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Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems



  • Problem ongoing for almost a year.
    Clicking when starting.
    Replaced: alternator, battery cables, battery, starter
    Still clicking
    Electrial problems... tail light out (not a bulb) headlights out (same time?)
    Squealing under hood, had belts replaced.

    Any ideas?
  • try disconnecting the battery for 5 min and reconnect it – this will reset the BCM and lights may work.

    Also, there a known problems with instrument cluster problems due to bad solder connections or cracked circuit board in the instrument cluster panel - search Youtube and web on this. Good luck
  • You need to replace the instrument cluster in your van. I had the same problem and after spending a fortune replacing things that didn't need to be replaced, we replaced the instrument cluster and haven't had a problem since! Good Luck!
  • i too have a 97 chrysler town and country that has problems. some times when i start it it will turn over and then die. The gauges also will not register that i even have gas or anything. i started disconnecting the positive battery cable normally i only had to wait 10 minutes then it would reset and run fine. but lately even when it has been disconnected for days it will do the same thing start then die :( and on the occasion it does decide to start it gives me new problems. any time i come to a complete stop my oil light dings at me but when i accelerate it stops. i check my oil when it does this and the oil is fine. at one time it through an anti theft code. i have also heard it could be the engine computer going bad. if anyone has any info i would appreciate it.
  • fev1fev1 Posts: 4
    Ok, I'm the guy with the 2002 that would have the AC, windows die, and all transmission indicator lights come on. They finally fixed it. They replaced the power relay module that is inside the engine compartment - they discovered that everytime they touched it it reproduced the problem. the parts involved were RL727079-AF, 5102969-AB, 4685719-AH,4727370-AA. The whole job cost over $900.
  • linda456, "Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems" #534, 12 May 2011 5:37 am#MSG533

    Check linda456 out because he helped fix my problems and the problems on my sister's and brother's van.

    God Bless!
  • i have same problems a year ego and i get a used cluster, that was the problems
  • I have a Town & Country 2005 and the headlights are pulsating along with the interior lights! Dealership dont know the problem. Had my battery and alternator checked out positive. Is there a lawsuit going on for these problems? Noticed many have the same problems.
  • rlharrisrlharris Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    my issue sounds just like post #152 by lsavinsky. Thought the battery was going out; little lag on the start-up. Tonight, after moving the van forward in the driveway, the engine will not turn off. Sounds like starter continued to run. Finally ran itself out before I could find a wrench to disconnect the battery post, white smoke from underneath front of engine smelled like electrical/rubber fire.

    Any idea what might be going on?
  • ok ive had my 97 town & country lxi for a few years now and its had its share of problems and now the recent one is my rear ac and rear wiper and washer lights just flash all the time and nothing works but if i shut it off and start it up again they dont flash and everything works just fine does anyone know what this could be
  • rpaul3rpaul3 Posts: 14
    disconnect the battery for 5 min and reconnect it – this will reset the BCM and lights may work.

    check wirling near back hatch door.

    try banging near the instrument cluster when the flashing is going on and see it it changes. There are known problems with instrument clusters due to bad/cracked solder connections in the instrument cluster panel - search Youtube and web on this. Good luck
  • I just bought a 99 town and county with only 100,000 miles on it had it a month an did not drive it for about 5 days and went to start it and the battery was dead so had it charged up putt in and everything lights up on dash but when I turn key I does not make a sound . It's almost like it was not in park or something . I did notice that the little box that is around each letter as far as p for park or d for drive was not around pthe p but the car was in park . Has anyone had a similar problem . Thanks ....
  • I have that happen with my 2002 T&C. It only happens once in a while. So far I haven't figured it out, except to remember that when it happens to shift into neutral to start it. It has worked everytime so far.
    My guess is that this is one of the few non-electrical problems I have had. It is probably mechanical, a proximity sensor on the linkage or in the tranny out of adjuistment.
    Good luck
  • rpaul3rpaul3 Posts: 14
    could be a bad or stuck starter relay - when you locate it, try tapping it continously while someone turns the key. If it does start replace the relay. best to trouble shoot these with a ohm meter if you can.
  • i just bought a 2005 T&C touring a couple of months ago and this just started happening today to my girlfriend. The dash went out including the gauges, the trip computer was out, the remote doors would not open, the back hatch would not even open manually, and it started when she went to get out of the van and the radio would not shut off. Once I got home the key buttons did nothing, I started it and everything went back to normal... Seems like too many of these problems happen for as much as they charge for these things...
  • fev1fev1 Posts: 4
    l had similar issues with an 02 T&C. The dealer had it for almost 3 months trying to figure it out. Don't let them replace the computer - 700 bucks and it wasn't the problem. They finally figured it out. Some sort of power module inside the engine compartment that relays lots of disparate systems. My receipt doesn't have the exact name of the parts, but I suggest you speak to David Todd at Chrysler Mall of Georgia (Buford, GA). Explain the problem and tell them to recall the T&C they had for several months. They'll remember - in fact my wife brought them Holiday snacks last week to thank them for their persistence and finally solving the problem. Remember - the villians in all of this are the designers at Chrysler, not the service guys! Good luck. Alan
  • Thanks for that Alan, Your a life saver and maybe a van saver too!
  • One other thing is the e-brake light on the dash, when ever I make a left turn it comes on and i hear the alarm. My Dodge Neon does the same thing. My T&C and my Neon are both 2005's, Has anyone else heard of this?
  • You may want to check the neutral safety switch in the transmission. I think it is call something like Range selector switch. I had a similar problem where there were square boxes around all the gears whenever I had a no start problem. You have to drop the tranny pan and valve body to change it. The part is not expensive but its a pain the replace.
  • For the dash lights and gauges going out including speedometer, The suspect part is a front control module p/n RL727079AF
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