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Freelander Maintenance and Repair



  • jimnyjimny Posts: 4
    No luck with lemon law site
  • Ouch.... we all have been burned very badly by our Land Rover Freelanders. I can not believe all the people that have such horrible troubles with this truck. Land Rover should step up to the plate and offer to buy back these vehicles or something equivalent. After going over the 50,000 warranty... I have had so many problems and the dealer had my truck more than I did and the labor there was outrageous....I ended up having no choice but to take it to private gargages. And from what I have learned here in New York where I live. Dealers and Garages do not even want to touch these trucks... and when they do.... its still extremely costly. Its a no win situation we have.

    If I were you..... while your transmission is starting to slip.... get rid of it now ! Mine starting slipping last month.... and its gone now... I cant not get anyone to touch repair it for any less than $5000. The most popular Transmission shop in our area even turned me down telling me he will not take these trucks anymore due to past experiences with them. But I will not let this go. Whats going on with these trucks are not acceptable... I work for attorneys and I am going to get answers and action.
    We should all get together on this. Are you in ??
    Whos in ?? Lets fight this all together. Something must be done. :mad:
  • jimnyjimny Posts: 4
    I'm in - what do we need to do?
  • My 2002 SE is back at the dealer again. Getting a new engine. I'm exhausted. No words left to express the depths of despair. Only one more year of payments until I can sell it and break
  • I too am a victim of this sad excuse for a vehicle!!! :sick:
    Is there any end to these costly repairs?!?! :cry:
    I have heard tale of a class action lawsuit...
    WHERE DO I SIGN UP!!! :mad: :sick:
  • There has to be something we all can do to get help.
    This truck is obviously a lemon. I am waiting for a call from Land Rover. When I get it I will tell you what they suggest or hopefully offer. We should keep in touch with eachother and get something going ??? Any suggestions ? We should begn asap. My truck is sitting in the garages lot.... I cant afford to replace the tranny....I also am still making payments on my freelander... 2 more years !! I am driving a borrowed truck from a friend. After all these repairs..... this truck has hurt me and my family financially... and its not even close to over with. : (
    I am game for any thing we can do.
  • I am really hoping someone out there can help me. I too have had several problems with my 2003 LR Freelander. It's been a constant battle trying to keep this truck on the road and VERY expensive. I've replaced tires and brakes every 25,000 miles, 3 of the 5 window regulators, fuel pump, tappets, everything you can imagine.

    My latest problem is this: A few months ago while driving in a terrible rain storm, the truck "bucked" and the check engine light came on as well as the drive indicator flashed "F4." I took it to the LR dealer in Woodbridge NJ and was told I need a transmission. I had no symptoms (slipping, etc.) up until this point. The lights all went off the next day when I picked it up and drove it to a transmission specialist. ??? I had the transmission replaced and drove the car for another week and guess what? It was raining, the same thing happened again. I then took it back to the transmission specialist who said he needed to replace the computer on the transmission. He did so (we're up over $4,000 in parts, labor and rental cars by this point). In any case, I drove car again for a couple of weeks and guess what, it was raining once again and the same symptoms happened again. I can't get a good diagnosis obviously. I've tried everything but it's obvious that something is getting wet (we have coated the wires to the tranny).

