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Toyota Camry Hybrid Audio & Entertainment Questions

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Discuss audio/entertainment question for the Toyota Camry Hybrid here.


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  • heathinsdheathinsd Posts: 24
    Does anyone know if there is a way to enable all of the functions of the DVD Navigation, Phone, and CD Player while driving? I know they reduce functionality while driving due to safety, that totally makes sense. However I always have people in the car with me and it makes it difficult for them to use the system when we're moving.

    For example, you have to use speed dial for the phone or do "dial by voice" which takes forever. You can't view folder/file views on MP3 CDs. You can't update the phone book or mess with any of the Setup or Maintenance screens either.

    Thanks for any help! :)
  • sallyspalsallyspal Posts: 31
    I just got my Silver TCH yesterday and I've volunteered for every possible errand this weekend just to spend time behind the wheel. I love this car! I also love listening to my music when I drive. Do any of you smart people out there know the hardware that I'll need to charge and play my IPOD while I am driving? I've looked at a bewildering array of chargers, docks, plugs and jacks and would appreciate your recommendations re: equipment and brands.
  • m0t0rm0uthm0t0rm0uth Posts: 10
    All you need is a simple cable that plugs into the small hole on top of the Ipod where your headset would normally plug in and inside the storage bin below the HVAC controls you will find a small plug in called AUX. Plug that baby in and play your Ipod. You can control the volume with the radio but thats it. If you want to change a song you must do it with the Ipod.

    Get a short cable and your good to go.
  • orgalorgal Posts: 27
    I bought one today at Radio Shack for $4.95... worked like a charm! :)
  • sallyspalsallyspal Posts: 31
    Thanks m0t0rm0uth! I'll rummage around some cabinets, I'm sure I've got one of those small cables around the house.
  • hueristixhueristix Posts: 30
    I got the scoop on sirius people- makes a lot more sense now. Bummer.

    Basically they are having bugs and hope to have it out for October. That is why some dealers have them and some don't. Some have been installed, but you can't find them on Toyota parts sites.

    The cost would be $373 + about $250 labor (same as XM)

    That is bank. I guess being "satellite ready" only refers to the fact that it jives with the nav screen etc. So you are "ready" to add the antenna and tuner which costs just about 10x the amount of a plug and play kit.

    It is remarkable with my resistall treatment, extended warranty, prepaid maintenance deal, tint job, and possible sirius let's say I am closer to $40k than $30k...

    but the maintenance up to 45,ooo is paid for,
    the warranty covers me for 7 yrs/100,000,
    and the paint is even covered for chips after their bizarre teflon-like coating.
  • anniemfuseanniemfuse Posts: 66
    Thanks for posting about SIRIUS. I took delivery of my Desert Sand (loaded with nav) less than 12 hours ago and it will be hard to be without SIRIUS until I get it installed.

    I have the SIRIUS S50 in my current - oops, former - car and LOVE both SIRIUS satellite radio and the S50 unit. I will need to decide whether to get that transfered to the TCH or buy the new unit developed for the 2007 Camry by Factory Interactive. Factory Interactive makes satellite radio receiver/antenna install kits for the Prius, Hylander and Lexus. They make both XM and SIRIUS units. Their units integrate fully with the console and steering wheel controls so they are essentially OEM. They are now just waiting for some lucky 2007 Camry owner who lives near New Jersey to come in to their factory and provide their car so they can videotape the installation process. They provide installation videos with their install kits. Maybe there are other third party OEM-like options available now that integrate with the existing controls (anyone know?).

    As longs as I have a directly-wired system that integrates well and has decent display options, I'll be happy. (No wired or wireless FM modulation for me.)

    The sound system is GREAT!
  • m0t0rm0uthm0t0rm0uth Posts: 10
    Where do they mount the doohickey that actually receives the satellite signal. Not the box that decodes the signal but the actual sensor that picks it up. Many new cars have a small cool looking shark fin thing on the roof. Is the add on Satellite pickup something nice like this or some trailer park drink coaster looking thing just stuck in the back window or something.

    My dealer is basically clueleess and originally told me the Radio gets XM or Sat signals as it came from the factory...............of course he was wrong about that and most other things he BS'd about.
  • anniemfuseanniemfuse Posts: 66
    Where do they mount the doohickey that actually receives the satellite signal.

    The "doohickey" is the antenna. A satellite radio install kit includes a (1) sat radio receiver, (2) cables/wires for power, audio, and antenna, (3) an antenna, and in some cases (4) a display unit called a PNP [plug-n-play] unit with its own display screen.

    If your brand of receiver integrates with the existing car stereo display screen or the car's navigation screen you don't need (4). The Toyota OEM sat radios (not out yet) integrate with existing console displays. Some third party units do also.

    Your existing car radio must be "sat ready". The Camry JBL units are "sat ready" but don't have the sat receiver or antenna. "Sat ready" means that the radio has unused ports for audio input connectors and the ability to have the radio controls operate the auxiliary audio input device.

