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Volkswagen Rabbit MPG - real world numbers



  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I think that people tend to be lead footed in automatics... middle aged people racing from light to light...

    Funny, I think it is just the opposite. I think most people are feather footed in automatics. I know that I tend to drive more aggressively in a manual.

    Most drivers around here seem to be afraid that their car will break if they exceed 2500 rpm...and of course 90%+ of those cars are automatics....Get moving, already :mad: !
  • Well I guess it might depend on where you live. I am down in South Florida, commuting South into Boca Raton. There is not a lot of crazy aggressive driving, but the average speed on 45mph limit roads is probably 55mph, and most people like to rush away from the lights, although I suppose you never notice the slow coaches unless they are holding you up.

    One thing had occurred to me - whether I could increase the gearing on my Rabbit by upping the tire diameter. I have no idea about custom wheels and fancy tires but if I could go from a 25" to a 26" tire it would increase my gearing 4% and might yield some benefit in economy. Of course it might cost me a fortune and ruin my ride and handling....
  • Well I decided to check my pure highway performance ( as pure as I can make it anyway ). I have a 2-door manual and drive with the AC on all the time ( in Florida ).

    I did 202 miles after filling up, with about 30 miles of driving to and from the highway on uncongested suburban roads with 45mpg limit and lights every mile.

    I tried my hardest not to exceed 70mph and did not hard acceleration to pass, no dropping a gear or anything else liable to impact consumption. I then went back to the same pump and refilled.

    I got 202 miles from 6.7 gallons which is 30.15mpg. I only have 500 miles on the vehicle and I am hopeful that it will "loosen up" and give me better performance.

    When I convert to UK mpg which is what I am used to, this works out to 36mpg which is pretty respectable. If I can eke out 25mpg on my commute, which is suburban, I will be pretty happy.

    Also, I am enjoying the car. It compares nicely to my Volvo V50, which is a much more expensive vehicle and is really only marginally superior in terms of "solidity" and refinement. I will be taking a good look at the Golf Variant which may be badged as a Jetta Wagon, when it gets to the US.
  • I got 26.4mpg from my last tank of gas with only about 20 miles of highway driving. The rest of the miles were "suburban", 40-45mph speed limit roads with lights every half mile to mile.

    I was pleasantly surprised because my resolve to drive as smoothly as possible in order to maximize gas mileage had weakened a little.

    I hope the trend continues but I would settle for this MPG given the EPA urban cycle figure of 22mpg
  • 08 rabbit 2D AT
    I got around 26 on mixed hightway and local.
    I can't remember exactly how much I drove expectedly.
  • After a 10K/1-year service (at 6500 miles) I got a little over 30 mpg.
    The car was driven almost 200 miles on the freeway,
    between 65-80 mph. Manual transmission. Cruise control
    used for about 75 miles.

    One of the things they did at the servicing was rotate
    the tires. After I got it back, it seemed stiffer, so maybe
    they added air to the tires.

    Prior to this, I've ranged between 24 and 29 mpg,
    with most of the driving suburban at speeds up to
    about 50, with some stop and go.

    I don't drive enough to worry about the mileage.
  • Thanks. What I didnt see was the Civic. I got an 07 Civic now. 1.8Coupe. I hate Honda for not releasing the Hatchback in the US. Mileage is way to fantastic. Imagine a 140hp that does 37mpg?..What a wonderful engine...I still think of the Rabbit. Theyre now 13,000+.. I guess for having a 2.5L engine made a poor market since gas hike has been going on..
  • I got a 2.5 Automatic Rabbit 08 only 3 weeks ago. I love the car and the tiptronic is super fun. I know I don't have sufficient data to rely on but I think I have a problem, and I wonder if it is common. I am still on my second fuel tank and the first tank gave me only 15.6mpg. Given that the tank holds 14.5 gallons and the car is advertised as 22mpg city, 29mpg highway I fear there is something wrong. I drive both highway and city to work and not deal with much traffic. I was able to get only 220 miles on the first full tank while I should have gotten at least 350 on average.
    I am using the second tank and it is burning gas the same speed as before. I took the car to the VW service yesterday and they couldn't detect anything wrong with it. I got the car thinking it would be economical but now I feel a bit fooled.
    Anybody with the same problem? Or is this just common among brand new cars?
  • dingmaradingmara Posts: 1
    I have an 07 Rabbit with about 10k miles on it. I also have a ScanGaugeII that is plugged into the OBDC port which gives fairly accurate instantaneous and trip MPG results.
    I just did a highway trip and did a significant chunk of it at 80mph, which yielded 25 MPG, and another portion at 60mph, which yielded 34 MPG. The MPG at 60 mph are quite impressive ... who would have thought that speed would make such a big difference in MPG.
  • shirotorishirotori Posts: 51
    Well I just put in another $45 worth of gas in the Rabbit...gas in the Chicago suburbs is around $3.74 / gallon and climbing for 87octane. Last summer I was getting consistently around 28 mpg, but then the cold weather came and I had been averaging about 25mph with mixed city/hwy driving. Today, after a week of very nice temperatures, I filled up and low and behold, I was back to 28mpg. Hopefully this will continue.
  • flwindflwind Posts: 1
    I cannot believe this car gets such horrible gas mileage...I get a consistent 25mpg on my 4cyl Tacoma 4x4 , inflated the tires to their limit an got a best 28mpg on mostly country road driving 45-55mph...Why does this car get such bad mileage...I was considering purchasing one for the wife but not anymore...Guess it's going to be a Yaris for her....
  • tacalintacalin Posts: 7
    ... my numbers... meaning that they are in the limits published by the builder...

