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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    I was informing f-series owners that a new tsb was released yesterday concerning shift quality complaints on 2007-2008 4R75E transmissions if you look up the tsb number i posted all info will be on it
  • renwickdrenwickd Posts: 2
    how do i file my complaint?
  • tahoeguy1tahoeguy1 Posts: 3
    I have an 02' deisal f350. 197k miles, and my 3rd transmission , this one has 100k on it. When I'm going uphill it leaks and seems to be coming where the trans and engine meet. Any idea what this could be? My garage is getting to be a mess.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    If you are having to add tranny fliud all the time then more than likely it is the Seal in the Torgue Converter. With out seeing it it's a little hard to know. Pull the plate off the bottom where you can see the Flywheel and Torgue Converter, if on the side where the Converter butts up against the Tranny and it look like it clean down the middle then it's the Seal. If you are not replacing tranny oil then of course it's your Rear Seal on the Motor.
  • tahoeguy1tahoeguy1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for that. It sounds like either way the tranny has to come off. Its definatly tranny fluid, all the way up my steep street. (it doesnt do it on level ground) I think the rear seal on the motor is also gone, as it occationaly leaks engine oil as well. The oil companies must love me! Reading some of these threads it seems like there are different types of torque converters available, depending on the vehicles use? We pull a horse trailer sometimes, and a boat.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    If it's truly only up hill that it leaks make sure it's not coming out of some place else like the Rear Seal on the tranny or if it's 4x4 someplace around the transfer Case. If you are unsure where it's coming from start over and park it someplace where there is no Oil under it so in the morning you can get under there and find out for sure where the Oil is coming from.

    Torgue Converters are very Important yes but they don't have to spend what they are wanting on some of these Website. I paid 350.00 for mine from a local guy here in Denver that supplies us with them for all our racing vehicles as well and would put it up against anything you can buy out in Web land including ATS, BD, Xtreme or who ever else sells them at Triple the Cost. The lowest I see a so called Converter for is around 900.00 and go up too 1500.00. Now I do pay a different price than others only because I am a Racer my self but the whole tranny with converter would only cost around 2600.00 for a rebuilt one. Shipping I am sure has gone up but last year his was only paying under 150.00 each way to ship one.
  • acdudeacdude Posts: 1
    I have a transmission fluid leak coming from the transmission fill tube. This seems like an odd place to have a leak. Anyone experiened this? I think it must be cracked but not sure. I wanted to check before I bring it in.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    you might want to have a close look at the tube its 2 pieces and ford uses anarobic sealer on the lower piece in the case and it tends to leak sometimes especially on 4x4's that get off road usage
  • I've got a 95 Bronco and i recently smoked the tranny, well anytime i drove it anywhere over 8 miles i'd boil over out of the dipstick tube, and i'm transplanting the good guts from a 2wd to my 4wd. We ran into a 'little' snafu with all these damn little balls. I thought with taking a large sum of photos and being 'really' careful I'd be able to rebuild this damn thing, but god forbid should that be the case and now i'm frantically searching the internet for answers but i forgot the internet is full money grubbing yuppies and everyone's trying to be the next Bill Gates. So basically would you help me?
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hey Craig,
    Well as that was pretty full detail, what do you actually need and/ or want ? lol.
  • All i need to know is where and what size balls little homes are in the valve body so i don't mix them up
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    well there should be 9 checkballs in the case 5/16 and 2 in the lower valve body 5/16 and 1 epc relief ball 1/4 inch on a spring below the solenoid block all are plastic except the epc relief which is steel
  • tahoeguy1tahoeguy1 Posts: 3
    I have a major trans leak on my F350, 4x4, its coming out at the front where the sheet metal cover meet the back of the engine. It was only doing it when I went up a long hill and would start after a 1/4 mile, now its doing it all the time. Is this the torque converter or is there a high presure line in that cavity? If I take the trans off, how big of a deal is it?
