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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • There is a law against refusing warranty service for lack of having prevetative maintenance done at the dealership.

    The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, 15 U.S.C. §2302(c), prohibits manufacturers of consumer products from conditioning warranty coverage on the use of any article or service identified by brand, trade or corporate name unless such articles or services are either provided to the consumer for free or the manufacturer proves that the warranted product will function properly only if such articles or services are used in connection with the product. This is known as the prohibition against "tie-in sales requirements."
  • My overdrive light was flashing.My trans was shifting very hard in 1st 2nd &3rd, I ran a scanner on it,came up with code 1746.My trans was ok i just replaced the shift pack solinoid. The part was about 325$. Shifts fine now,not sure what is goin on with yours,run a scan on it first before you take it to a shop.
  • gerlad1gerlad1 Posts: 22
    Two questions actually,,,
    One,, apparently my 04 6.0L has an external transmission filter.. I had the transmission flushed at the Ford Dealership (75,000miles) and they told me that they "never" change the transmission filter (only flush) since the filter change was an unnecessary expense. Any experience with this? I am reluctant to not change the filter since I would assume it serves a purpose or wouldn't be there
    Second--I have periodically put the diesel additive in my fuel tank for lubrication of the injectors (now that low sulfur is here). But, not sure this is necessary. Any thoughts on this--added expense. Diesel is up to $4/gal here in south Texas.
  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    I too have an 04PSD 6.0 F-250. If i were you, I would insist on the transmission filter change. These days, to appease the Eco-Nazis it is politically correct to not create as much waste as possible. Why do you think they are telling you to change your oil every 5K mi?
    Since they (the Eco_Nazis) won't be paying any of your repair bills, what do they care?
    I use the additive by RBP (or BRP?) a $23.00 bottle treats hundreds of gallons, so it is not very expensive. I use the additive that just protects. They have one that ups the Cetane level, but it costs more.
  • gerlad1gerlad1 Posts: 22
    In spite of the local Ford service "advisors" telling me that I did not need to change out the external transmission filter on my 04 truck, and that it was a 1 + hour job to change the filter,,,, I went ahead and bought one from Napa ($19) and it took me about 10 minutes to change it out. They (Ford) had flushed the trans twice for me over the years--but never changed the filter. The fluid looked good,, (recently flushed tranny) but filter looked REALLY bad. Easy to get to filter,, 22mm socket,,key was to use an impact to knock it loose--then rachet to tighten. Right under radiator and un-obstructed. FYI..
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Not sure where you are, but here in Denver there is place I can Ford OEM replacement Injectors is TK Distributors, not sure what they want for 6.0 but for 7.3 they have them for around 175.00 a piece for them.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hey people sorry for not being able to read some of these posts but after looking through them I will give you some places to go for replacement parts for your Trucks that are either the same as OEM Ford parts or better. One is the TK Distributors here in Denver adn I think they have others places not sure about that. Also I replaced my Transmission from a local guy here for my 2001 Diesel and it was around 2300.00. I asked him who he uses when he has to ship one out of state and he told me most Trucking companies like PIE, Roadway and those will pretty much ship one for him for less than 150.00, the Tranny also comes with a new Torgue Converter. If you can change brakes & hubs on your truck you can change out your tranny. Also on the Injectors I don't think a lot of you know it but you can go to Places like Peirs Harry out of Canada for the same price Ford wants for there's and get more HP ones. If you are sending 4000.00 for Ford OEM's that kind of money from them will anywhere from 75HP to 125HP Injectors and with more HP out of your Truck the better Fuel mileage you will get unless you are racing it all the time like me, lol. Thats how come them and other places like ATS, Eilte , Etc. are doing so well and that is because they can sell you Injectors that give you more Horse Power for the Same Price as Ford OEM's Injectors.

    All the Places I just said all have Web sites so check them out for your self. the only place that doesn't is Dwayne for the Trannys but if anyone wants his number just ask me and I will post it in here. He is a really good Tranny builder and builds any Vehicle but he is only in Denver.

    Also I just checked only because I couldn't remember, lol. But Piers Harry changed thier name to Peak Diesel Performance. I was also pulling up others like ATS, Elite-Diesel, BD Diesel and all of them you can get more HP Injectors for under the 4000.00.

