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Ford F-Series Gasoline Engine Problems



  • my 88 is doin the same thing. it will start up and about 10 minutes later it will die. and im trying to find out what it is. i also thinks its the fuel filter
  • halesjshalesjs Posts: 3
    It’s sounds like it could be your fuel filter, because when the motor shuts down you still have fuel pressure and this could slowly pass thru the filter, after a few minutes letting the motor restart till it runs out of fuel again.
    I still have not found the problem with this truck, I will be checking the computer this week, I am not getting a service engine light when it starts and this suggests that all sensors are working properly.
  • Did you have an diagnostic run on this? There are several parts for this - EGR valve, EGR vacuum regulator (EVR), differential feedback pressure sensor, the PCM, EGR pipe and various vacuum and pressure lines. The diag test should have given codes for the specific part of the EGR system.
  • I had similar problem with my 87 f-150 6cyl 4x4. They said " catalytic,fuel pump, fuel filter etc etc." all this repair would have cost a fortune. It ran slightly better with new plugs and wires, so I pursued that line. I had the ignition module checked and it was fine. That only left the coil. I changed that and no more problems!
  • i have had this same problem...i replaced the egr valve twice and the sensor once, new fuel filter, new plugs wire..the works and still having the same problem i had a diagnostic run and it says insufficiant air flow.. and its been recomended to change the injectors but im not sure.
  • f150skef150ske Posts: 2
    I have very similiar problem. I have the 0403 "EGR excessive flow" problem. Have changed the DFPE sensor, EGR vavle, and EGR tube. Check engine ligth still stays on. Mechanic has check the EGR system and says it working ok, he says its the PCM. I don;t want to change a $400 PCM unless I know for sure what it is.
  • nofear3212nofear3212 Posts: 2
    has your gas milage dropped? mines dropped from about 19 on the highway to about 14. and from 16 in town to 12.5
  • f150skef150ske Posts: 2
    My gas milaege has dropped slightly from 17 to about 15. I was wrong, I am actually getting the 0402 code, not the 0403. I am trying to figure out what could be wrong other then replacing the PCM as my mechanic wants to do. Can I replace a PCM by myself? I see that NAPA sells them.
  • breckriderbreckrider Posts: 2
    It's an 89 F250 7.5 8 cyl lariat package. When the engine is revved it sounds like there's some sort of whine like something spinning freely then the engine begins to lose power and there's a burning smell like hot metal on hot metal some some slight smoke. I couldn't tell for sure but it looked greyish. There's oil in it. WHen driving it on the road it very little power.

    Any clues? Any other information you need?
  • armstrongrarmstrongr Posts: 2
    hello i have a 1988 f150 6cyl. manuel , it will start up and run fine ,then after 10 min it cuts off . no spark!! wont start again till the next morning
  • armstrongrarmstrongr Posts: 2
    hello , i have been on this for a week and no responce , dosn't anyone have a clue , i have replaced ing. controller twice (side of distributer) and replaced coil , the only thing left that i can think of is the computer , but it is giving me no codes (maybe thats why i need to replace it ,, what do you'll think ???
  • f150lemmonf150lemmon Posts: 1
    I am hoping that someone can help me. I have a brand new F150, only 4k miles w/ engine overheating after just driving a few miles down the road. The truck has been towed to the dealership numerous of times. Now we have 4000 miles and the dealership has had the truck for the past THREE WEEKS and cannot figure out what the problem is. My trade in has already been sold and the dealership just now agreed to give me a rental. Is there anyone out there having this same problem? Please help!
  • backmanbackman Posts: 5
    What is the intake,peleumin torque on v6 4.2 F150??in inch pounds??my intakes blew and i need the torque,my mech says he does not torque just tightens by hand .i dont like that idea,this engine has 130,000 is this a common problem?when will it happen again?? Thanks Rick in pa
  • I recently purchased my 1995 F150 with 4x4 5.0 automatic transmission. Ran great when I purchased, then began running rough and started dying after driving awhile. I thought the in-line fuel filter needed replacing, so I did. But, it didn't solve my problem. I later R&R spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor cap & ignition coil. Problem continued. Began having check engine error codes. Autozone said codes indicated EGR and vehicle speed sensor. So I replace those. Problem still exist. When you first start engine you can hear fuel pumps engaging in both fuel tanks. But, after engine warms it dies and won't restart and can no longer hear fuel pumps engaging. R&R fuel pump relay, still no help. Beginning to think it may be vehicle's EEC control module. Can someone PLEASE help. THANKS!!
  • volvostepvolvostep Posts: 1
    Any suggestions: The truck has a rebuilt 302 with a ho cam only thing not stock as i found it. When i use it around town plowing or pulling my 2 harley trailer its fine no codes. But when i try to go up hills serious pulling the engine light comes on and it starts missing then it goes off and couple seconds later it has power again. Ran computer codes and it had 172,173 no 1 bank rich and lean codes. Also when pulling the air conditioning vent switches from vent to defrost. has a new mass air,computer,could it have clogged the cat converter? Only has one o2 sensor upstream of cat. Help! Truck went to Fla and back with problem blew the first motor. has new one ho cam don't want to blow 2nd. Thanks.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Clue - "AC vent switches from vent to defrost."

    You've got a good sized vaccuum leak somewhere. In addition to the other egnine function, vaccuum is used to hold the ventilation system actuator door in the vent/floor/etc. positions. When you have little or no vaccuum, the ventilation system goes back to default state - defrost. (It's done that way for safety.)

    Look for brittle vaccuum lines - especially where they go into the firewall.

    Not sure it will solve all your problems but once the vaccuum leak is gone it may make them easier to diagnose.

    GOod luck.
  • fomoconafomocona Posts: 19
    I'm sorry to hear about your situation with your new F-150. Ford is committed to repairing your vehicle. I'd recommend that you work with your dealer's service manager to get your concern resolved. If you need further assistance from Ford, please call the Customer Relationship Center at 800-392-FORD (3673). They would be in the best position to assist you further.
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