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Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems



  • cententcentent Posts: 6
    I am having this problem with my 98 T / C. The car starts, then dies right a way, then it starts and dies, starts and dies, then nothing. The dash board doesn't work during this. Then I unhook the positive battaery cable and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Then I can hook it up and it is fine for a time. Has happened twice in two days though.
  • lsb0453lsb0453 Posts: 4
    The dash board must be removed from the dash.
    It sounds like you have the typical problem.
    I can fix it.
    I will need it for about 4 hours.
  • lcarlcar Posts: 1
    This is happening to our 2007 T&C. Dealer won't trouble shoot. Says he'll only fix it if it happens to them and of course it never does. Can you please tell us how you fixed it. I am stuck with this car and must safely drive 4 children around. This can be dangerous. Please Help!!
  • lsb0453lsb0453 Posts: 4
    The dash board must be removed from the dash.
    It sounds like you have the typical problem.
    I can fix it. Please contact me. Hopefully it does not start a car fire.
    I will need it for about 4 hours.
  • cententcentent Posts: 6
    What I did was cleaning the battery posts and trimming the gape in the battery post clamp to make sure it is tight to the post. So far, after two days, it is working better. The car repair shop couldn't find it, had to troubleshoot ourself.
  • lsb0453lsb0453 Posts: 4
    It is none of that, good to have done but not the answer.
    When the dash board is removed, there is a printed circuit board attached to it.
    It has a manufacturing defect causing all of the T&C's to have this problem. I can repair that. I live in Il.
    I have heard stories of a NEW PCboard from the dealer $800.00 plus installation, and stories of $400.00 just to repair it.
    Len B
  • cententcentent Posts: 6
    Where are you in Illinois? How much is the board and installation?
  • We had the same problem with ours for a year. You have to get a rebuilt instrument cluster from the dealership. The computer board in the instrument cluster is part of the security system and has a bad part in it. This van has worked perfectly for years after this.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • linda456linda456 Posts: 5
    I have a 2008 TC Touring and wondered if anyone else has this problem. I have brought this to the attention of the dealer several times and they cannot duplicate the problem. They did give me a new key hoping that was the problem. worked for a while. Now the van is doing it again. It just turns off while your driving which can be very scary. I have to put the van in neutral and restart it and that takes care of it.........until the next time. Now the tailgate won't go down when I hit the key-fob or the button. It goes up...but not down. I had a 2001 TC and it was a great van. I am sorry I bought this one. It will be my last!!
  • linda456linda456 Posts: 5
    My 2008 TC quits while I'm driving it. I have told the dealership and since they cannot duplicate the problem.. they can't fix it. They did give me a new key to use and it worked for a its doing it again. I noticed it quits when I hit a bump in the road but that's not always the case. I just posted my problem looking for anyone else having the same issue. Chrysler needs to do something before someone gets killed.
  • ginnic65ginnic65 Posts: 1
    It worked for us!! thanks
  • cententcentent Posts: 6
    It worked so far. My father did my sisters vehicle on friday, we just did mine right now. It seams to have worked on my sisters.

    Thanks and God Bless!

  • This is happening to me too and I have a 2008 T&C. Sometimes driving down the road the windshield wipes and washer fluid will start going off horn will start honking, now when i hit the unlock button on my key this happens. I took the horn fuses out cause I'm done listening to the horn blowing while driving down the road. also the hazard lights have came on for no reason.
  • katirishkatirish Posts: 1
    I am having a similar problem with my Town and Country 2008. It just turns off in the middle of the road with no warning. It is very scary and of course the dealership can't duplicate. They put in a new Wyn module which they hoped would cure the problem and it didn't. I had my son, who has his permit, behind the wheel one day one it cut out. Very scary and Chrysler is going to have a huge problem if they don't figure out how to fix this. Let me know if you find anything!
  • heisjoheisjo Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 chrysler town and country Limited V6 3.8l with the video system. I have owned this van for about 5 years now and for the past 3 years it has been giving me problems. there would be some morinings after sitting for the weekend, it would be dead. i would go to turn it on and there would be some clicking, but today when i had went to start it up there was nothing. No lights no bells, the battery was dead completely, and i had replaced this battery just a couple weeks ago. I'm ready to junk the vehicle for something else if i can't get this problem fixed. Any help would be nice. thanks :mad:
  • wenco3333wenco3333 Posts: 1
    I am having the ame problem and even when the key is completely out of the van it does it. I am confused, angry and don't know what to do. I have it scheduled for the dealership on Monday but am afraid it will be an astronomical amount to fix it. I am reading a lot of 2008 are having this issue maybe this is why they aren't making them anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions besides the delaership. Is there a business board we can send a complaint to?

    Help, Wendy
  • cententcentent Posts: 6
    The dealers will not likely be able to find it. I was notified via lsb0453 and he told me what to do as far as fixing the circuit board (Dash Board). I or a family member soldered it and it has been fine ever since. We also did it to another van and if fixed it as well, or at least it hasn't happened in two week, since we soldered it.

    Contact lsb0453 (member of this forum) he can help you out.
  • pnthayerpnthayer Posts: 1
    Have you ever found a permanent fix? We bought our 2005 T&C from a dealer just over a year ago with an extended service plan. It is doing everything that you describe yours is doing. We have had it back at the dealer 10 times now with them not being able to find any solutions. I have found fixes for the 1999 and 2010 on here and gave the info to the dealer but they said since we have a 05 the fixes don't apply.
  • ale12ale12 Posts: 4
    Len, I have this problem with a 1999 Chrysler T&C. Dash board doesn't work - engine runs for 2-3 seconds and dies - hitting top of dash use to work but doesn't help anymore. Just got it back from the shop - they replaced a PCM module for second time - started and ran ok (no gauges, though) for a couple of days.

    I think you said you were from Illinois. Can you tell me where? I'm from Springfield and could use some help.
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