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Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems



  • ale12ale12 Posts: 4
    I have a very similar problem. Engine starts and runs for 2-3 seconds, guages do not work, etc. I use to hit the top of dash and bring back the guages. A little while ago, I hit the top of dash above right side of instrument cluster and the guages came on and I was able to start the van and keep it running. I'm pretty sure it's a problem in the instument panel. I would appreciate the instructions you referred to in your post. Thank you!
  • Len I am having the exact same problems. Van starts when it wants. Dashboard lights flash. Wipers come on and run all the time. We replaced the BCM and the PCM and spent $350 on each. But still having the same problems. We was told it would fix the problem and hasn't Do you think you could help?? I bought the van for 4200 9 months ago and only got to drive it for 2-3 months before it broke down. I have only been able to drive it for 2 days after putting in new PCM before it broke down again. Thats when we replaced the BCM to find it still not working. PLEASE HELP ANYONE EMAIL ME PERSONALLY PLEASE HELP :confuse: :cry: :mad: :confuse: :sick:
  • We have a 1998 Chrysler Town & Country that had the same problem for years. We had to order a new instrument cluster for the van. It has worked perfectly for 2 years now. The security system runs through the instrument cluster. Trust me, it is worth the money. The dealership did not even know how to fix it when it was under warranty, but they did know how to order the part in a rush after the warranty expired!
  • My husband was talking to our mechanic. Apparently there are two different type of security systems. You can tell by the color of the key. One system has a GRAY KEY and the other has a BLACK KEY. Could you message me back which key it is that you have?? He wants to send it to a Chrysler Mechanic and pay by the hour to check it out. But he talked to him and he suggested too that it maybe the instrument cluster. But of course that is without looking at it. I would hate to pay the hourly wage for him to check it out if it is something that simple.
  • chester17chester17 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. I recently purchased the 2010 vehicle and it has stalled 5 times, 3 just after starting, twice while accelerating and turning left at the same time. I'm taking it to a dealer tomorrow, but without the check engine light, he is not hopeful that he can fix it. Next time it happens, I will look at the key placement.
  • linda456linda456 Posts: 5
    edited June 2011
    I was driving 60 MPH last Friday on the highway and the van turned itself off again. I put the van in neutral and turned the key on again and everything was fine. However, I was so upset that I nearly hit someone in the lane next to me. I really feel this is going to cause me to have a major accident. I just got out my Owner's Manual and am making a complaint. I am writing to www. I have told them I have made a post on this site and that other people have the same issue.
  • linda456linda456 Posts: 5
    I was given a new key by the dealership. It didn't help. FYI, the key is $200.00.
  • blsnipeblsnipe Posts: 1
    We have had the same problem!! We bought the van used a year ago and within a month it was doing the battery was dying. The worst part is our dashboard goes out completely, the odometer, speedometer, gas gauge, ac, dvd player... all of it just stops working. I know it's a short but I have taken it to three dealers and no one can find what is wrong.
    PLEASE let me know if you figure this out!!
  • chester17chester17 Posts: 3
    Since I last posted, I think on 6/13, I took the van to the dealer. The dealer cannot solve the problem because the service engine light does not come on.
    It has stalled twice since. It's a safety concern because you lose speed and power steering.
  • chester17chester17 Posts: 3
    The company says it will recall 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country minivans and 2010 Dodge Journey crossovers in the wake of reports that the ignition key could move while driving and cause the engine to shut off. _3736213
  • birdman895birdman895 Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    I have a 2002 T&C with the battery going dead, dashboard lights and gauges go out and then come back on, it thinks it's in reverse when it's in park, etc.
    isb0453 has not logged on in awhile. Can you send me the info that he sent to you?
  • cas3cas3 Posts: 1
    Had issues with the battery. The cluster would flicker or die, wipers would go on, the needle on the speedometer would go berserk. We would charge it & it would still die. Took it to the dealer and there was a huge draw on the battery from an after market alarm system. Had that removed and put back to factory specs and replaced the battery. Everything seems to be working fine now. Just make sure they attach the accessory (? small easy to miss) cable to the battery. They forgot to put it on when I had the battery installed and when I would turn on my blinkers the entire cluster would die while I was driving. Once it was attached and tightened down, there seems to be no problem. Hope this helps.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    I have a 2010 Town & Country with a Curt hitch and 4-pole trailer wiring kit. During the summer we frequently use this vehicle to transport and launch my son's jet ski.

