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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    edited May 2011
    i changed the filter recently and i dont remember seeing anything like that. i will check it again
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    ok will do thanks rodesigner
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    i notice it smokes alot right when i start it up and rev the engine once th truck warms up it doesnt smoke as much....after its warmed up it will only smoke when i rev it( then it is excessive white smoke ) i am a dummy when it gets ti mechanics
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    how much will the ipr cost ? if i replace any senors , will the ones from a local autoparts store be as good as the ones from ford???
  • have you had this truck checked out on a genuin ford scanner sometimes the others wont show some of the problems? i think the ipr cost around 500 at the parts store and 800 at ford so you better know that thats what is wrong. can you get it to shut down when your in the driveway at home?and how long do you have to wait befor it will start again
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    i was going to but the dealer ship was so far behind...i would have had to wait a while.... it varies sometimes after it cools down it will fire right back up, the last couple times i got it to start it will idle fine wont smoke much but as soon as i go to drive it will die after i get moving....but i can rev it while its park and it wont die.... im dropping the fuel tank tonight and checking my lift pump..... the ICP was part of my problem but when i ran it out of fuel the one day i do believe it caused some other issues( the guage said i still had a 1/4 Of a tank, i never let the fuel go much under a 1/4 ). that day the tank was bone dry... im checking the lift pump in the fuel tank.... a ford mechanic told me there is a screen or filter like thing that was bad to get stopped up ?
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    finally got my truck fixed........high pressure oil pump , lift pump , the switch thing on the rail , IPR ,ICP , and i think the third sensor was the cam shaft postion sensor....also have 3 injectors going out (explains the miss between 2 and 2500 rpm.........inspite all the * the truck did great till a couple hours ago the clutch went out
  • akcamaiakcamai Posts: 9
    I just bought this truck to haul a 28 foot camper. I was hauling it with a Dodge Durango 5.7L but just barely. From my perspective, this truck sounds and drives like nothing I have had before...its pretty macho, but I think it will do the job. My friends are way impressed!
    Does anyone know what the tow capacity is on the 2005 F250 SuperDuty Crew Cab. It has a 5th wheel hook up in the backend but I am going to be pulling the trailer with a hitch mount.
  • Hello
    I have a 2000 f350 7.3 and I have problems.It starts and runing for 5 minutes and stops and I can't start it up again only if it stays for two hours when it stops the check engine light is off .I changed the CPS but nothing .the pump is working but is not getting signal to start when I turn the ignition on the wait to star is not on or sometime it turns on but the cuise light is on to
    Anybody have the same thing
  • My church is looking to purchase a 2005 Krystal Koach mini-bus with this engine and I have heard nothing but bad things about it. The engine had the short block and injector pump replaced at 30,000 miles and now has 52,000 total miles on it. What, if any, improvements or fixes to the factory problems have been made by Ford on replacements and did this fix it?
  • I am thinking about buying a ford diesel truck but not to smart on the power stroke what is the best motor to get i was told a 7.3 not a 6.0 does it matter and a used truck with a lot of miles is that a huge deal anything you have to offer will be very useful
  • I have a 96 Superduty with a powerstroke. Has no power when cold, wont go over 2500 RPM when cold. Has a rough idle even when warm. It does have a fuel drip comming from the high pressure oil pump area (engine valley, runnung down the back of the block). It also blows blue/white smoke when cold. Would anyone have any ideas on this?
  • I have a 2000 7.3 L engine. I love it. My son has a 1999 7.3 L he loves his too.
  • I hope you have deep pockets if you buy a 6.0. Ford has built in tons of problems from exploding turbos to lots of electrical troubles. Bad plastic parts for high pressure oil pressure starting. Ford won't stand behind them. Oh forgot about my trans frying too. All with 41,000 miles. Ford said I was 1 month out of warranty and I didnt buy new NOT their problem. Love my new GMC though.
  • my 96 powerstroke will not start. I have not had any problems, went out to start and it acts like it is out of gas but is not. I ran the batteries down trying to start it so I replaced the batteries that would not take a charge. I have also noticed that my 'wait to start' light is out.

    Any help offered will be appreciated.
  • Try checking the BCM fuse for a bad connection if good try the starter relay I have a 2000 f250 with the 7.3L had something like that to for me it was the BCM fuse the fuse box is under the kick panel driver side
  • jc1776jc1776 Posts: 1
    New superduty shut off while driving, it would restart but would not stay running more than a few seconds. Ford found bad throttle actuator.
    Ran it 300 more miles then shut off again, similar to last time except engine light stayed on.
    Ford stumped now. Fuel pressure goes low. Replaced filters, no effect, old filter looks clean.
    Harnesses beep out ok. Replacing fuel system controller tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

    Anybody else have this problem with the 6.7L? They had to resdesign some fuel controls for this size, so could be system problem.
  • edbsaedbsa Posts: 3
    I am having the same problem. Changed the fuel luck
  • I have a similar problem with my 99 F-350 did you get your corrected, and if I may ask what was the solution? I am kind of lost at this point.

    You can email me at

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