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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan New Owner Reports

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
New owners! Give us your report here.

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  • snowman89snowman89 Posts: 36
    Picked up our new 06 Fusion 4cyl SE last night. I am excited to own this car, and will report on our experiences soon. We wanted a reasonably priced family sedan, something roomy and built well and this seems to fit. We drove Camry's, Altima's, Accord's, and Malibu's, and found this to be the best at this moment, but like I tell everyone, ask me how I like it in 8 years.
  • jsadka1jsadka1 Posts: 9
    This is my first brand new car. I should have looked around more. I only get about 17 mpg in town (small town). The turning radius is poor making it difficult to park in straight spaces without swinging out. It is hard to see out the back. The back seat belts in the back are very uncomfortable for an adult and rub your neck raw! (Feels like it anyway). Air vents in the back would help. Handles well when you really get going out on the highway. Hesitates when first taking off from a stop. H">ope to be happier with it in the long run. We will see.
  • I bought s brand new Milan and had it back in the hsop 3 times over a loud whining noise while driving 30 and over. I was patiently told it was a "characteristic" of the Milan. I replied that perhaps what they meant is that Mercury had made a mistake while building the Milan, but that there is NO characteristic noise acceptable in a brand new car. I asked them to check their hotlines. I was told that I was the only one hearing this characteristic noise. However, one very nice service desk guy called me a week later and told me that there was a fix for this so called characteristic whining noise, and he asked me to bring it in. Ford sent parts and they tied down my drive shaft. No more noises and the car runs like a dream. I was about to sell it back and tell them to KEEP IT! Don't take no for an answer. If they act like they don't know what you are talking about, have them call Joe Brodey at the service desk
    at Holman Lincoln Mercury in Maple Shade NJ. He was the only one at the service department who cared enough to look into it. I was so unhappy with the car, and I should have been thrilled. Now I am, although it does not get the milage estimated, not even close. Why do the car companies do that? Why not tell the truth, I probably would have bought it anyway!!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I own an 06 SEL V6 in silver frost with just over 3,000 miles on the car.
    1. Need locking gas cap or locking gas door
    2. Rear view kind of hard to see out of, takes some getting used to.
    3. No stability control

    1. Handling
    2. Interior quality
    3. Whole car fit/finish/quality feel.
    4. Styling - Get many looks and glares.. :-)

    This is a drivers car. Feels great. Quiet, no rattles or squeaks. Average MPG is now 27.1.
  • I've had my Fusion a little over a month now & I absolutely love it. It is black on the outside & in, which makes for the best part of the car - the color-contrasting thread in the leather seats. It is something you would not see in a Ford, which can explain all the looks you get when you are in the car!

    Grips the road great! Love the Michelins that come stock on it & the Audiophile Audio System.
  • do you know what they have the air in the tires set at...mine are at 38psi and i dont know if i should let some air out Handles good but rides a little hard
  • We bought the V6 SEL because we found you only save about two miles to the gal and have less power with the four! Your right about the car turning,takes some getting use to it but no big deal!
    Remember what probley brought to the Ford Dealer and that is the fact the Fusion is a sharp looking car with good gas milage. Don't give up on it this quick, if you do then you should not buy car that is out for the first year.

    You should take your car to the dealer and have them check your gas problem. My wife drives 126 miles aday to work and 110 is hwy driving plus I do mostly town driving in it and we get 28 -31 per mile. PHIL
  • tgarrontgarron Posts: 2
    Mine rides nice, and seems to get good fuel mileage. Now here is what I don't like:

    *Vinyl wrap on the dash is wrinkled, and both the dealer and Ford Customer Relations say they will do NOTHING about it. Not even an "I'm sorry". Nice way to kill any repeat business if you ask me.
    *Doors have bumps and streaks in them.
    *Interior color match is horrible, and this is a black interior.
    *The plastic fog lamp bezels are showing signs of melting after only a few uses.
    *You can't see very well out the rear window when backing up.
    *Turning radius is not particularly tight.

    Other than that, it is fine.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I have to ask, and I am not tryint to be a jerk, really..

    Didn't you test drive this car before you bought it? Didn't you look at the dash? or the doors? :confuse:
  • Barbara383, Thanks for the tip on the noise. I haven't encountered any of that with my customers yet, but if/when I do I know what to do about it! =)

    As far as the mileage estimation goes, so far all the models I've driven were pretty close, so perhaphs something else is out of whack too. But regardless, the manufacturers and/or dealerships don't come up with the mileage estimations. That's handled by the good ol' folks at the Environmental Protection Agency. :)
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    Consider yourself lucky at 17 mpg. I have 3500 miles on a Milan Premier V6 and the car computer showed 14.6 at outset, now down to 13.9 mpg.

    Having had 3 Sables previously, I've seen over the years how Ford is trying to save $$$ by cheapening everything. Now with the Milan they've gone too far.

    The paint finish quality look and feel is poor compared to the Sable.

    The window glass is definitely thinner than the Sable.

    The door sounds like a tin can when opening, you have to slam it to fully shut the door.

    It poorly handles NYC potholes, the whole car rattles & shakes.

    The extra Audiophile sound system is a lousy substitute for the Mach Audio on the Sable, up the bass high and it sounds like an portable AM radio.

    The steering control buttons are poorly designed, the bottom left and right buttons are fan speed and temperature. So, when you drive with your hands naturally resting on the spaces next to these two buttons, you CONSTANTLY change the climate control from Auto to fan speed and CONSTANTLY change the temperature up. And if you have the recirc air button on you have to keep repressing it when you repress Auto button. ANNOYING!

