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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • I have an 05' F150, 152000 miles. I've had NO major problems with this truck until now. I recently took a trip down to NC from Ny. While down there I was driving one day, about to get onto a highway, I accelerate up to speed, and when I did I felt what I guess was nothing more than an irregular shift. It was just acting weird, but no slippage, no noises so I hit the OD button to take it out of overdrive and it seemed to clear up. 10 miles down the highway I hit the OD button just to see what would happen (I had just exited at the same moment) and came to a red light and it just stalled, like it was a manual and I didn't push the clutch in. I put it in park, and try to start it, it starts like its starving for gas, I have to feather the pedal to keep it running. I put it in drive and try to go and it barely moves, it moved, but I had to rev high to get it out of traffic and into a nearby parking lot. I get it into the parking lot and nothing, doesn't even shift into F or R.

    So I flat bed it to a local shop which actually hooked up OBD for me free of charge (Thanks Massie Bros). They got these codes: P2104, P2107, P2110 and P2111, Throttle Actuator Control Module Fault, Forced Low RPM, Throttle Control stuck open. And refer me to a tranny shop. So I flatbed it to my Dads house and there it sits. Starts up and runs fine, just nothing in D or R, doesn't even feel like it engages when shifted to D or R. I was told by a cousin that he had a similar problem and that it may be the throttle position sensor.

    We tested it, and according to the specs from Ford its bad. Should I start with that or is it my PCM.......or my tranny.....can anyone help? Thanks...
  • Finally took it back to Ford and went for a drive.....they say it is a "low RPM misfire" caused by a faulty spark plug. Happens more when in overdrive as the rpm's are lower. This usually, but not always, throws an error code. Going to get the plugs changed next week, which they say could be a project as the plugs sometimes break-off when taking them out.
  • i have a 2004 f350 diesel with a automatic, just today it started a hard shift and then seemed ok, now it seems to have an acceleration problem then was ok now it did not want to move at all in any gear then went into drive and seemed ok, then almost home trans temp gage went way hot, any ideas, it really seems to shift ok so i dont think the tranny is bad. thanks for any help
  • transpo1transpo1 Posts: 2
    have you figured out the issue with your transmission yet?
  • dnewbdnewb Posts: 1
    hello newby here. I have an 82 f-150, 4 speed, 6 cyl. Maybe 125K. When I drive, the ride is rough, and "lurchy" or "surgy", especially in 1st and 2nd, but I can feel it in 3rd too. does not do it if under somewhat heavy acceleration, or at all when deccelerating. Does it at slow acceleration, or with little acceleration at speed. I can sort of control it by letting off or pressing acceleratator a little. Ideas?
  • After I went and paid $120 for a throttle pos. sensor which didn't work I talked to the service manager at Ford down here in NC, and I told him what happened. He immediately said it was internal tranny failure, I didn't want to believe it but went and found a tranny at a salvage yard w/13000 miles on it. Swapped them out and guess what, for once someone at Ford was right. Not sure what went inside but was definitely the tranny. I must warn anyone with this model truck, if you ever have to remove the starter, good luck because the top 3rd bolt you can't see or even get to with a socket, thanks Ford engineers...that was the hardest part of the whole job.
  • ricktorricktor Posts: 3
    Today I started driveing and it neutraled out severl times when it warmed up it was ok I even took it to the shop and they drove it nothing happen I need help anyone
  • farmer_johnfarmer_john Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    While driving at any speed in any gear the transmission seems to go to neutral motor revs up ,it then shifts back into gear. This sometimes happens almost continusily other times very seldom. Fluid and filter have been changed. Any ideas anyone?
  • Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but impressed with the community posts.

    My issue is:
    My 1999 f-150 XL (2x4, 4.2) manual transmission is stuck. When parked and not running I can shift into any and all of the gears.

    Once it is running I can't shift into any gear, the stick refuses to engage.

    I have tried rocking it back and forth, and I can start the motor in gear with the clutch engaged (only tried reverse) but once running it refuses to shift.

    I would prefer to avoid the mechanic if possible and do it myself.

    Any suggestions or possible ideas about what it is?

  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Did the Clutch start slipping before this happen ? If not check the Oil in the Clutch Slave Sleeve Master Res.It should be on the Firewall where the Push Rod comes through. Also look at the bottom where it goes in to see if it's leaking oil or may have came out.
  • Thanks for the prompt response Cowboy9...

    There was no clutch slipping before this began, the vehicle was driven yesterday with absolutely no issues.

    I'll post the results of my check in a bit.

    Thanks again.
  • OK, so I cant see a leak, and I can't tell if the clutch fluid is at an appropriate level. The reservoir states to 'fill to the step'...however I don't know what the 'step' is. Do they refer to the base level of the container? Is there another indicator in that fluid reservoir?

    Regardless, there is some clutch fluid in there.

    What is interesting is that if I pump the Clutch then I shift gears briefly. I presume this indicates that there is a leak somewhere and there is insufficient fluid pressure? Does this sound reasonable?

    Thanks everyone....
  • I think cowboy9 got it right, I had the same problem. If you remove the cap, there should be a rubber sleeve under the cap. Pull the cap out and push the closed end (was on the bottom) of the sleeve back into the opening (towards the top), (as fluid leaks out the rubber sleeve takes up the space to maintain pressure on the hydraulic clutch fluid system). If you look in the reservoir (without the sleeve) with a light, you can see the "step", which is actually a line that was molded into the ID of the reservoir, about an inch and a half from the top. If you fill to that line with brake fluid, your clutch should work fine until it leaks out again. Good Luck
  • kenbo2kenbo2 Posts: 1
    Hello, Did you find out the problem with your transmission. I'm having the very same problem. Help me please, Thanks
  • d2010d2010 Posts: 1
    removing shifter has all thread bolt with nut on front i removed nut but how do i remove all thread bolt?
  • mike9408mike9408 Posts: 74
    Please indicate what year/model truck and transmission type.
  • gary104gary104 Posts: 2
    2000 f-150 4x4 5.4 liter auto slipping in 1st and there an in vehicle band adjustment?
  • colinzx6colinzx6 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 strong running straight six 300. I got in it one day and the speedometer started going crazy then just rested at zero even though i was driving down the road, my digital odometer stopped working along with my CD player and inside light.

    Then i get onto the road and it revs real high then shifts real hard. It upshifts and downshifts randomly and throws it into neutral sometimes.

    I checked all my fuses, and checked the grounds that i could find.....starts up n idles fine so im pretty sure its something computer or electronically wrong.
  • lecha1lecha1 Posts: 4
    I just bought an F 250, 460 engine extended cab 2wd pick up. I have had it for 3 days and noticed that it shifts hard from 1st to 2nd gear and even though not as hard it also does it from 2nd to 3rd. This morning when going to work, it was shifting smoothly, but in the afternoon when returning back home, it was shifting hard again. Any ideas? Thanks

  • jpm351jpm351 Posts: 2
    I have the same truck, it only has 55000 miles on it, as it was my Dad's and he only used it to pull his fifth wheel camper once he bought it used from a good friend. Iam the third owner, and it has always shifted 'hard" or quick first thing in the morning from 1st to 2nd. No matter if its cold or not. But all other gears were very smooth almost don't even notice it shifting. But, like you said, leave it set while your at work, and the fist shift is hard. Its always been that way, but that 1st shift gets smoother the very next shift. Only issue I have is a "shuddering" when I brake hard, and sometimes when I am doing about 45 to 50 mph. I have all new brakes, rotors, drums, hardware, u-joints, mid shift bearing, tires, and its better but still there. Hope this helps
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