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    this unit is prone to front seal blowout with heat as a factor for pressure buildup in the pump. hopefully the pump bushing is not spun and only front seal replacement will be necessary... if the hub of the torque converter shows any galding or damage the pump bushing will have to be replaced.not something you can do yourself otherwise its a fairly simple operation once you have the unit out of the vehicle
  • Can I "bolt in swap" a 5 speed manual transmission (M5R2) into my 1990 Ford F-150 4x4? It has a 4.9 I-6 engine and a Borg-Warner 1345 t-case. Current transmission is a Borg-Warner 1301, better known as a T18. It needs repairs but I'd rather invest my money in getting a 5th gear. I see that the 5 speed was an option for that year but not sure if all will mate up. Bellhousing bolts, clutch, shifter hole alignment, transfercase mounting, and transfer case shaft splines. If you know the answer to this, please help this do it your selfer out!
  • I have a 1995 Ford F250 Super Duty with a E40D transmission. Last week I was pulling my 32ft trailer up a mountain pass when the transmission went into a down shift mode untill all I had was engine RPM/throttle when you hit the gas. I wasn't pushing it. I was doing about 50MPH up the highway and I had my overdrive turned off at the time. Needless to say it cost me $1000 cash to have my trailer and truck towed back to my house which was about 110 miles away. I went to check out my truck today and I do have reverse but I have no forward gears to move the truck, just engine RPM/Throttle. Any ideas would be great as yes I know that this is a complicated transmission. Thanks in adavance for all your help.
  • I too have an 06 f150 4x4 super crew. I have 30 k on it and i have the ex warrente 75k, I have a hard shift to 2nd gear also a loud vibration comes from the tranny when under exceleration on top of that i recently towed a 2k lb trailer 200 mile and the tranny shook so hard i thought it was going to die on the side of the road. I brought it to ford and all they could tell me was DRIVE IT TIL IT BREAKS! Thats a NO GO in my book so i called ford an spoke with a JOE RICE or BRICE regional manenger for the customer satisfaction east and his choggie boy TREVOR, these two were horrible ambassador for the ford company and did nothing to correct the problem. They were very hard to work with and avoided any kind of customer care or resolution. If anything those two single handedly ruined any chance of me buying another ford again. To make it worse when I asked repeatedly for his supervisor or a survey form or web sight and JOE BRICE refused both and said i would have to take up a civil suite if if i wanted any resolution. I was also told that at my expense i would have to provide a trailer so the maint crew could replicate the complaint( tranny shutter while towing) witch i think is unacceptable. they claim to have fixed the hard shift but it is still very prominent. Please feel free to email me with any advice ANYONE! I hope this trickles down to ford and JOE and TREVOR are seriously looked at as ambassador for ford clearly a weak point in the company.
  • I had my transmission rebuilt 2 years and 25k ago. Everything worked perfect until recently. There are no trouble signals. Sometimes when I down shift the revs go up past where they should (freewheel ?) and then drop down to where they should be in the lower gear. It is expecially bad when in top gear at highway speeds on grades. The revs will go up 500 rpm past where they should be (or more) and then it slams back into gear and then everything is fine. In regular driving it shifts perfectly and the fluid level is good with the color good and no burnt smell. One shop thinks it might be a sprag and the shop that rebuilt it thinks it might need another overhaul because of clutch wear. It should not be clutches as it only has 25k easy miles on a complete rebuild. It does not feel like slipping but like it is in neutral (or between gears for a split second) when this happens.

    Any ideas?
  • I second that. It can be slightly annoying but otherwise no big deal. The additivies should fix it.
  • What do you suggest for a HEAVY DUTY rebuild for a 2002 F-150 E40D 4x4 tranny? Will a Super Duty transmission work? I am an adult and I don't abuse the truck but I do haul loads occasionally and plow snow a few times in the winter. I am sick of having problems. Every shop seems to have a different idea of how to fix these.
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