    For safety's sake I'm thinking about installing a Wolo backup alarm. Unfortunately, I can't find a wiring diagram for my vehicle so I don't know which wire to tie into. Can somebody help me identify which wire I need to tie into?

  • jeffscismjeffscism Posts: 4
    Simply splice into one of the wires which runs to the Back-up light, and the OTHER wire goes to ground.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    I've located the wires to the backup light, but how do I know which one is positive? Doh! I guess I could use a voltmeter.

    BTW, where's the best place to mount the alarm? I'm thinking underneath the bumper next to the hitch. That should be high enough so it doesn't get wet when launching my son's jet ski—I hope.
  • fourccfourcc Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem. All dash lights come on, air conditioner comes on, wipers turn on, Indications you are in all gears at the same time. Took it to dealer told it was computer. We change computer, they then suggest we invest in tracing wires to prevent it fromhappening again. I decline. guess what happened. It happened again and they are telling me They told me it was in the wires. We finally trace wires and never find problem. Chrysler cost me $1,300 and never fixed it. I gave car away and person I gave it to changed a cluster in dash board, he got from a junk yard. Hasn't had a problem since.
  • lkr1lkr1 Posts: 1
    Wondering if this issue was ever fixed? I have a 2002 T&C and have been dealing with this issue for over a year. I have taken it to the mechanic several times, but nothing has fixed the problem. Originally, the problems only occurred when it was raining, or wet but now it's most of the time. Also I used to be able to get everything to work with the key was in the AC position, but now not so much. I've taken it to 3 different mechanics, I'm afraid the 1st one may have actually made the problem worse - he had it for 6 weeks last summer and when I took it somewhere else a few months later, they said the wiring under the dashboard was all melted - they said they were pretty certain there had been a fire under the dash, as there was a hole burned into the carpet from the melted wire casing. He advised junking it, unfortunately, I still owe money on it - and actually I really like the vehicle - minus the electrical issues. I've grown used to not having the wipers, but not having A/C or windows, that's a problem. I figure eventually if I don't find someone that can fix it - I will have to junk it. Any help or advise would be very much appreciated.
  • We got ours at a specialist right now. It does the same thing as yours. We are told to replace the Instrument Cluster ($100). That is where the whole problem lies. But in the process of the instrument cluster going out it also burnt out the BCM Body Control Module ($300 to send off and get rebuilt) and the PCM Power Control Module ($300 to send off and get rebuilt) But am told it will work perfect now and never do it again. So total of $700 minus labor. Which isn't too bad if it finally fixes the problem for good.
  • chrys1999chrys1999 Posts: 1

    I had the same problem and after taking it to the dealer and them not knowing what was wrong, wanting to replace the bcm and possibly the pcm (based on DTC reading) I did extensive research and found out it was a printed circuit board in the dash board. I took it back to the dealer, they of course checked and couldnt find anything. I told them to check the circuit board voltage and it was low. therefore they replaced it and have not had a problem since.
  • ale12ale12 Posts: 4
    I have a 1999 T&C. This problem has harassed me for the last two years. At first all the guages would quit working. A smack on the top of the dash would cause the guages to start working again. The problem was intermittent like this for several months and then all of sudden, no matter how hard I hit the dash, the guages would never start working again but, except for the windshield wipers, the van continued to run great. Then out of the blue the car would not start. Everything seemed dead. The auto shop replaced the PCM ($750) and the car started. I drove the car for another six months (with no guages). Then one day I tried to start the car and it would only run for 2 or 3 seconds. Another tow to a different mechanic..... he changed the PCM again. I took the car home and it worked for 2 days, then it would not start again. It was completely dead. I know the frustration you're experiencing. I decided to do a little research and found many T&C owners with similar problems. It appeared to me that most complaints seemed to point to the printed circuit board behind the guages. One in particular, suggested that the alarm sys goes through this board and that is why the engine dies after 2 or 3 seconds. I took the dash apart, removed the circuit board, and carefully checked all solder connections. I fould a bad solder joint on one of the pins on the main connector. I re-soldered the pin, put the dash back together and my van has been running with all the guages working ever since! It's starts every time now, and I have regained confidence in it's dependability once again.
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