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New Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • Hi Applegator,
    Congratulations on your new purchase! I bought one with the same configuration & color on October 24, in Toronto. This is my first ever Hybrid & I have been pretty happy with the car. But.....I do not get the mileage you mentioned. Here we measure mileage by litres per 100 Kilometers. I get an average of 7.69L/100kms which translates to 30.57mpg. I wonder what I am doing wrong. I am not too heavy on the accelerator but we do use heating (sparingly) since its close 30F outside. I still have the original oil & lube on the car from the dealership & have travelled about 1400Kms (~690Miles) since I bought it. I have had a decent mix of city & highway driving so far, but the average has not fluctuated much.
    Appreciate any tips for the fellow users!!
  • Hi sonnyv6....congratulations on your hybrid purchase! Yesterday we got gas and this time we got 34.5 miles/gallon. One thing I do which you may do already is take your foot off the gas and just coast down hills whenever you can although the 2012 does not coast as well as my 2008 did. My 2008 would coast down the smallest of hills! My 2008 hybrid averaged 35 - 36 miles/gallon. I have read the larger tires on the 2012 cause resistance that the smaller tires on the 2008 did not. The other thing I do is when I'm approaching a red light is take my foot off the gas and just coast to the red light. My husband said he believes that vehicles get better gas mileage after they are broken in and after the first oil change. Our salesman recommended we use ECO mode except for in stop & go traffic he told us to switch to EV mode to get the best mileage. Using cruise control helps get better gas mileage too. Please let me know what gas mileage you are getting after your first oil change. I am certain it will be better than the 30.57 miles/gallon you are getting now. One thing I did not mention in my first review was that I had over 83,000 miles on my 2008 Camry Hybrid when I traded it in and had no problems with it whatsoever. The only thing I had to do was the routine maintenance. One thing hybrid owners should know which I found out by accident. A hybrid should never be left not driven for more than one month because this will damage the electric battery. A retiree told me this. He said he pays someone to drive his hybrid every two weeks since he travels for months at a time leaving his hybrid in his garage. I googled it and found this to be true although I was surprised the dealerships did not inform me of this important issue and we own a Honda Civic hybrid as well which our son drives. When our son travels we drive the Honda every two weeks. The Camry Hybrid has never been left sitting for more than 10 days.
  • Just saw your message and I too have purchased a 2012 camry hybrid xle fully loaded. Firstly your car has not been broken in yet. It should take approx. 10000 km. however, I'd like to confirm that the Toyota posted feul efficiency is not accurate. It is advertised as 4.7L/100km city and 5.1L/100km. The milage I'm getting is approx. 6L/100 hwy, 5.9L/100km city. Additionally, I have found approx. 5 addresses that the GPS can not find. Added to that the voice activation does not work all the time. To top off things there are many more problems one of which is that the passenger side window does not work properly and the dealer has attempted to fix it twice with no resolution.
    This vehicle has to date been the worst I have ever owned and at present, I would never recommend it to anyone.

    All that being said, I just want you to know that you are not alone.
  • Thanks for all the advice. I will wait & see. I have very happy with the purchase other than this aspect. A similarly equipped VW Passat which is much cheaper & equally fun to drive, was my 2nd option & I hope I dont regret not going for that.
    The whole point of getting a TCH was the rated fuel efficiency factor, which I know is never true but did not imagine it would be this off.
    I am on ECO mostly, use EV mode whenever it is available (I must say its quite rarely available or switches off if one attains any kind of meaningfull speed), drive in a way (coast to red lights, stick to speed limits, no jack rabbits or sudden braking, accelerate slowly which some times makes people behind me honk, fuel 87 at premium gas stations mostly at Shell)which makes me look like a Great Grand daddy...but STILL DO NOT attain fuel efficiency anywhere near the rating....Spent all this money & as they say on cannot brag to his friends that he bought a Camry.
    To add further, my previous car had 225 55R17 Winter tires & I got them mounted to my TCH. The 10mm difference in width leads to higher drag & resistance. 2 things: Safety is paramount, 2nd the money I would spend to buy new set of 215 size tires...that made me go this direction.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I can't speak about either car in general other then to say, my years working at a VW dealership, made sure I would NEVER purchase one!

    While they may have gotten better over the best few years, they REALLY sucked back then, and I hated to have to wait on VW customers, who for the most part were very unhappy and often angry when they dropped off the car, and equally as mad and often more so, when they picked up the car and got the bill!

    30+ cars later, 8 of which have been toyotas, (2 Tercels, 1 - 4 Runner, 2 Camry's and 3 Avalons) I can say the Toyotas have been COST FREE, and TROUBLE FREE to own (for the most part).

    Don't be abscess with MPG, as it will drive you crazy, and you may find yourself being a hazard to others around you.

