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Buying a used Accord



  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 1,680
    Dennis: What is your budget? How much is the 2001 Accord with 96k going for?

    I read somewhere that Honda tries to design its cars to last something like 150k with careful maintenance, some repairs, and good luck. Honda's are so well engineered, however, that I think it's fairly common for people to go to 175k or even 200k--again with careful maintenance, some repairs, and some luck. Although some people get more than 200k, I think they are exception rather than the rule.

    I've seen ads for new Accord VPs with manual transmissions for sale here for $16,900. That model has ac, stereo, 6 airbags, abs, etc (the last two features are not on a 2001 Accord). If your credit is good, Honda would be happy to finance you if you can't pay for the whole thing now. With a new Accord you get a car at the beginning of its life, whether its 100k, 150k, or 200k. Best guess is that the used Accord your thinking of has used up more than half of its life. Unless it's really cheap, I think you should get a new VP. Plus the new i-VTEC engines get about 2 mpg better than the earlier generation, while at the same time being more powerful.
  • pj6pj6 Posts: 1
    I am looking possibly to buy a 1991 Accord (4dr LX Sedan). Owner claims its in good meachanical condition with a number of cosmetic problems (scratches, a bit of rust, metal stripping aroudn windshield missing, passenger side mirror brace cracked, AC does not work, and such). My concern is that is has 155K miles on it. Sale price $1600 (Chicago area). Should I buy an Accord with 155K on it? if so, then for this price? How long could I expect it to last or is the gamble too great that it might be at its end? Please provide total assessment or respond to any facet of this offer -- what you think I should check or ask and such. Much appreciated.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If the car has been well maintained, it can go well over 200k. When you bring up the point about the A/C, among other things, does not work, makes me wonder about the maintenance. You would need a mechanic to check the car out, to know for sure.
  • I drive a 1996 Accord with 166k miles on it daily. It has no mechanical problems, and has only required two repairs since I've had the car (since 120k miles and 4 years ago). The repairs consisted of a brake master cylinder repair ($300) at 155k miles and an electric cooling fan motor at 130k miles($320).

    The car runs fine, original alternator, transmission, and everything that usually plays out is still working and original (including exhaust). Still and a tight car too.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,744
    Look at it this way - new car payments would be about $300 a month. If this puppy lasts you for 6 months - which I think it will - you're ahead of the game.
  • Point well made. I'd guess it would last longer if treated nicely (assuming it is currently in at least decent mechanical condition).
  • rgraferrgrafer Posts: 17
    I am still driving my 1991 stick-shift EX Accord, aka "Little Green." I am the original owner, she just turned 166,000 miles. Little Green rules! You can't beat Honda for reliability and even after 16 years the design of this 4th generation Accord looks great. A few minor problems along the way but nothing major. The AC is awesome & still have original clutch.

    Right now I've been trying to buy a CRV with Navi, what a hassle that has been. I'm ready to just keep driving Little Green until she falls apart! :D
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    Honda doesn't make cars like "Little Green" anymore. Due to mass production, quality & reliability is slipping. Hopefully, you don't trade that car in...sell it to someone who recognizes the car will run forever.

    That being said, I am looking at the new CRV also. Probably waiting a few more months...the '07's are very popular right now.
  • rgraferrgrafer Posts: 17
    Ha! No way would I trade "Little Green" in. One dealer said he would give me TWO HUNDRED dollars for her. I've been approached by a handful of people asking if I would sell her, with no for sale sign. Also approached by a few people who had an early 90's Accord that they regret giving up long ago. At this point she's nearly a classic. When she hits 20 yrs old, can I get one of those blue classic car plates????? LOL.

    Dealing on an 07 CRV is a nightmare. If you can find one, everyone wants sticker plus a dealer fee. You're smart to wait a few months 'til things settle down a bit.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Do what I did. The value of my old 1996 car was not enough to sell the thing, so I've kept it as my "truck."

    I have a 2006 EX Accord that I got last year, but my daily driver into downtown B'ham (where parking stinks) is still my 1996 Accord that I got when I turned 15. It now has 170,000 miles on it and is showing no signs of stopping. I will keep that car until the wheels fall off or it physically says "I'm dying, please stop driving me." Until then, it will be the car I go to Home Depot in, drive in severe weather, and wherever I know parking is bad. The rest of the time, i drive my new car, and keep door dings and hail dents away from my new one.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    ..... Until then, it will be the car I go to Home Depot in, drive in severe weather, and wherever I know parking is bad. The rest of the time, i drive my new car, and keep door dings and hail dents away from my new one.......

