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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,852
    What year 7.3 engines do you like? I am watching for a pre 1997 F250. I like a full sized truck vs the Ranger I am now driving. F250 diesels are not that expensive in the 10+ year old range. I like the old style better also.
  • i wrk at the dealer and if i told that to a customer than i probably would not be employed there anymore. for one you dont turn down buisness especially trks. i knw the 6.0's r prolemsum but when performing correctly they are a really good dependble engine. too bad you dont live in the metro-detroit area.....that means money warranty or not u knw.
  • can get you manual....hard copy if posible. do u have problem with ur trk or jst want manual. i wrk at the dealer. email
  • 430 bucks for the part......! holy!@#$ ford dealer $28.00 new style.part of the recall 07s57 no matter mileage
  • gibby3gibby3 Posts: 2
    i have a 1999 f350 dually 7.3 powerstroke. it starts most of the time but latley only when cold it just turns over,smokes out the fault code registered.replaced relay for glow plugs also oil temp and 2 atmospheric switches.if i leave it for a period of time not always the same and go back it will start first turn.any help will be appricated.
  • chas1969chas1969 Posts: 4
    I live in Jackson Mi and I would greatly appreciate more than you would ever imagine . I have a 2002 F150 service manual on DVD to give you although you probably already have it . I allso have a service manual on my bike it covers several kawasakis around 85 to 87 eliminators that is also on Dvd . I am trying to be able to do alot of work on this truck myself. It is running good now but I want to learn this truck I hope to have it for the next 12 years. Thank you so much.
  • pwrstrkinpwrstrkin Posts: 4
    well it sounds like you replaced everything else that it usually is....although sometimes it is the pcm. the pcm all it does is grounds the glow plug circuit. you have to rule out also the possibility of the uvc(under the valve cover) harness connections...but you might have experienced some drive concerns. if all ok most likely it is the pcm. dealer cost about i think $380 has to be programmed in tho. it sucks tho because you cant directly test the pcm. you have to hook up a break out box(which only the dealer has) to the pcm and ground that circuit manualy to verify wiring integrity. good luck email with results
  • gibby3gibby3 Posts: 2
    thanks for your help ,i now have the problem of finding a dealer in scotland with the software to program in the pcm.if anyone nows of anybody even in britian,i dont mind traveling,realy enjoy driving my ford.thanks
  • rondo8rondo8 Posts: 2
    In the first 82,000 miles of owning my F350 Power Stroke 2001 Diesel truck I have encountered.
    1. Rebuilding the transmission on two occasions once with replacement of the converter.
    2. Replaced all three wiring harnesses, right side injector, left side injector as well as engine harness.
    3. Replaced starter.
    4. Replaced injector #4 one time and injector #8 three times (one time may have been due to improper installation by ford mechanic.
    5. Had the engine removed two time by a Ford dealer to find the "knock" (due to #8 injector). Subsequently, the rear manifold was reinstalled by a Ford dealer improperly causing vapors to leak into the truck compartment as well as the heat burning a 11" hold in the firewall blanket. This was repaired by another Ford dealer when I took it in because of the toxic fumes.

    I am told that "things break", by a service manager at a Ford dealer. Do these problems seem excessive or am I just causing trouble by complaining as it has been suggested by a Ford dealer?

    I have to date, spent an average of $1700.00 per year to maintain this truck.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    This first part is for the guy I talked to about 10 days ago that lives here in Denver, after meeting the lawyer for my divorce I forgot to write down or save your number so please call me back and I can give you Dewanyes number on your tranny.