  • The reason the tires only went to 35K is because of the weight of the electric battery which wears down the tires. Even if a tire is rated at 50K you will not get that with a hybrid.
  • Hi sonnyv6, I talked to a person who works a few businesses down from me who has had a 2012 TCH for 6 months and he told me he gets better gas mileage when he does not need to use the heat or AC.
  • Well my 2008 has been trouble free up until about a month ago when the rear door lock stopped working...that along with a leaking water pump resulted in a $1100 repair bill. This week the front driver door lock is working only part of the time so that is another $550 or so....and only two more door locks waiting to fail....starting to think its an issue with the car.
  • Hello all,

    I am going to buy Toyota Camry hybrid LE with standard features . Does anyone know how much I should be paying for it In wa state area ?
  • Hi swdhas, I'm assuming you are buying a 2012 TCH LE. Be sure to go on Edmunds or where you can put your zip code in and find out what consumers are paying for that particular vehicle in your area. These sites will also tell you if there are any special rebates or financing available. This is the best time to buy because 2013 will be here soon and dealers want to clear as many 2012 vehicles off their lots as they can. Be sure to deal with an internet salesperson only and print off their offer and take it with you to the dealership. When we first looked at our 2012 TCH XLE in the beginning of November there were no rebates or special financing for Hybrids. All they offered then was almost $1,900. below MSRP. However, right after Thanksgiving there was also a $1000. rebate which made our price almost $2,900. below MSRP in addition to 0.9% financing over 60 months which we qualified for which made waiting well worth it. Good luck with your purchase!
  • I have purchased my third Camry. My last was a 2010 Hybrid and now the 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE. I enjoy the changes Toyota has made to acceleration, handling and many refinements. The car is great in general, but the dealer refuses to check into an issue with the heat.

    My 2010 was exceptional for the way it delivered heat to the cabin. The engine was warm before we got 5 minutes or so on the road. The 2012 Hybrid takes about 20 minutes to heat the cabin and is much slower to get to fully warm. The engine seems to heat a bit slower also, by the gauge.

    I don't think my dealer is knowledgeable about how the car heats. How do I find a dealer who is more up on such problems?
  • Where do you live?
  • 8079dan8079dan Posts: 6
    edited January 2013
    Oregon. I would drive 500 miles to get my heater working. It has been 40 degrees lately and not much warmer in the car for the first 30 minutes (Eco switch off). When the ECO switch is on, I seem to get better mileage, but almost no heat after warm-up.
  • OK. I live in Virginia. This is not right, I'd find another Toyota dealer and make them fix it under warranty.
  • I am impressed with my 2012 Camry Hybrid in many ways. It is in general a fantastic car. I only wish the dealers would work with me, as a buyer of 6 new cars, to make the car do what I request at the time of purchase.
    Typically, I want all the features of the auto I am trading, plus the new features. I was told the 2012 Camry Hybrid was a totally rebuilt, new model, so I should have tested the demonstrator more carefully. My car has a very poor navigation operating system. It also has a poor heater compared to the 2010 Hybrid Camry I owned.
    My concern is with the dealers. I have yet to have a rattle or squeak repaired by a new car dealer. My friends tell me that to get such repairs, you need to take the car to a non-warranty service and pay for it.
    When I took the car in for heater service for the third time to the second dealer, they refused to open the hood and claimed the car was new, so it ws not defective, even though it heated much slower and less than any other car. I am aware this is NOT a weak point in this model.
    Thanks for the comments. I will wear a good coat in this car and take my 2012 Tacoma for a ride when I need heat. Both vehicles are fast. I think the Camry is fun to drive. :)
  • I just bought a new Camry XLE Hybrid 2013. I found the same acceleration problem. If I accelerate from a stop, the car makes click feeling. I also tried another new Camry Hybrid, I got the same feeling. But I also tried Prius and Lexus ES Hybrid, I didn't get the click feeling. I went to dealer twice, they just told me all the hybrid cars have the same problem. That is not true. I hope Toyota will recall for this problem.
  • 8079dan8079dan Posts: 6

    try using the "braking" position of the shift for a few lights.

    If you find it no longer hesitates or "clicks" you may be talking about the way the engine is shut off during stops at lights. It saves gas doing this and restarts instantly when power is required.

    The engine is not shut off in the braking position, but uses the same gear ratios otherwise. There is a slight difference in how fast the instant start works during the changes in gas that takes place in season changes.

    We are told not to overuse the braking position. I like the feature in stop and go traffic, since it slows the car as soon as I release the gas.
  • Have you called Toyota customer service directly about this problem yet? I would. I do not have any clicking with my 2012 TCH XLE and am very happy with it!
  • Just a note, I recently took my 2012 TCH XLE in for its first oil change and I was told by the dealership that the new TCH only needs an oil change every 10,000 miles and I confirmed this with Toyota customer service as well just to be sure! I consider this a plus!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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