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Toyota Camry Hybrid Accessories & Modifications



  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    Thank you very helpful! I just ordered mine so I have about 7-8 weeks wait and wanted to start researching the hitches. Pictures would be great if you get the time but really appreciate the info you have provided now. :)
  • hmshahhmshah Posts: 13
    Has anyone tried to install underbody spoilers(front, back and side), like the ones in Camry SE in TCH. I am really interested in getting those. Thanks
  • timh4timh4 Posts: 3
    Which R12 pin(s) do I need to temporarily "break" with a switch?

    And where is R12 located in the car?

    Thanks for your help!
  • shazam3shazam3 Posts: 13
    The "upgraded accessory package" includes the trunk cargo net, trunk mat, first aid kit, and I think floor mats too.
  • egtan271egtan271 Posts: 2
    Hello. I'm also interested in getting the underbody spoilers (front, sides & back) for my 2009 Camry Hybrid. I just bought the Genuine Toyota rear spoiler but Toyota does not have the underbody spoilers.

    Would appreciate any information on these accessories.

    Thanks - ET
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    I ordered an 09 Camry Hybrid with FE CQ LA UP. Aren't the Carpeted Floor mats (CF) included? My dealer is trying to make me pay an additional $199 MSRP. Am I being ripped off?

    Besides that, I am getting $2025 off MSRP.

    On the Edmunds site it says the price is N/A.

    Any info would be appreciated.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Are being ripped off? Yes and no. The MSRP on the TCH I bought was $199. You might get them elsewhere for less, if it's worth the trouble. But if they discounted the car, why not the mats too?

    Still, your deal looks good. In this region, SF Bay Area, hybrid Camrys are scarce.
  • remardremard Posts: 3
    I like the way the spoiler looks and I'm wondering if it can, in any way, improve my MPG. I know it's mostly for aesthetic value but could the added downforce negate the extra weight and give me a little better mileage?
  • spenbabaspenbaba Posts: 6
    Keep in mind the TCH has the lowest drag of any Camry. A spoiler would be expected to increase drag. Downforce shows up as added weight on your tires, so what do you think the added drag and weight will do to your mileage?
  • maxg01maxg01 Posts: 1
    Where do I find a Clear Bra for my TCH? And what is a good price?
  • Try this link, so far they are all I have been able to find for the clear bra. Good price too if you do the work with a lifetime warranty.
  • jblochjbloch Posts: 2
    I have a different question--I can't see that this has been discussed on any other thread--if it has, then sorry. Anyway, it appears that through the discussions here and the note "t" that Edmunds uses on the new car TMV guide, that the TCH usually comes equipped "loaded," i.e. leather, NAV, and moonroof--i.e. the UT/LA/SR packages--which adds $4590 to the bottom line (MSRP--which is the same as buyer cost since the TCH isn't being discounted). My question is, since I don't really want a TCH with leather, moonroof or NAV, is there any chance Toyota is going to start producing "lower-end" models that don't have these three big-ticket add-ons for those of us who'd prefer to buy a hybrid in the $28000 range rather than $31,500? I gather they're going to "ramp-up" production of the TCH (prob. not as much as the Prius), so wondered if this is a possibility.


    Jim :)
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    While many TCH's are indeed loaded many are not.
  • I there a replacements accessories for blue plastic consoles trim for hybrid camry? I wish it would have the wood trims.

  • I saw a partial thread under Trunk dimensions (Message 386), but thought this deserved a separate discussion.

    My 09 TCH arrived in town Yesterday, but I don't have it yet. The day I signed my contract, the salesman looked up the specifications and quoted me OK to tow 1000#. Since then I've been told the TCH is not recommended for towing at all, but they were still willing to install receiver hitch to allow an upright "T" carrier to pair with a Thule Bar on roof for carrying a long Kayak, or for use with a bike rack... but they wouldn't insatll a tail light kit thus preventing use with trailer. I saw in a post under "trunk dimensions", a comment that it is not recommended to install a receiver hitch for carrying anything either. I don't have an owner's manual yet, but if the dealer installs the hitch shouldn't they have to warranty the car with it?

    I initially intended to occasionally pull a 300# 5x8 utility trailer loaded with a 2 kayak rack and sometimes a walk behind lawn mower. Max combined weight 600# or the same as 3 large adults in the "5 passenger" car. I hate to drive my 15 mpg GMC 1500 truck just to carry a pair of Kayaks or a lawn mower. I assusme I wouldn't be getting hyper mileage while doing so, but it should beat the truck.

    What's the difference in towing a small trailer on "normal roads" vs driving 5 people up a mountain to a ski resort? I understand that once the hitch is there, they have no control of how it is used, but what is the towing concern anyway? Is the system too sensitive to protect itself? I would expect that if the ICE & motor can't provide sufficient power to handle the load at a given speed, then the vehicle automatically unloads by going slower. Like a person pedaling up a hill, you can only go as fast as you have power to go. :confuse:
  • "What's the difference in towing a small trailer on "normal roads" vs driving 5 people up a mountain to a ski resort?"

    A trailer (even a small one) becomes a tail that can wag the car. The Prius does not recommend any trailer towing. The Highlander Hybrid has a 3500 lb towing limit. One of the problems with the Camry is that it is a front wheel drive car. A similar weight and horse power rear wheel drive car will have a higher towing limit.
    If the dealer won't put in the wiring for lights, but the manual says you can tow 1000#, just go to another mechanic.
    That said, if the manual says you can tow 1000#, it should handle 600# without a problem.
  • Before I got my TCH I used a Garmin Nuvi GPS system. Compared to the Nuvi, the TCH system was more complicated to use, but I got used to it. However, one difference I would like to change involves announcing the streets. The Nuvi announces a street coming up where you have to turn - like "Turn Left on on Apple Street" whereas the TCH never gives the name of the street.

    Is Toyota every going to offer upgrades of the GPS software?
  • I just bought an 09 TCH and the accessories brochure indicated simulated wood applique availability.
  • Haven't posted for quite a while.
    I've got 18k miles on 07 Camry Hybrid, and would like to upgrade suspension. Last time I posted, someone had tried the TRD springs and ended up with a raised front end and a squat rear.
    Any updates? TRD still doesn't list Hybrid mods...guess no one else is interested.
    I still find the suspension uncomfortably soft and approaching dangerous when pushed...yeah, I know, don't push it...
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