    As far as only having 82K on your truck and having to replace the tranny twice you must be pulling something but hopefully it was covered by Ford and you didn't have to pay for the replacement of the tranny. Ford's tranny's suck if you are pulling anything over 3000K pounds more than once a year, if pulling any weight or a daily, weekly or monthly basic's they will not hold up.
    The Injectors though that is a few, usually I hear of maybe one and even two going out but that many is uncommon.
    Even though Ford Dealers send their guys to learn how to work on our trucks the right way doesn't always mean they will. Sounds like to switched Ford Dealers to work on your truck and hopefully that one will do a better job.
    The Starter is really uncommon to have to replace on them, I usually don't have to replace one untill I have over 200K miles on mine and even then it was still working good I thought and when I replaced the Batteries my guy said the Starter could and should be replace as well and I had the extra money so I did, but I have not truly had one go out on me nor my brother who just got rid of his 96 F350 that had over 350K miles on it.
    The wiring is something that you just never know about, I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota and 3 months after buying it new the Fuse Box Melted, lol. When something like that happens on a new Vehicle it's kind of a freak thing and mark it down to bad luck.
  • gerlad1gerlad1 Posts: 22
    To continue with the last post or two---I will not go into the series of times my 2004 F250 has been "in the shop" but latest problem I find out (by looking at the other Ford truck forum) is also a common one--and needs to be fixed by Ford engineers.
    While hooking up to a friends flat bed trailer, I found out the hard way there was a short in the trailer run lights. Blew my # 38 20 amp fuse--which was no problem to replace. However, apparently the episode fried the tow park light relay. Unfortunately, some engineer decided to make this part of the central junction (fuse) box and this relay is embedded in plastic. After finding a wiring diagram and a couple of trips to the two local Ford dealerships--I finally found out I had two options--replace the fuse junction box--or unbolt it and tie into the wiring behind it and install an after market relay --which I did for about $15 plus my time. Central Junction Box was $289 + tax so I didn't replace it. Apparently this relay problem is very common--unfortunately, the trailer park/run light relay is apparently the only relay un-serviceable.
  • rondo8rondo8 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately the transmission was not under warrenty. The first time it was at 38,000 with the warrenty going out at 36,000. I do tow a 5th wheel however it is supposed to be able to handle it according to the manufacture. The main problems happened after 75,000 miles, I spent over $9,000.00 in repairs over a 11 month period. Hopefully, it is fixed now and will keep me happy for several miles in the future. I am told it is still a new vehicle since it only has 84,000 miles
  • superduty3superduty3 Posts: 11
    have a question about tow haul swith on a 2004 f-350 6.0 in manuel it says to use when towing or hauling heavy in bed, will it hurt truck or tranny to use in daily driving empty. when using with switch on i am averaging about 4 mpg better. every little bit helps am up to 28 mpg average. thanxs

  • kjones3kjones3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 6.0 powerstroke with 72k miles and it leaks coolant at night when it is not running. Every morning when I come out there is a puddle on the passenger side coming from somewhere up the back side of the motor. Any suggestions?
  • paulpe99paulpe99 Posts: 6
    Has someone else seen this code? I have a 2003 (05/2003) Ford F250 Crew Cab SuperDuty 6.0L Diesel truck. I've recently installed a 4" turboback MBRP 409ss exhaust system, an AFE stage II intake, Banks 6-gun tuner w/pda. Those add-ons were installed after I had my 2nd blown turbo replaced. The EGR valve was removed and cleaned two weeks ago. I just started adding Lucas Fuel Treatment to each tank full of fuel. The P0132B is also accompanied with a P0402 code. I've done a search of the Net, but can't find anything. Any serious input would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • Hi, I found an awesome deal on a '04 F250 Powerstroke diesel but want to know what I'm getting into before I make a purchase. I've checked around and not really found anything too specific as to the issues these trucks generally have other than the recall issues. I've looked on consumer reports and they note major engine trouble as a caution but don't go into detail as to what that means.

    I'm wondering if anyone can offer any insight into this year/model specifically.

    Thanks in advance.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    I am and will always be a Ford Truck owner BUT the one truck I will never own of Ford is any truck they made between 2003 & 2007 or any with the 6.0L motor in it. A lot of the 2003's Ford had to buy back and even into the 2004's models. If it is a Screaming deal like or like you say a Awesome deal than more than likely the owner has it running again and is trying to dump it before it breaks down again. There is really not much diffence in the 2002 model with the safer 7.3L in it which is what you might want to go with. Of course I am not sure why anyone would want to keep there Diesel with the price of fuel, I love my truck but at 4.30 per gallon for fuel it's a little hard to drive it. Lucky for me the back up Vehicle is a Vette so it's not like I am down grading by not driving the truck, lol.
  • superduty3superduty3 Posts: 11
    i have a 04 f-350 with a 6.0, would not trade or drive anything else. had a egr problem at 100k to the tune of 5oo bucks in parts, would have cost about 2500 at dealer. truck gets 28 mpg with a few mods, nothing major and no programmer.

  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    I have an '04 F-250 PSD 6.0 and have had a small fuel leak that was fixed by the dealer under warranty and the serpentine belt was noisy, so my dealer replaced it for free.
    No problems so far. Having said that, I must say that it only has about 34K miles on it. I put the whole Banks kit in it and it rocks!
  • kart24kart24 Posts: 3
    My recent problem is very similar,

    fuse #45 blew the first time after replacing the alternator with a bad diode

    the gauges/ instrument panel goes dorment, but the F250 diesel is still drivable

    the tow switch is also dorment at the same time.

    The fuse (10amp #45) seems to more commonly blow at startup or shortly after

    Any additional info appreciated
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