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Freelander Maintenance and Repair



  • I don't know if this was directed toward me but no, I have not contacted the attorney...I don't have time to fight the big bad Land Rover. I tell everyone that I meet about my experience and I will continue to buy Hondas from here on out. "What comes around, goes around".
  • I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I bought a ’04 Freelander in ’06 with 26 thousand miles on it and a 75,000 mile warranty. I did research before I bought the truck and came across very little in negative reviews and a line that sold me “Land Rovers have been made since the 50’s. Almost 75% of all the Land Rovers ever made are still on the road, other countries use them as military vehicles!”
    In February of ’09 I had a check engine light come on, and it cost me over a thousand to fix (New air intake). The truck was still under warranty but they told me the warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear? 3 weeks later a different air intake failed, another grand. A month after that (and just after the warrany expired)the locks froze and it cost me almost 2 grand to get that fixed. In May, the truck started to overheat and I took it to an independant Land Rover mechanic (I had enough of the dealer). He told me I had to replace the timing belt, almost 3 grand! July 21st my truck wouldn’t start, I then had it towed to the dealer who told me it was the timing belt. I called the Rover Mechanic who just fixed that and he agreed to pick it up and bring it to his shop to look at. He called us today to say the cam shaft was broken and the engine probably needs to be replaced and even then he wouldn’t guarantee the truck was fit to drive. The cost $12,076.00! We owe 10,000.00 it’s blue book value is 5,645.00-in working condition! It has 86 or 87 thousand miles on it.
  • cwoolnercwoolner Posts: 16
    Unfortuately it seems that us Freelander owners don't find this site until it's too late... I bought mine brand new in '04 and was lucky enough to unload it this past April before any major problems started happening... it was just starting to have over heating issues and knew it was the beginning of the end thanks to this site!!
    I loved the FL but couldn't risk having the engine die on me. I too owed $10k on it and took quite the loss to trade it in.

    I wish you the best of luck with yours. Remember that the engines for the Freelanders aren't made anymore and if you do decide to put one in, it will be a rebuilt one which is probably why your mechanic wouldn't guarantee it.

  • shawnobshawnob Posts: 2
    :mad: I have a 2002 Landrover Freelander and it's a piece of JUNK!!! I have had one issue after another-back to back! I'm talking $2,400 here, $900 there, etc...When I get rid of this thing Landrover won't ever have to see me again! :mad:

    I got a letter from Landrover in the mail a few weeks ago to let me know about a recall on the fuel pump. I called my local Landrover dealer and took my receipts showing where I had to replace that too. They told me to have my machanic to give me an itemized statement of repairs so I can be reimbursed. I did. Then I emailed it to the dealer and he told me the machanics itemized statement was too high ($1800) and he would have a hard time getting it reimbursed. He told me to have them reduce the amount to $800 or less on my statement so he would be able to get it reimbused for me. I could not believe that! It cost me $1800, not $800 or less! They are a joke! :mad:
  • shawnobshawnob Posts: 2
    I'm in. Let me know what we need to do next!!! :mad:
  • jj1321jj1321 Posts: 5
    I am with all of you on this Landrover...I bought a 03' Freelander 2 years ago, went to the dearlership alone, since I was newly divorced and don't have family here where I live in Austin, and I hate to say this but they suckered me into buying this car...since my credit isn't the greatest they said this was all I could get. I was very skeptical on purchasing this car but I needed a car and had noone to give me advice. It worked fine at first, no problems....then after awhile it started making a noise under the engine...I had someone look at it and he mentioned a number of things that needed to be repaired....I didn't have the money to fix it so I just stopped driving it all together...My daughter drove it one day and it just died on her...this was in february of this year...I then had my dad who came into town take a look at it along with a mechanic and he said it was the fuel pump..with some researching found out it was recallled, took it into the dealership and they fixed it, but of course found some other things wrong with it that ended up costing me 250.00. I was happy to have my car back but was also told that I needed to get a new thermostat...700.00...noway could I afford that, I'm a single parent and don't make much money. So I drove it making sure I would always have coolant in the did have some leaking but nothing major. Last week while driving to work, the temperature needle started going crazy..up and down...then it just stayed down..pulled into the parking lot at work and BAM the car died out...I restarted it and drove it very slowly to the nearest parking spot and smoke was coming from under the hood...I was freaking out!! I left my car in the parking lot at work and found a friend who would replace my thermostat...he did that today and now says my car sounds like a diesel truck!!! I don't know what to do...I still owe 10,000 on this car and I would love to trade it in for something more economical but I am afraid no dealer will take this car and I am just gonna be stuck with paying for a car that I cannot drive! I saw how some of the folks on here filed a lawsuit but I don't think I will qualify....any suggestions???
  • jj07jj07 Posts: 1
    Was just wondering if you had alot of problems trading in your Freelander...I have an 03 and its starting to act up on me...I too owe about $10k...if you could let me know that would be great!! :)
  • atalexaatalexa Posts: 6
    You'll be able to trade it in, but you're not likely to get what you owe. I traded in my '02 two years ago and got $6,000. The dealer would only give me the auction price for a trade and showed me the recent auction history on other Freelanders.