    So, on the HW:
    27.5 MpG at 87.5 MpH (almost) constant speed or 8.5 L/ 100 Km at 140 Km/h.

    20.5 MpG at 37.5 MpH or 11.5 L/ 100 Km at 60 Km/h

    I used 87 octans. Once I used 94, but the consumption was pretty much the same... The city is Montreal, so often the driving is stop & go.

    After 27 000 Km ( 17 000 Miles) I can say that:
    - the seats are a little bit harder than expected... On a long trip your [non-permissible content removed] begin to give pains... :)
    - there is a little noise coming from the bord, and it become very anoing in the city, on the bumped roads.
    - the variable sound control gives me a boost on the bass when slowing down.
  • hatchbackfreak said:

    "Thanks. What I didnt see was the Civic. I got an 07 Civic now. 1.8Coupe. I hate Honda for not releasing the Hatchback in the US. Mileage is way to fantastic. Imagine a 140hp that does 37mpg?..What a wonderful engine...I still think of the Rabbit. Theyre now 13,000+.. I guess for having a 2.5L engine made a poor market since gas hike has been going on.. "

    Do you mean people are buying 2008 new Rabbits for $13,000?

    If so, where?

  • I just co-signed on an 08 Rabbit coupe for my college son. 1.9% for 48 mos. Black with auto. It had about 800 miles on it so we decided to take it on a 200 mile highway run from West Virginia to Pittsburgh. Out and back on the PA Turnpike-about 400 miles in all. MPG was 29.42 while driving at speeds up to 80 mph. Air was on almost the entire trip and and all but about 40 miles were on the highway. The Rabbit ran great. We are happy to be getting this MPG on this solid car.
  • kilo411kilo411 Posts: 2
  • I have had my Rabbit for about 2000 miles now. I really like the car, but am extremely disappointed in my mileage. The sticker had and EPA range of 22-29. I made the transition to drive conservatively a while back as gas prices went up, and am doing the same with this car.

    During my approx. 8 fill-ups since I owned the car, I am consistently getting around 19.5 mpg. I do mostly city driving, but expected to get at least the published mpg minimum.

    I replaced my 2006 Passat , which I loved, at the end of the lease to the Rabbit to get improved mileage. The Passat was getting about 22 mpg in the city (31-32 on the highway). Prior to that I had a Jetta. Of all the 3 VW's I have had, this one gets the worst mpg, hands-down.

    I have been hoping that this problem was just because the car needed to be "broken in". However the mpg is staying the same on every tank.

    Other than driving more conservatively, which I don't think is possible for me given that I already make a concerted effort to drive that way, is there anything else I can do to the car to save some $$$ at the pump?

  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    I have the 2008 Rabbit 4-door for only about 600 miles now. Three fill-ups.

    First two fill-ups: both 24 mpg, driving extremely conservatively, due to breaking in the new engine, which is completely unnatural for me, coming from a BMW 545i.

    Third fill-up: drove more my usual way, but still not all-out: 22.6 mpg.

    Conclusion: I would rather sacrifice some mpg and have some fun, so I would expect my future mpg to be mostly in the 21-22 range.

    I am resigned to the fact that mpg with the 2008 Rabbit will be disappointing. At least it takes regular fuel.

    One review I read somewhere from a guy who owns a 2008 VW GTI stated his mileage noticeably got better at around 5000 miles, so maybe there is some hope for us down the road. We'll see.
  • vio1vio1 Posts: 1
    Im driving a 2008 vw rabbit and just got myself a scangauge 2. Im getting really bad milage even with very gentle driving. In the city im averaging around 20L/100km (11.7mpg)... i havent done much highway driving yet, but i have done some mixed driving (city/highway and the best possible average i was getting was 14.7MPG. This car is rated at double that... why am i getting such poor results?
    Im not gunning the car, im coasting whenever i can. Im not idling in traffic that much. I try and press the pedal only enough to get the car moving, and no aggresive driving.

    Is this a normal result?
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    No it's not!!

    Don't rely on any gizmos to do your mpg. Do it yourself!! Record the miles or km driven since the last fill-up and the gallons or L used which you can read right off the gas pump. I always do it myself. I use a hand calculator to divide the miles traveled by the gallons pumped. It's the best way to do it.

    You have a trip odometer which can be set to zero miles or km. after you fill-up to keep track for you until the next fill-up. Keep setting it back to zero after copying down the distance traveled, after every fill-up.

    I just got 29.2 mpg, yesterday, mostly highway. I'm averaging just over 24 mpg with 1400 miles driven. I have my 2008 Rabbit 4 door automatic for 6 weeks now and my mpg findings are right in line with what it should be.

    Try doing it by hand calculation. If you still get 11-15 mpg, take it back to the dealer's service dept.

    I have a feeling it's the scan-gauge that's defective and not your Rabbit! Most folks are averaging around 23-24 mpg.
  • I have a 2008 VW Rabbit and also am using a ScanGauge II - but your results are way off.

    Pull out your manual for the scangauge and reread the section on setup and fill ups. You will want to fill up, reset the gauge, and then make sure you have it set for the right size engine and tank. Then drive througn your next fill up, use the fill up function without adjustment, drive again. At the next fillup you can adjust using the fillup function.

    Once you have that you'll get a much more accurate picture of the mileage. I found that for the most part the scangauge was within 4% of my hand calculated mileage on my last car.
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