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Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems



  • gg1328gg1328 Posts: 16
    Hi there:

    I have a 1998 Dodge Caravan 3.3 engine, 147,000 miles on it. I came home last night and parked my car. This morning I went outside to start the car and put the key into the ignition. The key won't turn. I thought maybe the key was bent or something like that, so I went to get the spare key. It did the same thing. Key won't turn. The steering wheel is not locked.

    Can anybody out there tell me what the problem might be and What do I have to do to fix the problem?

  • pal6pal6 Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 T&C. When we turn on the Climate Control, the Climate Control, Radio, Windows, Wiper all power off for a 5 to 30 sec, turn back on, then power off again. Somethings it will constantly occur then others it will occur every 10 minutes. The battery terminals are clean. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?
  • Same issue here (started this morning). Thinking it was battery issue (jumped - without success). Could this be starter or alternator?
  • wilanzwilanz Posts: 4
    oh...2 more months of payments on the van. The problem is intermittent enough that I may get away with trading it in. But who wants a car payment in this economy.

    I had to give up my part time pizza delivery job because the headlights just don't want to cooperate.

    Reseting the BCM didn't work anymore but taking the battery terminals off for 30 mins seemed to get everything working again. On occasion the lights will not turn on. It takes 3 or 4 times cranking the switch for the headlights to come on.

    I did figure out while on a recent road trip that pulling the bottom plug of the BCM as described by kpeglow on 10/26/08 makes the head lights turn on but disables the entire dash board. I had headlights to get home but no gauges, blinkers or wipers.

    For now the van only gets used twice a week when I have to go into the office. The rest of the time I carpool or share my better halfs car.

    Good luck out there and let me know if there's a fix.
  • I have a 1996 Dodge Caravan with a non-functioning windshield washer pump. I picked up a kit at the parts store that is nothing but a pump motor, it looks like it must mount right on the bottom of the washer fluid bottle. Am I correct in this assumption and can someone tell me how to get to the fliud bottle to replace it?
  • donniedonnie Posts: 24
    Starts for a couple secs at low rpm then dies. When it's hot out & It happens taking the gas cap off/on has always worked. Haven't found a remedy for when it's cold below 40 degrees i have tried the suggestions posted was wondering if anyone has any new suggestions. Thanks :cry:
  • okay you are probably gonna tell me im loonier than a dang fruit bat but hey what im about to tell you worked on my 1987 dodge caravan it also done the same thing that yours is doing the only difference is that mine eventually started to jerking and spitting and sputtering like crazy thought the tranny was going out at first.......
    but any way take and replace the egr valve, the o2 sensor and the idle engine temperature sensors this will take care of your problem if it hasn't already sent a loop or register to your computer..... on a 1997 that one is almost fully electronic big deal if it has though either get you a code reader with a resetting capability or take it to a trusted shop and pay about $75. - 150 to have it reset. let me know how it goes
  • My van does that and I can tell you what it is it is your factory alarm,I have a 1999,there will be a time when you can't drive it.
  • Great news. the lights stopped turning off now. Since they were now acting up when turning on/off, I thought it was the head light switch. I popped off the cover and could feel where it was loose and kept the cover off and can do it by hand now. It's not pretty to see the opening but it works.

    I keep the cover on and when it acts up, I pull really hard on it and just do the switch manually.

    The replacement part is only $50 but no rush since I can get the thing to work. I'll replace the part once I get ready to trade in or sell.

    Good luck out there and be sure to check your headlight switch.
  • my 97 caravan is acting up the battery light keeps coming on,I just had my timing belt replaced ,and now I am having this problem with the light,had alternator checked on and off the car,both checked out good,put new battery cables and battery in also hoping that was the problem,and woohoo it started and ran for 5 minutes and then the light comes back on any help would be appreciated thanx in advance
  • I have a '97 T & C with intermitant starting problems like what you describe. Engine will start, settles to an idle, maybe 2-3 sec, then dies?? Also, all dash guages are dead. Even when turn the key to ACC, lights come on but no gauge.

    Checked fuses, wiggled key??? Any ideas?

  • This sounds very simular to my '97 T'nC. Except it is the guages that do not come on?? Have not tried hitting the dash. Have you had any luck at finding a solution?

  • I have a 97 town and country doing exactly the same thing - except I didn't just have the timing belt replaced. It started last week when driving down the freeway with the cruise control on it started jerking real bad and the battery light came on. I cancelled the cruise, stopped (didn't shut off engine) and checked things under the hood but all looked in tact. I finished driving home without the cruise control. Now if I start it up all is good for a while and then intermittently the battery light comes on and stays on until you shut off engine. I have tested the alternator for charging and it is charging whether the battery light is on or off. The battery appears to be in good condition and the battery posts are clean. Ideas anyone????
  • Problems you Have I fixing it changing the gauge cluster I get that for 75 Dollar s from the junk yard take me 15 minutes to Change
  • mine ended up being the alternator fixed my battery light problem ,take the alternator off,and have someone bench test it
  • Thanks! Replaceing the alternator took care of it. Mike
  • b42l8b42l8 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 T& C 3.8, yesterday the inst panel just went blank, the guages all at zero and the turn signals don't there a fuze for the panel?? the maint manual does not show any help in this area............the local dealer wants $120 just to check the computer and "talks" about the instr panel as being a "Block" and may have to replace.....this sounds like a pricey deal, so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks B42L8
  • I have a T&C and sometime my panel would not work. but my van is a little bit older. somone on here wrote about the same problem I was having (which is a little different) but it still deals with the instrament panel. they wrote that one day the guy got mad and hit the top of the dashboard above the panel hard but not hard enough to break anything and that after he did this the problem was fixxed. it worked for me now you can try it
  • We have 04 Town & Country and it won't start. All systems seem fine - checked cables/cable track of doors. Antitheft light is on. Resodered instrument circuit board as was suggested in some of the answers. No change. Could it be the key code lost out of control module? Can you disable antitheft feature or wire around it?
  • rtreetrtreet Posts: 1
    Hello I have a RB4 and the OK knob does not it expensive to repair..??? I bought the unit off of ebay and got it like that ...should I return it or fix it..???
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