  • johnminnjohnminn Posts: 52
    One of the surest ways there is to create automatic transmission problems is to fail to keep them filled to the proper level. When you check the engine oil, and you have the hood up, check the transmission level. Right behind that cause of transmission failure is failure to replace the oil. I change oil AND filter at 25,000 and then at 75,000 and every 50,000 after that unless the oil gets hot. The cabbies have a transmission oil temperature gage which has a yellow and a red zone on it. Get one. If the oil temp ever hits the red zone, they go directly to the shop and change oil. Oil is cheap, transmission repairs are not. I haven’t “lost” an automatic transmission in years.
  • johnminnjohnminn Posts: 52
    With the price they get for rebuilding transmissions I think I shall have to get out from behind the wheel and learn to rebuild transmissions.
    The over the road competition is terrific and costs are eating my lunch, and I have too many miles on this “chassis” to want to do this much longer.
    My son became a transmission man and gained a reputation for quality work. In contrast with many shops, he studied the factory manual until he could recite tolerances and pressures and configurations. Now isn’t that a “novel” concept. He had a fellow come to his shop from over 700 miles away with a transmission in the pickup box. The fellow wanted the transmission to have a certain set of shifting characteristics, so John built it for him to his specks. John did not advertise or even list as a transmission man because he had all the work he could handle, so when he had finished, the fellows transmission, he asked “how in the world did you hear about me?”. He said that he had been talking to a trucker about what he needed in a transmission, and the trucker had told him about John’s shop. He no longer does transmissions, but has his own shop and crew which does specialty work on dies which are malfunctioning.
    Sounds like good transmission men are hard to come by, and my son surely can get me started.
  • yankee31yankee31 Posts: 2
    Bought my used truck year ago and all seemed fine. after 3 months while sitting at a red light truck just quit. ( like turning key off ) so restarted truck and away i went. month later same thing. Now it has got my attention. now truck will stall out when Im slowing down to go into a turn or at 80 - 120 k`s its wants to quit ( hasn`t yet) It is now doing this about 6 to 10 times a day this is really annoying the good news is the truck will always start. Changed fuel filter. (still have stalling problem) I am taking truck to mech. tomorrow to hopefully search out problem. been looking around these forums some think it to be IPC sensor (injection control sensor) or CPS (cam position sensor) Im at my wits end love this truck but it is driving me nuts. Truck has 118451 kilometers. I am new to the diesel truck owners please any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • gerlad1gerlad1 Posts: 22
    Check my posting # 195 of December 3.. I had an almopst identical problem with my 04 diesel. Have not had one problem since the Dec. 3 repair.--ie Ford changed out both ends of an electrical connector which was giving an erratic fuel pressure signal.
  • gerlad1gerlad1 Posts: 22
    I saw in one of the earlier postings of a few months ago--that you wouldn't be caught dead without using a fuel lubricant additive to compensate for the low sulfur now in diesel fuel.
    Which additive do you use?
  • yankee31yankee31 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info gerlad1 have taken truck to mech and we took it for test drive with code reader attached. 2 codes came up relating to the cam sensor. truck is running fine and he cant seem to find any problems (typical never stalls when your with the mech) I kind of hope its my cam sensor but not so keen on the $431.00 for the part. Once again if anyone has a similar problem relating to 1996 7.3 ltr power stroke diesel please let me know. Check my last post #318.

  • I have a 97 Powerstroke that would stall out when hot and idled down from a hot run. The dealor just replaced the Camshaft position sensor free as part of a recall. I don't know for sure if it is fixed but hope to make a trip shortly to check it out.
  • Since we are talking about Stalling i have a 97 crew cab f350 powerstroke 7.3 that will stall every now again? Sometimes it will start right back-up othertimes it can take 5-20 min. I have taken it to ford they can't find any problem nore codes. I have replaced the cam censor two times and the glow plug relay. Other than that it runs great. Any help would be great ty
  • yukon102yukon102 Posts: 1
    :mad: 2000 Ford F350 .
    Vehicle has 117k miles on it and has run great since I got it with 50k. Over the past month the truck, intermittently, refuses to turnover. Happens when it’s hot and cold. All dash board, electrics are strong and starter clicks but vehicle will not turn over. Batteries were replaced 8 months ago, alternator replaced 2 months ago. Wait a couple of minutes or bang the dash board and it starts right up. Not sure if the banging helps but it makes me feel better. I have had it at Ford twice now and they just keep tightening the battery terminals. Same mechanic both times, sounds like a token answer to me. Dealerships stated that electric diagnostics are clear from starter to engine and were not able to replicate the problem when they had it.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hate to tell you but you are going to have to look more into the Dash board or Steering. There is a Wire more than likely that has cracked or came lose and the sightest movement is letting it start again or you have a relay that is acting up, either way I myself hate messing with the Electrical on any Vehicle and wish you luck.
  • chas1969chas1969 Posts: 4
    Does anyone have the 2004 F350 powerstroke service manual that they would care to share. If it is on your comp. Or a site that would.Thank you :) ">
  • bridmtnbridmtn Posts: 1
    The past year I have owned a F-250 powerstroke that seems to have poor low end power and fuel economy. My 1st tank of fuel got me about 16.3 mpg but since it has dropped down to about 13.6mpg. This truck has 92K miles, auto trans. w/aftermarket 4 in. exhaust and no cat converter. There is a bad turbo whistle at highway speed and I am wondering if there needs to be more backpressure in the exhaust. I have changed the fuel/air filters, run fuel conditioner and installed a Super Chip to no avail. The fuel mileage never changed. What puzzles me is the fact that the 1st tank of fuel mileage was great. My girlfriend's 97 has a lot more power and gets 17mpg!

  • orcowboyorcowboy Posts: 1
    i have a 96 powerstroke i had the same problem i changed the cam posion sencer. fired up and ran not problem. went to napa paid $35.00 for stock sencer. there is a recall on them from 1997 on. ford dealer will fix it free.
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