash kit, wiring harness, etc)?


  • craig14craig14 Posts: 8
    Persoanly I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a 3-yr old car. You are probably looking at $1200 to $1500. You may not have it much longer and your investment will never be returned. I'd look into the Garmin Nuvi. Some versions even have bluetooth. You can also move it from car to car and you can get even the highest featured unit for <$800.
  • gatrhumpygatrhumpy Posts: 126
    I thought about that, but if my wife ever left it out on the window, it would be gone. I want something permanent in her car.
  • civicex05civicex05 Posts: 42
    Check Crutchfield's website. They have a lot of useful information regarding installation of stereo/GPS systems. Their prices are a little high, but you can do a lot of research on their website for free (and then buy elsewhere).
  • To check prices and do features and comparison research, check out the The GPS Store and GPS Genie websites along with Crutchfield. You can also garner a lot of info for the specs page of each individual unit on the Circuit City website :shades:
  • I have a 2006 Civic EX with Navi. It says in the navigation system owner's manual that window tinting may impede the GPS signal for vehicles with navi systems, because the metallic properties in the tinting block the reception. I would like to get my windows tinted, but not if it means decreased GPS reception. Does anybody have more information about this?
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Just be sure that any tint is non-metallic.
  • kb1awvkb1awv Posts: 3
    My wife has the 2007 Honda Civic EX with navigation.
    The car is awesome and the navigation feature works great.

    Now I would like to hook up a backup camera. I know how they hook their power to the backup light.
    Question: Is there an AV input on the back of the navigation module that will accept the backup camera? If there is, would it just come on by itself when you step on the brake and put it in reverse or would it have to be selected somehow (accessory?).

    Please post if you have experience or know where there are downloadable drawings for the connections.

    Ken in Coventry, RI
  • gatrhumpygatrhumpy Posts: 126
    You have to have some sort of converter to convert an RBG signal to a video signal. I got mine for $525 (back in 2004) from I think they are significantly more expensive now. Take that converter, install it, and the converter box has an input for a rear-view camera system that installs from a reverse brake light. I got my camera from eBay.
    Good luck!
  • iomaticiomatic Posts: 48
    At work and unable to read the navi manual; is it true also of '07 models not to use metallic tint? For some reason I thought the antenna was integrated up in that little roof-bump.
  • kb1awvkb1awv Posts: 3

    Thanks for the response RE the backup camera on the Civic.
    At that price I would go without.
    I have been told that on Toyotas it goes right in with no converter.
    I thought most of the cameras were putting out a video signal, not RGB. I will have to look into this.

    What I can't figure is why they just don't offer the option on all Navigation systems. It's real easy and inexpensive when you put it in the original design.

    By the way .. the navigation unit on my wife's car is awesome. You can learn to use it without the manual and is is real fast. It gets us to places no sweat! Very logical and easy to use. I just have to learn those voice commands so I can do it without pushing buttons.
  • I am going to purchase a 2007 civic ex with navigation, can anyone tell me what they think of the navigation in the civic? Thanks, Jessica
  • i love it, it took me a bit to get used to, being my first car with navi i suspect. but once i got the hang of the range of voice commands and how to best utilize them, i am so glad that i went with the navi. it has inspired me to try out several new locals and eateries that i would have never tried otherwise.
  • Ok Thank you:) I am going to go ahead and get it. We moved 4 hours from "home" a year ago, and even though I have been back and forth several times I still have to have a map to get back. I have NO sense of direction what so ever lol! I am really looking forward to not having to call my husband and ask him how to get home lol :)
  • gavsrmgavsrm Posts: 4
    I'm thinking about buying an '07 Civic EX w/ Navigation and factory XM radio. I'm trying to find out if the Aux input (as for an iPod) is available if you also have XM. When I see photos of the Navi controls I see a button for "CD/XM", but none for "Aux". Does anyone know first hand if you can have both XM and Aux with the Navi unit? Thanks.
  • vvileyvviley Posts: 46
    You can have both. When you plug in an AUX source, a new soft button comes up that allows you to select AUX. I wanted to make sure this possible before I bought my civic, but I ultimately decided to opt for no navi since I didn't feel there was a significant benefit from having a factory installed navi vs. a garmin/tomtom etc.
  • vvileyvviley Posts: 46
    While I felt the factory navi was competent, I didn't feel it had enough extra to justify it over a aftermarket unit. The two advantages I gave the factory installed unit were the voice control and the fact that it consolidated all of the functions of the car. But I felt the voice control was too awkward to use and the non-portability of an in-dash until didn't help my decision as I have to switch cars occasionally and I don't want to be left w/o my GPS if I need it.

    In the end, I ended up with a Garmin Nuvi (which I love.) The only complaint I have about using aftermarket units in the Civic is that because of the severe slope of the windshield, it's hard to find a good place to mount the GPS w/o interfering w/ visibility and keeping it within arm's reach (it's a loooong way to the front of the dash.) I actually ended up mounting it in the cubby-hole right in front of the shifter, and that's been working great for me ever since.
  • gavsrmgavsrm Posts: 4

    That's exactly the info I was looking for on the Aux source. Thanks so much! So, are you happy with your Civic so far?
  • vvileyvviley Posts: 46
    While I'll never stop wanting bigger, better, and faster, I can definitely say I have no buyer's remorse here. I still look forward to driving it every chance I get.
  • liderbugliderbug Posts: 5
    Has anyone modified their nav system? I did find in the manual the copyright for M$ - surprised the the startup logo isn't a M$ flag ... Would be nice if the system was Linux, with a dev kit. That way we could add a second row of (soft/programmable) radio buttons, or a menu of destinations, or bluetooth, or add a backup cam or ... . It's just, and don't get me wrong, my navi is nice, but... I wish the menu system was just a bit easier with a few more options.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    You can change the splash screen but thats about it. The system runs windows CE which is custom made. Linux will never happen

    This is about all there is in hacking this system. You can add any picture you want if it's in that format. You can easily create it yourself.
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