    ....thass almost identical reasoning with regard to retaining my old diesel pickup all these years (thru six new cars)....

    ..Home Depot, severe wx and ding intensive parking....
    (plus - low and slow - the 1.6 oil burner gets 55 mpg)

    hang in there, grad, ez...
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Oh, there's no hangin' in there, I really love my 1996. Actually, it's almost a silly emotional attachment in the making with me and this car. It isn't fast, it needs new shocks soon (170k miles on them), and it's fairly tight on my 6'4" frame, but I absolutely love the car as a whole. It's tight still, with only one intermittent passenger seat rattle. I imagine I'll still have it when it clicks over 200k. Maybe 250k?

    BTW, I currently have 15,500 miles on my 2006 EX, we just haven't "bonded" yet. :blush:

  • rgraferrgrafer Posts: 17
    I'm with you grad.... I love my '91 the same way. I had a Boxster for 4 years and kept Little Green as my Home Depot/ WalMart backup, but she's been my daily driver again for the past 3 years. Little Green rules!

    BTW, my mom had a '95 with leather and a tailfin that she was going to GIVE me to replace LG about 3 years ago, but I decided to keep LG instead.

    If and when I get my new CRV, I'm afraid I may have to sell her this time because now parking is at a premium in my driveway. My fiance has 3 vehicles (1 for work, 1 regular driver and a 66 Chevy Nova) and it's a total nightmare shuffling around 4 cars right now.
  • My Accord started having oil consumption problems at about 57,000 miles. After 4 months & over 7,000 miles later the dealership service shop finally was authorized by Honda to diagnose problem. They found scratches in the #3 cylinder & oil washings around the #3 piston dome edge. Their recommendation: Replace engine short block at cost of $6,000!!! All service has been done religiously. Used to change oil every 3,000 miles with Honda authorized mechanic, dealership changed to 5,000 miles per Honda guidelines. Honda unwilling to offer Goodwil Warranty assistance they said problem "Normal wear & tear" & now say it is due to "Foreign object caused". Dealership appears to be backing down from Honda after initially telling me they were surprised by Honda not offering assistance and they were "on my side". Old mechanic says this is a $200,000 mile problem & also result of not changing oil often enough. Many comments regarding Honda not wanting to admit their service recommendations are strictly to help sales and are not good for vehicle. Sales are more important than their reputation, reliability or customer care. I've been unbelievably screwed. Total loss of investment. :sick:
  • learnfpgalearnfpga Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying 2001 Accord LX with 80,000 miles on it. I was looking on the web and found that the this particular class of
    vehicles had lot of transmission issues. The current owner of the car told me that the transmission was recently replaced and I checked
    with Honda and they confirmed that.

    Now transmission has warranty of upto
    109,000 miles or 7Years and 9months. That means another 1 and half years from today or 30,000 miles whichever comes first.

    Otherwise the car looks good but this thing has put a doubt in my mind. Please suggest if I should buy this car or not? Is new transmission a good thing or it may create new problems for me after a few thousand miles when I will have no warranty.

    Appreciate all responses
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Is it really a 'new' transmission, or most likely a 'rebuilt' transmission?
  • learnfpgalearnfpga Posts: 2
    Well its a remanufactured transmission installed by dealer under warranty from Honda.....
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    All service has been done religiously.

    Have the spark plugs ever been changed? If so, by whom?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    IIRC, the "remanufactured" transmissions only reused the casing for the tranny. All the guts of the transmissions were replaced (and are new, as a result).
  • I live in Hawaii and have been looking at used Camry's and Accord's, around '88 since my price range is about $1000 or so. I found an '88 LXI that it is in *great* shape, clearly well-maintained: a/c blows cold, no rust whatsoever (which in Hawaii w/salt air is very rare), ext. and int. great, moonroof works fine, viper alarm. Down side is it has 154k mi, the engine light stays on, even though owner says he's checked it out and found nothing wrong, and idle slows down noticeably when a/c on, though it doesn't stall out.

    My mechanic says anything over 130k not good idea and timing belt will be costly, if needed. The owner is moving to mainland and reduced price from $1,000 to $800. On the other hand, my mechanic, who I trust implicitly, has an '88
    Camry which is fine, $1,000, but seems to have very little pick-up. Mechanic hasn't seen the Accord. I prefer the Accord. Is it true it's a risk at 154k and what could that engine light that's not turning off mean?
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