    I went with a friend to a Honda dealer. The Accord V6 he bought looks and feels solid with convenience features Ford downsized out years ago, like a glovebox lock and valet key with limited features. And quite a different feel in an upbeat Honda showroom vs. an "old school" Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer where the con artist/shyster salesreps have the look of desperation and each negotiation is an ordeal.

  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    OK you've made your point, you hate your Milan. Did you even sit in one or take it for a test drive before getting it? I see you have posted similar stuff in just about every Fusion/Milan discussion that exists Edmunds.

    Your experience seems to be so much at odds with the experience of the other owners and the mostly very good reviews Fusion/Milan has gotten in the automotive press, you will have to excuse me for being a bit skeptical of your posts.

    Good thing you leased it. In three short years you can correct your "error".
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    Seems most posting here and reviewers do not live or test the car in NYC. It's a highway car for the suburbs, not for city drivers.

    I test drove it in the winter, wearing a parka, at night, on highway with heated seats on, (I do LOVE that feature)

    I could tolerate some of the initial design flaws if the gas mileage was somewhat better. I can't jury rig the computer, now at 13.9 mpg down from 14.6.

    I'm not waiting 3 years, dealers have a Ford authorized trade-in program until 8/19/06 on any car, even ones on lease.

    Hopefully I can dump it.
  • :) Not being able to lay out lots of money for a new car I shopped around for month. I settled on the base model, the Fusion S 2.4 5 speed manual, which i bought about 6 weeks ago. I had the ABS & Side Airbags added which with discouts and Costco pricing made the drive-out price $18,100 (including sales tax). So far my experience has been positive (understanding that one cannot compare the car with other models that are $1000-$4000 more expensive):

    1) Fuel Consumption (I have 1900 miles on the car):
    Improving every time I fill her up. Started at about 22.6 mpg and am at 24.7mpg now. (I keep a spreadsheet). This is exactly what the manual says about mproving - I commute about 65 mile return every day.

    2) Radio/CD: I have just the base model. It is great for a family car, remembering that I drive the base model, with the base model sound. (better than the so-called premium Monsoon system I had in my 2002 Jetta!). It also sounds better than the one in my wife's 2005 Honda CRV.

    3) Looks: - Many people glance at the car. It has a great look - it stands out and has some presence. Yes it is not Lexus or a Cadillac etc.- but if I wanted that and could afford it I would have bought it.

    4) Roadnoise: yes I can hear Roadnoise; yes I can hear the 2.4l engine, but no more than my wife's Honda-CRV or my old Jetta. I always remember this is not a Lexus/Mercedes/BMW etc. It is an affordable family car with great trunk space and seats a family of 4 comfortably.

    5) Interior: - Seats are comfortable (not fantastic; but not poor); All the buttons are logically placed, although the light switch I find is a bit low. Everything else is functional and I got what I paid for.

    6) What would I have liked to change - the feel of the Steering Wheel - I would have loved to have a softer feel (having a leather wrapped wheel would have been nice!) - I find the plastic really hard; but I resolved that with a really nice cover.

    So what I suggest is - understand what you are getting. yes I could have purchased and Hyundaior Accord or a Camry etc. with more Bells and Whistles, but if you just do not have that extra $500 or $800 and want a new car there is very little that beats the Fusion in affordability.

    Just my thoughts.
  • Mine are set to 39/40 as well. I have not noticied it riding hard. Hmm... You could let some air out, but you run the risk of the tires developing cups and diminishing more quickly. Michelin's on the Fusion run $219/piece.
  • ajever1ajever1 Posts: 7
    I purchased the 1st Fusion in NYS. I love this car! My previous vehicles include Chevy Malibu, Lumina, Pontiac Bonneville and a Honda Accord! NONE OF THESE come close to the Fusion! I average 23-24 mpg with the V6(mix of highway/city) and drive 60-70 miles per day! This car handles superbly even @ high speeds! I would recommend that "Stuck with it" sends a written complaint to Ford Customer Service(in your manual), the dealer and the Better Business Bureau! Include each name on the letter so that everyone knows who has been copied. BE PERSISTENT!!! Good Luck!
  • jsadka1jsadka1 Posts: 9
    I am also down to about 13-14 miles per gallon. Did you trade in your car? I didn't realize you could do this.
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    Come drive your Fusion downstate and you'll be writing your own complaint letter to Ford!

    We don't consider anything above Yonkers a "city"! Get real!
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    The Ford authorized trade-in program ended 8/19/06 but is just another deceptive Ford marketing practice. It's upto the dealer if they want to trade your car for another new or used one in stock or order a new one. My dealer was not interested in taking the Milan back nor was I interested in what they had on hand. Don't worry, Ford will be offering these again as they become even more desperate to stay solvent.

    Throw some STP red in the tank. Like a good enema, it seems to run better and gas mileage is slowly creeping upto 13.8.

    The Milan DOES NOT LIKE the a/c running and extended idling. You can watch the fuel gauge move down just like you can watch the clock move to the next minute.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A large local newspaper is looking to interview consumers who have recently purchased a Ford Fusion, Milan, Five Hundred or waiting to purchase the Ford Edge. Please send an e-mail to no later than Wednesday, September 6, 2006 by 5:30 PM PT/8:30 PM ET containing your daytime contact information.

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