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Changes You'd Like To See in the Toyota Camry Hybrid



  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    "Japan" Well, that explains it. the Camrys sold in the USA don't have memory seats or fold down mirrors....
  • newcarsnewcars Posts: 103
    Not exactly on topic but as a fellow Treo 700p user, I thought you might be interested to know that there is a software update coming next month, in April 2007. The good news is that one of the things it is supposed to do is update the Bluetooth stack, which should improve its ability to sync with the Toyota Camry Hybrid (and a host of other cars). The bad news is that the update is only for Sprint 700p smartphones; 700p smartphones from other cell companies (such as Verizon Wireless) will not be updated until later in the year.
  • jap4jap4 Posts: 4
    I am also considering xenons. Can you provide details re the source of lighting equipement added and cost.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    I love my xenon's... had them installed by an after market auto shop. It took them 45 minutes for the installation. It was pricey... about $500... but, I live in a heavily deer populated area and drive early in the morning and late at night. The area of coverage is much wider and brighter than normal lights and because of the TCH lighting set up they plug right in.

    The alternative was fog lights... Toyota told me that the fog lights would cost around $1,000 as the car was not set up for them. After market would require some drilling and only save me a few dollars over the xenon.

    The only down side is that it technically voids our warranty with Toyota... so I have my old lights if I need to switch them out. I am no longer squinting and driving in the dark is much easier.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    I was wondering when they would come out with an update... good to know. Of course I have Verizon so it will be a long wait. Thanks.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    The only down side is that it technically voids our warranty with Toyota...

    The "ONLY" downside? Doesn't sound like you place much value on that. If I believed that I think I would rather take my chances with the deer.

    I live in deer country too. However just replaced my front bumper cover ($650) but it was a large dog instead of a deer. Lights would not have helped me.

    If something like frying your wiring happens and you put your old lights back in don't you think maybe Toyota might question that?
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    I'm friendly with the Toyota mechanics at my shop... they even checked the wiring and further secured it for me... The dealership I use is one of the best dealers I have ever been to... they go the extra mile... and the headlight kit comes with something that is suppose to prevent the wiring from frying... I'll read the box when I get home. I guess I don't mind pushing the envelope.
  • mrpatmrpat Posts: 24
    Did they say why the change to a modern more efficient headlight system would void your warranty, also how did they know you had the change made.
    Do they mean your entire warranty or just where the lights are concerned.
    Im starting to wonder if I made a mistake going with Toyota.
    Ther should be a site where you can ask Toyota a question.
  • mrpatmrpat Posts: 24
    I think you are talking about an Avalon or a Lexus
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Toyota would have no basis for voiding your warranty except in areas effected by what you altered.

    It seems reasonable to me that they warranty their work, not yours or the work of a 3rd party.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    You know... that is a very good question which I need to ask someone in tech. I do a lot of night driving on weekends for my work and can't tell you what a difference the xenon lights make! Hardly need my brights and the range from side to side is incredible.

    As for making a mistake with a TCH... I love my car. I have had other cars that have better design features... controls on the steering wheel, seats, navigation, etc. But I would still trade them all in for my TCH. It's a great car with great mpg.
  • tomqtomq Posts: 10
    Leave me enough room in trunk to fit 2 medium (compact) peices of luggage. Fill remaining space with batts. Beef up suspension to support added weight.

    Increase mileage per tank like doubled? Engineers will shoot this idea down. Nice to fantasize.
  • tommtomm Posts: 31
    It was the car I was interested in, not the trim and color combos. I drove it [a bit too much torque steer, but I could overlook - and get used to that]. BUT - the trunk space, or lack thereof, was the deal breaker. I walked back to my 2005 Audi A6 (best trunk around and fold-down, 60/40 seats) I came close to buying the Camry Hybrid, but can't get clubs (let alone luggage) in there. Maybe next model-change.
  • mrpatmrpat Posts: 24
    Does it totally void your warranty or just the lighting part?
  • pianewmanpianewman Posts: 8
    I've never owned a Camry before, and I find the ride just too soft, especially during emergency maneuvers. Toyota should offer a sport suspension for this car...there's plenty of pick-up, and very accurate steering, but I find it very unstable when taking off-ramps at a speed that maintains momentum.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    Have to look into an answer for all of us.
  • tchcroftontchcrofton Posts: 2
    I would love to have an EV Only button and a more realistic
    battery pack that would allow me to go the 7 miles to the highway on battery only. This would greatly enhance my enjoyment of this car.

    It's a great car already, but that would be a good addition.
  • mrpatmrpat Posts: 24
    Can you tell me how to get beyond the dealers with questions, I called the 800 # and they bounced me back to the dealsr. Frustrating Id rather be able to talk to a tech rep.

    I want to improve my lighting and radio reception without voiding the warranty.

    Ps fe seems to run between 34 and 37. Anyone else experiencing this. Would synthetic oil help?
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    I understand the lighting question... but do not understand the radio question. Are you talking about switching out the in-dash or adding an exterior Sirius?
  • mrpatmrpat Posts: 24
    The window sticker on the 50th anniversary hybrid says it is a Sirius or XM satellite ready system but it requires an antenna, receiver and subscription.
    Does anyone know about the Shark fin antennas on the high end cars?. I would assume they would get great radio reception. All I have now is what Toyota calls a multidirectional window antenna. They say its a fibreoptic cable and aftermarket shops say they cant do anything with it.
    I love the car but my wife only gets about 34 mpg. Would synthetic oil help?
    Ive been trying to pene
    :cry: trate the armor of Toyota Corp to get real answers to my questions. The customer service number seems to be for easy to answer questions only and they bounce you back to the dealer.
    I contacted JBL about the stereo and they said Toyota OEM manufactures their own JBL stereos.
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