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Honda Civic Navigation Systems



  • liderbugliderbug Posts: 5
    Hmmm, my last 3 desktops came with "Windows" installed - only time those computers ever ran M$ was to prove the HW was working - 2 min and OverWrite with Linux.

    "Linux will never happen" - Oh, that was the wrong thing to say - that's right in there with a triple dog dare. :P

  • hi, i was wondering what the depth of the voice commands were other than like finding an address or ATM

  • gavsrmgavsrm Posts: 4
    Hey schroeds16428! You can basically control anything that is controlled via the navi/radio unit. For example, you can call out radio stations by frequency ("FM one-o-five point nine). You can also enter addresses with voice commands, and have the choice to enter letter-by-letter and number-by-number, or you can also say entire words for numbers, street names, city names, etc. You can't control air conditioning. You can also navigate most (in not all) of the menus hands-free. The options on the screens have numbers typically, and you can voice command the option number to choose one, or say "OK" to accept a choice. It's pretty cool! Hope that helps. Are you wondering whether you should splurge for the navi option or not?
  • Thanks for the information it was very helpful. It seems like it is worth the extra money. i just thought that it was a simple navigation system. Im definitely going to opt for the EX navi now. i also had another Q. does it let save addresses so u dont have to re-enter them again?
  • gavsrmgavsrm Posts: 4
    You can save addresses, including contact phone numbers, too. It has two separate address books, User 1 and User 2. You can also take an address that you found as a POI (Point of Interest) by doing a search, and save it into your address book, edit the name, etc. I'm really very happy with my choice to get the Navi. It's not for everyone, since it is expensive, but I find that I use it all the time. Good luck with your purchase!
  • ayadashourayadashour Posts: 1
    hello everybody, im planning to buy a honda civic 2008 next month. and i want to buy a factory navigation system for it . cuz our dealer here in saudi arabia doesn't provide it. is there any possible way to buy the system on the net and ship it to saudi arabia.
    please who ever knows post the link over here.
  • rlwelchrlwelch Posts: 1
    My wife and I are moving to Europe and are in the process of purchasing an '08 Hybrid here in the States. The car has a navi on it and we want to know how, if possible, to get it to work in Europe.

    I'm aware of different Region codes for the DVDs but is there any way of working around that? All options and thoughts on this are appreciated!

    Thanks a lot
  • Can I install a factory navigation system from an "EX" to an "LX"? Both are 2008 sedan models. I can get a new one for a good price, but want to make sure I can have it installed. Thanks.
  • dbadgerdbadger Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I just purchased an '09 Civic EX-L with the Navigation. My question is, is it possible to sort the entries in the Address Book? For example, my old portable GPS always sorted saved locations by proximity... so when I was in my hometown it showed addresses close by, when I was out of state visiting family the items at the top of the list were the closest, etc.

    I can't find any way to automatically sort or manually reorder the items in the new Civic's Address Book. So in the above example, if I'm away visiting family, I have to page down past pages of stuff in another state to find a nearby saved address, which is a pain.

    Is there any way to change this? Thanks.
  • I was wanting the EX, but dealer only has the leather w/Nav .. that's like $3500 difference ... a big chunk! Leather is hot in summer, cold in winter .. don't think it's that great, & the nav alone is $2K. The only nav I used always gave me bad directions so I went back to use mapquest maps to get me where I'm going. ANY FEEDBACK here?
  • niwhsaniwhsa Posts: 1

    I have a 2008 honda civic and the GPS/radio display started going blank intermittently -even during cool weather at night.

    Does anyone know why this may be happening?
    Is there anything I can do to resolve this?
  • My 2008 civic just had the same thing happen. Prior to this...never a single glitch. I took mine into the dealer this morning. They called a few hours later telling me the Nav unit was going bad. Lucky it is still under they have to pay for this one.

    I am very curious to dig and see how big of a problem this is, since I know that part is not cheap.
  • martin13martin13 Posts: 21
    Honda sent me an email to sell me an update for my nav system - $99.

    Worth it?
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