    You might be able to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program, but I'm not sure where they classify the mileage. If anything should qualify as a clunker, it's a Freelander. Good luck.
  • cwoolnercwoolner Posts: 16

    My 04 FL started doing the same thing with the temp guage. I paid to have the thermostat fixed and was doing the same thing with anti freeze. Until the fateful day the temp guage kept doing it and I was right by the dealer so I dropped it off. They said they "thought the head gaskets were bad but couldn't be sure without tearing the whole engine apart" at $110/hr taking approximately 10hours to do it. Worst case scenario was the engine was bad and needed to be replaced. Did you buy the truck outright or is it leased? Most dealers will take it as trade (don't mention past problems). I think going rate is about $6k so you'll take a hit but maybe you can finance that into another car? It's better than having a truck that won't run! Good luck to you!!!!
  • cwoolnercwoolner Posts: 16

    I leased my 04 Freelander. My options were: pay off the lease early - I owed 3 payments left on the lease, totaling about $1500 OR turn it in at the dealer and take about a $4k loss. I owed just over $10k and the dealer was going to give about $6k for trade in. That seems to be the going rate. Anyway, I turned the truck back into the bank with a check for the last 3 payments.

    I would definitely try the cash for clunkers program as mentioned earlier though I think the mileage might not qualify. They should accept these things based on quality and get them ALL off the road. They are truly a safety hazard!!! Whatever you do, don't mention that it's acting up to the dealership. If that thing is still running and doesn't have a service engine light on, get rid of it NOW.

    Just my two cents for what it's worth. Good luck!
  • jj1321jj1321 Posts: 5
    Thank you for your advice...I think I may be stuck with this car. Don't really think I have many options considering I owe 10k and the car now sounds like a diesel truck, I can't afford to have a new engine replaced and why put money into this POS when it will just do it again. I am sure no dealership will take this car as is and letting it get sent back to the bank will just ruin my credit, which looks like what I may have to do. The cash for clunkers program will not work because you have to own the vehicle, title in hand. Thanks again.
  • cwoolnercwoolner Posts: 16
    I feel for you, I really do. I wish Land Rover would step up and make it right with everyone of the owners, past and present.
    I didn't know the cash for clunkers needed title in hand... so that means they won't take trade ins? Seems to defeat the purpose. But I think the mileage may have been a factor too. I thought my sticker had mileage at 18 city/ 21 highway.

    Wish you the best!
  • jj1321jj1321 Posts: 5
    Actually, the car does only gets 17 mpg...would have been able to get 3500 for trade in....your right, it does defeat the purpose. Thanks again for your response.
  • Not sure if you read my posting although its been several months ago that I posted it. I had to hire an atty who got LR North America to buy back my car. Please call them - you have nothing to lose. They may be able to help you.

    Consumer Legal Services (310) 477-1474 (talk to Jenn or Nick)

    I was in the same positioin as you and many others are - I got $20,000 for the car, and they paid the legal fees and my residual loan off seperately. I hope you get a resolution like I did.