    Antenna location depends on (1) brand of sat receiver and (2) whether you get XM or SIRIUS in some cases. Shark fin antennas with no visible tiny wire going to the rear window gasket are usually factory installed since the roof is penetrated. But you can also buy a shark fin antenna and swap it with your existing antenna (make sure to match with your XM or SIRIUS receiver). Then you would have a small wire going to rear window gasket.

    I have heard but not confirmed that the 2007 Camry factory sat radio antennas are installed inside the car: on upper middle windshield for SIRIUS and rear deck for XM. Usually outside on a flat metal surface (roof or rear trunk lid) gives better reception. After-market metallized window tint films may affect reception.

    Yeah, I talked to a dealer who kept talking about "that Cyrus radio thing".
  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    After months of waiting, I finally got my (base model) TCH yesterday! I have to say, it was worth the wait! My initial impressions are excellent, though I have only been able to put 65 miles on so far. Gotta work for a living, you know.

    I will say that I am withholding judgment on the sound system. I love its features, but I'll have to listen a lot more to be sure of the sound quality. It may be the my Passat just has better speaker placement--it has dome tweeters at the top of each of the four doors, near the door hinge. The mid-range/bass speakers are in each door, again near the hinge. I haven't had speakers in the front/rear decks in 7 years, so maybe I just need to get accustomed. *OR* the Panasonic head unit in the non-NAV models isn't as good as the DENSO head unit in the NAV models. I sure hope that's not the case. Will post back later, after logging much more time with it.
  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    When I put my non-NAV CD changer into "disc random" mode, when it reaches the end of a song, it will automatically choose an MP3 at random from any folder on the disc. However, if a song comes on that I want to skip, I cannot seem to tell it to go to the "next" random track. I can only seem to go track up/down from whatever is currently playing. Anybody know a way to tell the unit to choose a new random song without waiting for the current one to finish playing?
  • pitchafitpitchafit Posts: 2
    My TCH needs to have a SAT system to have all the toys. I live in Chesapeake, VA, but am unable to find a place to install the system. I have the JBL Nav system...any idea on what I will need and where I can take it to get it installed...I talked to C City, and Best Buy here and they didn't have a dealer didn't either....Please help...
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Buy the Toyota system from a dealer if you want the factory system. Will be expensive. There was one sold on EBAY a few months ago for about $1,200.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    $1200? I was assuming that by SAT system it they were referring to Satellite Radio. The MSRP for XM and Sirius is only $450-$500.

    Are you thinking of Satellite Navigation? I could see that costing $1200 (that is the MSRP for the Nav option).
  • m0t0rm0uthm0t0rm0uth Posts: 10
    Your JBL Nav unit is already "Satellite Ready". You must purchase a separate box and antenna for either Siruis or XM that the dealer can mount in your car. At that point your radio will be able to receive and decode either Sirus or XM. You have to pick a service because each service has their own unique decoder/receiver box so choose wisely.

    Cost should be between $400 and $500. The dealer will try and charge you a bunch for install depending on how much they think they can screw you.

    To put it in they simply turn a couple small screws to mount the small decoder box somewhere in car, plug it into the existing cables...and then mount the antenna and voilla...... They should do it for the inflated cost of their base sat decoder box....(the $400-$500) as their cost on that box is maybe $200 to $275
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    He probably is talking about XM or Sirius.
  • c6peterc6peter Posts: 2
    The XM kit comes in 2 boxes, cable and antenna and brackets
    to install receiver $100.00, the receiver $199.00 mounts in the trunk on right side. To install cable , you have to remove console cover, storage compartment, nav unit, glove box, side pass.side kick panel,rt.front door sill plate, rt rear door sill plate,rt.rear panel on inside of roof ext. Antenna mounts on rt side of stoplight on package shelf.
    First installation time was 3hrs, have it down to 2 hours after installing 3 units. Prices are dealer prices.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The sat radio systems are on hold at Toyota at least in our region pending the creation/modification of the install kit.

    At the moment none are being installed in any Camry's in CAT which is why CC and BB are at a loss as well.

    How is it running otherwise? ;)
  • I am not a Hybrid owner, but I did just purchase a 2007 4-cyl Camry which comes standard with, I believe, the same JBL 440 watt, 8-spkr system that you have. I was amazed and disappointed to see that in this package the tweeters are in the BACK, coupled with a subwoofer, and the front pair on the dash are just MID-RANGE.

    I thought the premium JBL system only came on the XLE and the Hybrid. In any case, I'm not experiencing the lack of speech clarity that you mention.

    Recently, I did shift the balance toward my rear speakers a couple of notches and found I liked the overall sound better that way. Before, it sounded too much like music was mainly coming from the dashboard speakers. Now, it's a much better surround effect. YMMV.
  • rmayer99rmayer99 Posts: 11
    I neglected to say that my 4-cyl is an XLE, fyi.

    Thanks for the reply. I will be interested in knowing of any customizations you make in the future.
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