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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • I had the same issues with my 2006. I thought it was the tranny and it ended up just being the spark plugs. I had one plug break off during the changing of them, as it is very common with the 5.4 3V Engine. I tried to get Ford to reimburse me for the cost to extract the broken off plug. They pretty much told me to kiss my butt. It's a common issue that should've been recalled. I was lucky, I read other post where folks had to pay several thousand dollars to pull the heads to remove plug ends that fell in the engine. I've been a ford owner pretty much my whole life. But I think this is going to be my last one since they don't want to take care of their customers. :mad:
  • i have a 1994 f150 1/2 ton 4x4 truck. sometimes when you drive it the transmission will shift VERY HARD, as if it has a shift kit. but then again you might drive it for 2 or 3 days & it will shift normal. when it does this hard shift it will practically jerk your head against the back glass.. i've been told its prbably the speed sensors, one on the rear end, and one on the transmission. any body got any solutions to this problem?
  • my 1994 f150 is kinda doing the same thing. mine shifts very hard at times and other times you might drive it 2 or 3 days & it will shift normal
  • I just bought a f150xlt 1990, when i got it it was woring great for a work truck. after a week the cluch started acting funny. I was backing up out of my drive way and the cluch would not come off the floor,. I waited for about and hour took the resv cap off put only about 1/2 inc of fluid in the res and it was full but the cluch started working.. another week goes by and it is doing the same thing however now the res is still full. Should i just bleed the line or is there something more wrong with it?
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hate to tell ya but it's probably the Clutch Slave Sleeve leaking on you. Now if you have a 4 speed you are lucky and its simple to change out but if you have the 5 speed you will have to pull the transmission.
  • Yea thats what i though however the fliud is still full not leaking nothing any fluid... I can not find a bleed value either idk..?
  • I have a 2004 F150 with 125000k miles on it. It recently stopped shifting into overdrive and would just go into a false neutral at about 30-40 Miles per hour. I have had diagnostics on the transmission and a service done and nothing was found. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions or solutions??
  • bassiebassie Posts: 3
    edited October 2012
    Hey Guys : I don't have too much experience with the newer Fords, but I have a question on behalf of a co-worker. He has a 2007 FORD F150 5.4 TITAN, and has 145,000 miles on it. Just recently, the transmission started shifting hard both in town and on the freeway. The condition started in the high gears (3rd and overdrive), but now seems to be jerking alot all the time. From my experience with older Fords, I told him to check out the overdrive module, as I have known people that have had it 'go out', and it seemed like the transmission was shot, but in reality it was the overdrive module that had gone bad. As a test, I had him turn off the overdrive switch on the gear shift and drive it home today without using the overdrive. He did that (about 30 miles on the freeway) and some in town, and it performed perfectly ! - So does anyone know if on the 2007's, they still have a module that 'gives up' at a certain point, and just needs to be replaced ?
  • bassiebassie Posts: 3
    Hey Blake : That sounds similar to the problems i just posted with my friend's 2007. - My interpretation is that the overdrive contol module is shot. Take a look at my post and see what you think. I had another friend that had an older Ford that when the module went out, it jerked and bounced like the transmission was falling out the bottom ! - It would appear that Ford doesn't have the best overdrive systems ! - I wonder if your truck is losing the module in a different way ?
  • Hey thanks Bassie! I will check that out. So far, everyone has been convinced that the problem was somewhere in the transmission. I will let you know if that solves the problem!
  • clewclew Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Ford F150 that shifts periodically. We installed a new transmission, however the problem still exists. Can you please help me? My husband recently passed away and I now drive his truck. This truck scares me to death when it shifts hard. I’m terrified I will break down.
  • rmoyermoye Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 F150 4wd 4.6 reg cab with a trans that only goes in rev. I changed fluid & filter every 30k. about 6 months ago it started shifting hard from 1st to second and the od light always flashed on & off. Never any real trouble till now. No forward gears. 4wd shifts in and out ok but only in rev. no warning or check engine lights. Any ideas. I really do need some help on this. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Most likely the synchro dog springs are worn or need to be replaced. The synchro dog springs align the shift forks in the center to prevent the shift forks and synchros from ove shifting and actually rubbing against the gears, thereby causing them to wear out prematurely. Often times when the tranny is rebuilt this is something overlooked and the shifter forks premature failing is a result of the worn springs. As the forks tend to rest either slightly forward or slightly back. You can continue replacing the forks every few months or the next time the forks need replacing pop the tranny out and preform some minor surgery, or have a quality tranny mechanic do it.

    Ford F150 5 speed tranny M5R2 Actually built by Mazada or toyota and is a light duty transmission used in the f150 and t-bird, and mustangs. From 1992 to current. The M5R2 is a top loader transmission and depending the application depends upon the location of the shifter housing. F150 is a true top loader as compared to the stang, bird or mazada trucks. The shifter is located to the back of the tranny tail housing. Hope this helps.
  • I have a 2003 F150 4-6 automatic, which my son was driving at first it would not go in drive, after trying a couple of times he got it to go in drive then it would not go over about 30 to 35 mph and did not shift. I was told to change the filter and fluid first, I have done that and it still will not go over 30 to 35 mph and seems to not even try to shift. Anyone have any possible suggestions on what the problem could be.

  • bud70bud70 Posts: 2
    My transmission worked great unitl I pulled the motor and tranny out to replace seals and gaskets. I also power washed the engine and tranny. I put the engine and tranny back in, double checked all the plugs and grounds. I can put the tranny into reverse, 1st and 2nd it works, but it will not shift on its own. Any ideas out there on what could be wrong?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 451
    When the transmission goes, it is designed to go into the lowest gear and stay there. I had the same thing, although it was not the entire transmission. It was a part and wound up costing me $300. I was lucky. You are not going to help it with a fluid change. It may be done for, but hopefully not.
  • bud70bud70 Posts: 2
    Mine is a 1992 F-150, I have all gears, it just won't shift on its own. What was the part you had to buy?
  • Probably shift solenoid pack. If any electronic faults, it goes to failsafe
  • Our F150 is our yard truck. It has lived it's life on the road, and has now been "put out to pasture".

    The problems we are facing now is when we shift the truck into any position. PRND21, they all go forward. Surprisingly when you get in nuetral, the truck "smooths out". There is no neutral or reverse, any ideas???

    Yes, we checked the transmission fluid.
  • topcat19topcat19 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    We just bought a used 1997 F 250 plow truck. Today was our first time using it. We were backing up and I noticed a line of rust colored drips. It appears that a cap of some kind was knocked off and all the transmission fluid ran out. The guy at Napa said there is no cap there. But my husband looked under and definetlynsaw where a metal cap would go. A anyone know if this is true, what it is called? And any other advise.

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