    Zayra Cabot
  • jj1321jj1321 Posts: 5
    Thank you for the information......I will try and see what happens. What information did you need to give the attys? How long did the process take...I am currently without a car...and have to get rides from friends for!! But thanks again for the information....
  • I bought a 2003 freelander used for my daughter 4 years ago -- it sure was a darn cute car for a high school girl -- this was the two door version in bright yellow. As a freshman in college -- she started to have engine heating problems. She was 3 hours away and at the mercy of the local repair shops. $1200 later she had replaced some fans and the temperature gauge. At the time I was concerned that the overheating may have caused additional damage, but she loved the car and I was too lazy to investigate trading for another vehicle. THen,l less than a year later, she was telling me the engine was overheating again -- and was told it needed a water pump/timing belt -- for another $1500. Some other drama in between, but I ended up considering towing the car to St.Louis to the Land Rover dealer. They quoted me $3500 for the repair, but talking to the manager of the repair dept. suggested I junk the car as the engine had known problems, and the repair was more than the vehicle was worth. WTF?? The engine had defects, and all the owners are losers, not the dealers who sold this vehicle or did not initiate recalls on the overheating issues.

    I'd be interested in some real life solutions -- I don't think the "lemon laws" apply in my circumstance as the problems happened when the car was out of warranty. As this is a consistent problem with this engine, has there been any luck with a class action suit?? Any recommendations?

    A legal firm specializing in Lemon Laws suggested I check the NHTSA website re: defect investigations. I filed a complaint. I'm not sure if it helps, but a breakdown in traffic is not "safe" and I would think if everyone who has had an engine problem would file a report -- they might initiate an investigation.
  • Mine has the same "diesel sound." It's actually NOT anything too horrible. It's the butterfly on the intake inlet. It does warrant some work to be done, but the noise is just a non-detrimental rattle.
  • I purchased, without re-searching of course, an 02 Freebie SE, and two months later- BAM, transmission. Two days after getting it back from the trans shop, BAM, transfer case... since getting it back from the shop(which couldn't fix their way out of a paper sack), I've had intake issues(the infamous butterfly rattle), exhaust issues(repair shop reinstalled one of the pipes backwards creating an awful buzz on deceleration),loose brake calipers(probably the repair shop), coolant leak(just an O-ring on the temp sensor), and my SRS light is on. I have no idea why that light is on. All I know, is I haven't even owned this vehicle for a year, and it's already cost me more in repairs, than I paid for the vehicle to begin with. I strongly urge any other Freelander owners to dump their vehicle on ANY OTHER vehicle.... if you love Rovers, get a Disco II, or a Range.. if not- go Jeep!
  • Hey, I feel you're pain. I bought a 03' in 07' with 72K got the off dealer to replace the timing belt as a part of the purchase cause I had called around to shops about issues. Well, that was only the beginning. First the dealer sells me an extended warranty (Royal Adminstration Services) for 2K which when the first 3 repairs started they tried to dodge paying but ultimately were informed by the dealer the issues were covered items. But the rental doesn't kick in until you've got a confirmation# which means it's a covered item. One prob w/that, doesn't cover your need for transportation when u r informed by "warning lites" of issues and initially drop the car off with the repair shop. They've got to diagnose the issue first. Anyway, back to the piece of Junk, Landrover knows about the problem but appear to being doing very little. Class Action attorney Howard Gutman(Flanders, NJ ) in my opinion isn't vigorous enough for people who have been significantly inconvenienced by the non operation of this vehicle or its inherent desire to continuously require repair for no apparent reason. I've had same issues as you but also include, door lock inop, window motors, torque convertor motor, air induction, air intakes and whatever makes the trans display: F 4 flashing alternately while driving with both serv eng lites on. It's in the shop again right now, 14 times in 27 months!!!!!HELP!!!!!
  • Howard Gutman, Flanders, NJ is the Class Action attorney for Freelander issues. I will reserve my opinion of his effective pursuit on injured parties behalf and the initial blurt out of what sort of monetary compensation I might look forward to in regard to a vehicle(in the care of the mechanic at this posting) and not in my driveway, as one would expect from supposedly quality vehicle. I've had the temp gauge issue twice and I ride around with coolant in the back as well just in case. 14 times in 27 months this vehicle's been in the shop. And from what I find on these forums, the Freelander's been a long standing problem that Landrover has known about for quite sometime if not its creation.They're owned by Ford Motor Co.don't know what that means other than a company that touts itself as being there for Americans, building reliable,safe efficient, yaddy,yaddy ya and they're some kind of way connected to this. I'd say give Gutman a call, check yellowpages online for #, let me know what happens. I think I'm going to put a zip folder together to send to the local network affiliates consumer watch/issues in hopes of getting Today Show coverage if we can organize, because getting people out of an existing loan should be the least that Landrover should offer to do. Again, that my opinion, and I've owned cars costing less that were more reliable. Wish I had one of them now.
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