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Pontiac G5 Coupe



  • I about died laughing when I found out the parent company of the manufacturer of those bad steering units.

    Hope the accelerator and brakes in your car are GM parts.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Leslie, the Cobalt and G5 are identical in interior size.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    GM is recalling 1.3 million G5, Cobalt and Pursuit (name of Pontiac model sold in Canada) to replace power steering components. Remedy to be announced in the near future.
  • expwymanexpwyman Posts: 25
    Update: The dealer says the pinging is normal. Seems it happens with Cobalts too. No big deal. The stereo has 6 pages of presets now. Seems there's a menu option to change that. (Duh!) They replaced my right steering wheel buttons which stuck. Also, a center cap fell off from one of my wheels. They replaced it under warrantee.

    If GM (and their dealers) want us back down the road to buy a new car, they still have to treat Pontiac and Saturn owners well, and I got good treatment. I'm not worried about the new recall. When you're driving at higher speeds, losing power steering, if you lose it, is not a huge deal. You can still steer the car. It's when you're driving really slowly that power steering helps. If you're driving really slowly, I doubt you'll be in a catastrophic wreck. Unlike Toyotas that accelerate to 100 mph and don't respond to brakes. Now that is a big problem. Glad I got my GM.
  • expwymanexpwyman Posts: 25
    A few comments...

    "Roof: Inside roof is a light, creamy type gray that shows stains easily and clearly was only designed to make inside look bigger. No thought given to how easily it shows stains."

    How does one get stains easily on your inside roof?

    "Radio - Stereo has a million buttons and a barely there volume knob that's hard to grip and adjust while driving. Time clock is oddly located to far right side of stereo, far from driver side."

    First of all, the volume knob is a huge knob in the middle of the radio. Plus, you're complaining about the clock display being oddly to the far right? This radio does not have a million buttons (Toyota's have a ton of buttons on their consoles, try one and you'll see, Pontiacs are really straightforward). In fact, this radio allows you to set your presets so you can mix AM, FM and XM and create banks of stations based on music, news, etc. It's easy to program (read the manual). In any case, the radio is a standard size (not built in like Hyundai, for example) so when you have some money saved, you can replace it with another radio you like.

    "I am 5 feet even and this is car from hell. It is so umcomfortable to drive and adjusting seats does not help because I need to lower seats to make legs comfortable but that hinders view over dash and side windows. Maybe if you're 5'4 or 5'5, it is the perfect fit but for the 5"2 to 4"11 crowd, do not get this car. I hate it so much and can't afford anything else."

    As for the seats, get cushioned seat covers at Walmart. That should make things feel better for you. Some places sell pedal extenders, so you can reach the pedals better without adjusting the seat so far down.

    All in all, should have test drove it and said, "this isn't the car for me". If this was the only place in town to buy a car, ask Dad to take you to the next town.

    Good luck with the G5 anyway. Hope you can make some adjustments and like the car a little more.
  • Hi, can anyone recommend a good bike carrier/rack for the G5? I bought one recently that I had to return since the spoiler got in the way. The instruction manual inside said it fit Cobalt but not G5, so I'm guessing it's because of the spoiler which is standard on G5, optional on Cobalt. Thanks!
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Saris makes a trunk mount rack that works on G5 with spoiler. I think the model is "Bones" and it is costly. Other models may also work.

    For hitch mount or roof mount there are many options.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    I'd be curious to hear your comments now after 4 years of ownership. Has it been a good car?
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    I hope you have your email notifier on even if it has been a few years since u logged in last. I am curious if you could explain a couple things. (there's more but just these two would be good) ;)

    "in july of this year the oil in engine compressed so badly the dip stick was broke during removal if i want a new one it will cost me (not covered) compression test resulted in as inconclusive they can't explain what happened. "

    Please explain as this makes no sense whatsoever.

    "i stopped going to dealership they laugh at me now. at this point i am spending 300.00 a month for gas to drive approx 400 miles a month. "

    So back in 09 I will guess gas to be $2.50/gal?
    According to your figures , this would mean your car was getting only 3.33 MPG.
    (And 4 MPG if you had paid $3./gal)

    Re your post...
  • I know this is an old post, but I'm hoping you're still out there...

    Did they ever find a solution? I have a 2009 G5 and just noticed a leak in the trunk that I think might be coming from the satellite antenna, but I'm totally freaked out about it.

  • I have an 09 G5 and a 07 Tahoe. The G5 has the regular GM head unit with the single disc, the Tahoe has the 6disc head unit. I would like to put the 6disc in the G5. Is this going to be a problem?
  • 2doorpost2doorpost Posts: 74
    edited April 2012
    Since I've owned a G5 for awhile and bought a couple of Cobalts also- I'll
    chime in for a reply for you.....
    Comfort? Seat support is ok.....impossible to latch the seatbelt with the console down (or set the handbrake)
    Light headliner cleans up easy. Light seats in the Cobalt clean up ok.
    Carpeted floor mats wear thin quickly. Spend the bucks and switch to
    all weather mats.

    XFE base tires are crap in snow- drive carefully until you wear them out
    and then invest in decent tires.

    but all in all......its a cheap ride that will get you great MPG and decent service .
  • 2doorpost2doorpost Posts: 74
    If it is, the antenna is held on to the roof under the headliner by a locknut, the base of the antenna has a gasket. It may be loose and just need to be tightened. If you can get the headliner loose from the inside enough to swing a wrench on the locknut to tighten it down, that might be all it takes.
  • catprwlcatprwl Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    I need help with my Pontiac G5 the smell of Gas Vapors/Smell when I start and drive and shut off the car took it to two places one being a Dealer who says i need a new Cat Converter then took it to a personal mechanic who says its the flex hose that has a crack in it and can replace it cheaper then the Dealer anyone have the same problem or any info on this?
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    catprwl, it's surely the hose from gas tank to the charcoal/evap canister, that's what the personal mechanic is talking about. believe that mechanic. it's a very common issue.
    catalytic converter can be ignored unless the car fails emissions test or car won't accelerate beyond 30 mph or so due to catalytic-converter-blocked
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822

    A reporter would like to speak with a GM owner whose vehicle has been subject to the recent recalls, and whose vehicle has experienced sudden stalling. If you and your vehicle fit this criteria, please contact us at by Friday, March 21, 2014.

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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822

    A reporter would like to speak to a GM owner whose car was part of the latest rounds of recalls and had all necessary recall work completed. If this is you, please send your daytime contact information to no later than Tuesday, 4/15/14 at noon PT/3 p.m. ET.

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