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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan New Owner Reports



  • podpod Posts: 176
    The car is unchanged from its new condition, is quiet and economical (average mpg mixed=31.1) and I would enthusiastically recommend the Fusion/Milan. No problems, no repairs, no remorse. With incentives, etc. they are not an expensive car in the I-4 configuration and actually compete pricewise with many of the moderately equipped compacts.
    Good engineering nod to the Ford workforce.
  • desgnrdesgnr Posts: 19
    I have a 2010 Mercury Milan which i purchased new.
    It only has 13,000 miles on it.

    I already had the ACM unit replaced on the radio after 4 visits to the Dealership.

    Next while in for an oil change the dealer told me i needed a left LED Parking light.
    Which he ordered & when i went back to have it replaced he came out & told me now the Right one is not working properly & again he ordered it & said he would have it tomorrow.
    Well after a week i called him & he said it was in,he never called me ,isn't that great service.

    Want to buy a 2010 Mercury Milan ????????????????????????
  • teeman3teeman3 Posts: 1
    Yes. I had the same rear brake light problem on my 2010 Milan. It was $400.00 just for the LED light module plus installation charge. I know the car is assembled in Mexico, but the parts must come from China. LED's are supposed to last 10,000 hours minimum. I also had a problem the throttle body assembly. The Milan would almost stall and pressing on the accelorater did nothing. The tach would surge between 400 and 800 rpm. The dealer told me it would cost $1000 for the part plus about $400 for labor. I took the car to a local independent car repair shop and got the part plus the installation and a new air filter for $306. I was out of warranty as the car had 43,000 miles on it. I stuck with the car for 2 more years until its paid off. Other than the above problems, the rides great and I get about 29 mpg on the 4 cylinder engine. I don't know if I would by a Fusion as a replacement. Depends on how the Milan runs for the next 2 years.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    No problems. Lots to like. Last seven tankfuls average over 32 mpg (measured) in mostly residential mixed driving. On the highway at 67 mpg (in R.I. and SE Ma. where the terrain is mostly flat) I tickle the 38 mpg number on the trip computer usually ending up in the high 37s.
    I drive faster than the traffic for the most part but accelerate modestly to speed. I do not believe there are any significant changes to the I4 in the subsequent model years. My results are about 5 mpg over the EPA estimates and represent "normal" driving but with modest acceleration to speed and sparing use of the brakes, coasting to decelerate whenever possible. After two years I still consider it a new car and it feels like one.
  • I have a 2010 Mercury Milan and I had the left rear tail light replaced under warranty at 30,000 miles and now the other tail light needs to be replaced too . . now not under the mfg warranty and not covered by the extended warranty either. If an LED light assembly is going to be used in a car which costs $400 to replace, logic would say that this would be covered under a warranty. Call Ford to complain 800-392-3673 option 1 and option 5 and report this as an issue. I called today and maybe this will help me and future people experiencing this issue. Complete BS!
  • desgnrdesgnr Posts: 19
    I also have a 2010 Milan Premier with 17,000 miles
    I was in for service & the tech said i needed the right rear LED & he ordered it & when i came in to have it replaced they said now i also need the left rear LED which had to be ordered & i came back again.
    This must be a problem with Mercury.
    You can use this post to show them you are not the only one & they are defective.
    Good luck.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    Well 73k on my Hybrid and still loving it. The only previous repair was the speedometer that failed. Now I have a left rear break light that is comes on when the lights are on. So at night one side is brighter than the other. The solution I am told is to replace the entire assembly. Parts are $490 with 20 bucks in labor. Yikes what happen to just replacing a bulb! I do wonder could it be electrical!
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    Say has anyone updated their Milan Hybrid Navigation system? Are new updates availiable? I ordered one a few years ago and no one at Ford knew how to update it. They thought it was like the Lincoln but no one knew how to open it up. If you just put the DVD in it said it could not read it. Any ideals or thoughts on this? I have 73k miles on it and plan to keep it a few more years.
  • All:

    I traded my 2011 Prius for the 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid and I am so glad I did. Those &^*^ seats in the prius were killing my back. But I digress.

    This car only has 8000 miles on it, so I want to make sure everything is working before the dealer warranty expires.

    Here's the problem - maybe. And I say maybe, as maybe it is supposed to do this.

    When I am driving with my lights on, I notice that the dashboard will go dim, then bright, then dim.

    Does the dashboard have some auto sensing device that changes the display according to ambient light? I haven't seen that in the manual, so I'm thinking there is something go astray in the dashboard, and I would like to get it fixed.

    Thanks for any help/comments.

  • I have a 2010 Milan V6. My dash lights and navigation screen dim at dusk, or when going into a tunnel or overpass, but thats the only time. I wish it didnt though.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "I have a 2010 Milan V6. My dash lights and navigation screen dim at dusk, or when going into a tunnel or overpass, but thats the only time. I wish it didnt though. "

    I own a 2008 FEH, and you should be able to turn off the auto on feature of the headlights. The dash lights are dimming because the car is detecting the darkness of the tunnel as night time, and turning on the headlights (which dims the dash). On my vehicle it is a rotary switch, and only one of the settings is auto. Of course, remember to turn on the lights manually at night!
  • This was a new one on me. I have 2008 Milan Premier V6 with 48k miles and all of sudden the interior lights started coming on and off by themselves.

    According to the dealer the main computer is on the fritz, and needs to be replaced (and they asked for all my keys because once they replace the computer they have to reprogram everything).

    Anyone else have this issue?
  • d2013d2013 Posts: 1
    We are considering purchasing a 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid with 38,000 mile. I would appreciate some current reviews regarding the overall performance of this car.

    Thank You very much
  • I've got a 2010 Milan Hybrid with only 13,000 on it.

    Best car I have ever owned. I traded my 2011 Prius for it because the seats in the Prius were so uncomfortable. Best think I have ever done.

    It drives like a dream, and it is great on the highway. Because the weather has been in the teens, I only get about 35 mpg, but I mainly drive in the city.
    I paid $17,000 if that helps, but it was loaded. Every available option - leather, dvd, voice, etc.

    Good luck. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions.

    Eddie Mikell
  • gbuckgbuck Posts: 1
    I Have the Same Problem with The Left Tail Light. I suspect a supplier defect.
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