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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • Sup cowboy9,
    Ya the rear end seems to be fine we winched it onto the trailer with no problems, it seemed to roll fine no binding or grinding that we noticed. I'm wondering about any chains that could have broke or the sprocket possibly? I don't think it could have been a gear or could it?
  • when starting after a stop truck will move slowly and when the tach reaches 1500 rpm shifts very hard. after that it shifts ok until the next stop.fluid level is ok
  • Ok I have a 2001 Ford F150 4x2 6 cyl. automatic transmission. I went to take off one morning and it reved up to about 4000 RPM's before I could get it to move. I check the tranny fluid and it was completly dry. I filled that back up and realised that I had a leak in one of my lines. Got that fixed but it still wont move in drive, first or second. I have reverse perfectly fine. Someone said to try and rock it while I had someone put into drive to see if we could get the valve unstuck (if that is even the problem), someone else to me to put a bottle of lucas tranny fluid in it so see if that would help. Anyone have any options? I dont want to trade it in right now bc i would get nothing for it with the tranny problem. Any advace would be great!
  • jvansjvans Posts: 1
    my 2000 ford van with 228,000 started having trans problems that I would describe as electrical in nature, the van rolling along in drive or overdrive will drop down to 2nd gear, the speedometer will drop to zero ( even when I'm going 60 mph etc) and then if I turn the ignition key off and back on quickley the trns will come back and work OK for a while. Shift solenoid P0750 and P 0755 (solenoid a and b ) and U 1039 (speedometer) fault codes will appear. It's happening more and more to the point of every minute +/- I checked all electrical connections to trans and brightened and used contact (electrlitic grease) on these, I saw that a cam sensor may cause eratic trans problems the trans is strong and when staying in gear it functions fine your thought please
  • Got a 2004 F150 Super Crew that has about 80K on it. Started to develop a intermittent vibration problem. It usually happens at speeds between 45 and 50. Sounds like I’m running over a series of tiny speed bumps and it just last about 1-2 seconds, however; there is no vibration in the steering wheel. It feels as if it originates in the center of the vehicle and only appears if I slightly accelerate. Need a Ford guru’s help here. Thanks for your feed-back.
  • This is exactly what my truck has been doing for three days now. Did you figure out what was wrong with it and how much did it cost?
  • adams3adams3 Posts: 2
    Mudrun, Believe it or not, it turned out to be the stick itself. Running out of thoughts, I actually loosened the bolt that holds the stick on, started driving, and pulled the stick off--the noise went away, came back when stick was replaced. I tried some fixes on the stick, but ended up buying a new one for 100 bucks. If your truck is under warranty, try to get it fixed there first before messing up the stick like I did. There is some 'natural' bearing noise, but I'd say 80% is gone now, definitely the noise that seemed to come right into the cab. Chris
  • After I posted my issue, I spoke with a friend and he told me that it looks like a transmission issue. He told me to monitor the RPM gauge during the vibrations. Sure enough, the RPMs jump from 1,400 to about 2,200. It's the over-drive not engaging correctly. Aamco, here I come!
  • good afternoon, i need to know how to pull the complete headlight assembly out of truck 1997 is the year, im trying to put strobe lights in the directional lenses but i cant figure out how to get the assembly out.
  • The automatic transmisson won't come out of park! The brake light switch is working. Is there a solenoid that has to be energized when the ignition key is turn on or the engine starts that allow the shift level moved from the park position?
  • I have a 2004 F-150 that just turned over 100k miles, and there is a distinct whine from the tranny starting at 25 MPH and lasts until the OD kicks in. A friend of mine says it's the thrust bearing. There has been a mild vibration ever since I had it (bought new) but it seems to be getting worse. Any thoughts from anyone?
  • I have taken my vehicle in for the third time now for transmission related problems. The first time, they identified a blown seal (I believe). The second time a speed sensor was replaced. I am still having problems while in 4WH. When I am parking the car or starting out of a stopped condition, the vehicle will jump and sound like it is stalling. It is also very difficult to steer while in the same circumstance.

    Any help/info is appreciated.
  • I had the same problem with a 93 F-350 and it was the throttle position sensor caused the problem
  • I am looking into my brother's 2004 f-150 automatic transmission problem, it won't shift into first or reverse without gassing it. I can get it to move but that seems to be about it. The fluid looks fine, and no noises.
    This is a pampered F-150 4.2 L 6 cyl with less than 42,000 miles on it
    He sent it to the shop and they said "bad transmission $ 2900.00 to fix it.
    I have read several nightmare stories on this forum about this year and all the problems with it's transmission but no real answers! (for me)
    Can this one be pronounced junk?
    Is there a chance that a used trans. would be any better? or are they all junk?
    Is there an older version that will fit and be more reliable?
    Are they or anyone else upgrading them when rebuilding them with better parts?
    I'm asking because there are about 50 of these trans available and it scares me.
    Thanks for your input.
    If Ford insists on cranking out these %x&** things, how can they ever expect repeat customers? No wonder they are in deep stuff!!!
  • ive got 165000 miles in my 01 super crew f150. it would lag a second or two on a stop n go when i press the gas. i changed the fluid, put some lucas stop slip, n i put a programmer that firm the shifts. i dont have the lag ne more but it still slips under heavy accel. n kinda sounds like a belt is slipping as its shifting from 3rd to od under heavy accel. after i put the programmer on after long trips the motor smells like oil bad, and on cool nights i can see smoke coming from the vents on the wiper cowl. i was just wondering if i should tear it all apart or get something new
  • Help, my F250 will only go in reverse. Could this be a sensor or electrical thing, or is it a broken band. it is a 92 and pretty basic electronically. The men in my fam are pretty good with cars but getting them to actually do it is a challenge. I'm really good with vehicles but HATE it but at this point I am desperate just to get this fixed. Any ideas and if it is the band, what is the best way to replace it (ie do I have to yank the whole thing)
  • I recently got this message error on my display it reads as TRANS FAULT. Truck works fine, by the way I have a 2004 f150 single cab, shifts smoothly no problems noted as of now. Can anyone tell me if I have to replace the transmission or is this problem can be fixed by your average mechanic? From what I have read in this forum, I am practically screwed and will have to replace tranny. Is there any other quick fix. I have been a Ford guy since junior high never had any problems with any of my stangs until now with this truck.
  • my 2001 F350 Diesel owners manual lists three different rear axle types and gear oil types accordingly but no way of matching the axle ID-tag numbers to the list. The gear oils are of vastly different viscosities, so I think it matters which oil is in the axle. I appreciate any advice on this.
  • tmiesnertmiesner Posts: 1
    i was wondering what tranny i have in my 2003 f-350 with the 7.3 and is this a different tranny than the one in the 2003 behind the 6.0 i have not had any problems to speak of but lately when i put it in reverse or drive there there is a second delay till i feel it engage is this anything to worry about i have 180000 miles on the truck and have always serviced it regularly is this a good trans or is it known to have problems thanks for any info on this
  • fletch9fletch9 Posts: 1
    Hey out there 2000 f250 v-10 runs and shifts perfect but leaking from what I think is the front seal. Only in hot weather or towing tool trailer in Denver metro traffic. whatcha think,
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