    I'm starting to think I never needed the transmission, the computer or any of these expensive repairs but I just can't get to the problem. It's sitting in a garage right now, I went and bought a new Toyota FJ Cruiser. I sure hope this truck last me longer than the Freelander and costs me less money. I'm ready to go on an antidepressant this thing has caused me (not to mention my husband) so much stress. And I'm with a few of the others that wrote in, the dealers treat me like I'm the step-child bringing in my Freelander. I have done all the proper maintenance on the vehicle, unfortunately I drive a lot (for work) and have high mileage. I would just like to get it fixed so I can sell it and try to recoup some of my money! Please help!
  • I just got off the phone with Land Rover.... and once again I get the "your vehicle is over warranty and there is no recall for your situation" line. When I explained how many people are suffering due to this truck (which we all know they are well aware of)... they didnt care. They sold us these trucks and they dont care what happens after that.
    I am so frustrated and broke. There has to be something that can be done. I am going to start posting all over the internet about how bad these Freelanders are and how Land Rover will not stand up to them and help out the people who trusted in them to buy them in the first place. Bad business Land Rover ! :mad:
  • I too am feeling pain w/my freelander. I bought the car in August of 2006. Today the front brakes and rotors had to be replaced for the 2nd time. I have 26,000 miles on the car. The service guy said the car is so heavy the brakes need to be replaced every 15,000 miles. i don't recall reading this anywhere or being told about this prior to buying the vehicle. Anyone else experiencing brake issues? It seems as if I have a lemon on my hands!
  • OMG! I am so shocked and appalled at the service we have all been receiving regarding this vehicle, it make my blood boil! I have a 2003 Freelander and it has been in the shop twice for overheating the first time they said it was the heater core and they replaced that and when I went to pickup my car it was a mess inside since they had to pull out the dash they had removed all my cd's from my center console and side pockets and just left it all on my seat, the car looked like it has been broken into. It is now in the shop today for overheating 1 week apart and after spending $400 for a rental car, I missed 3 hours for work this morning. I am however feeling a little lucky I still have my warranty for another year, but am terrified of what might happen in the next year!! The dealership customer service is the worst I have ever seen! No apologies, no we will take care of this and get it resolved, nothing. I had brought my car in about six months ago for my service engine light (along with other things that didn't get resoved untill now)coming on when I come to a stop and now it doesn't even come on at all! From what is seem/sounds like is that I should get rid of this car!? The things I love about this car are the heated seats and the front window defroster. I know my question is obvious should I dump it while I still have the warranty or deal with Land Rover headquarters?
  • Dump it quickly. You have the exact same problems I had.
    My truck over heated 4 times. It spent so many times in the shop. That was just the beginning. I too LOVED this truck. Until all this stuff started happening. It only gets worse once the warranty is out. The Tranny will go. $5000.00 to get that fixed. My truck is sitting in my friends gargage right now. I cant drive it cause I cant afford to fix it due to all the other repairs costs. I will be making payments on it for 2 more years. I cant even dump it.... no one will buy a vehicle that wont run and need a very expensive tranny.
    The service engine light is on with one problem after another with this truck. : (
    I have had 4 sets of brakes and roters.... and much more.
    My back window regulator is dead. $500 to have that fixed.
    The repair costs after warranty are sick.
    Sad part is, I didnt have much wrong with my truck the first 30,000 miles......then when it came close to warranty the over heating, electrical and other problems started occuring..... (should of been a sign for me to get rid of it)

    At this point driving anything even a tractor to work would be a beautiful thing.
    I learned my lesson...... BUY AMERICAN.
  • I babied my Freelander for 55000 miles. Not a scratch. Never replaced Rotors & replaced pads only once. Loved the handling & snow traction (800 miles from Tn to DC & back in 8 inches). No problems until transmission started slipping at 45000. It was replaced under warranty. Engine made noise when I picked it up at Dealer. Noise continued in cold weather at startup. Dealer said "not to worry". In August noise started & engine disintegrated. Land Rover said it was my problem. Since LR Nashville is buddies with LR Credit(Both are located in the same surburban area of Nashville), without my consent LR Credit paid the dealer for engine replacement & added it to my note. I would not make the payment, LR Credit demanded $5000, two attorneys said it was illegal to add repair bill to my note. LR Credit repossed the car 7 days later. NEVER BUY A FREELANDER OR USE FORD CREDIT (aka LR Credit, Primus).
  • I too babied my truck. Always kept it clean inside and out. Parked in the shade at work and in the garage at home always. I installed side runners, bug deflectors and window gaurds. This truck looks absolutely beautiful. But I cant drive it and cant afford the expensive tranny for it. Been trying everything I know to get it fixed.... but have bad credit and cant get a loan. : ( Land Rover told me they wont do anything for me. Great help they were. I will never a land rover again. I have told everyone I know about my problems with this truck and that Land Rover will not do anything to help any of us out.
    I was told yesterday to give it back to the bank. Buy a cheap veichle to get around in until I can get my credit built back up again enough to buy a decent american vehicle.
    At this point it might be my only option. : (
    Such a shame. Such a lemon.
    Good luck to you. Thanks for your story. Its good to know we are all not alone with this mess of a truck Land Rover has built, sold us and turned their back on us with. :cry:
  • Hello trburton. I am having similar problems with my freelander. The car ran perfectly until it bucked once. I called the dealership and they said since I was overdue for timing belts to quit driving immediately. I did that and had it towed to them. Now apparently due to an oil leak I didnt know I had the entire engine must be replaced. The dealer will not even run the engine long enough to diagnose the oil leak. They want $5000 to purchase and install remanufacture engine. That doesnt even begin to address the potential transmission problem. :mad: What is there to be done? Anyone with any suggestions it is appreciated.
  • sadly enough, through all the problems we all have been having with this truck. Land Rover will not help out. My truck has had so many issues and I have spend so much in repairs that I am strapped beyond repair myself !
    My truck has been sitting with a dead tranny since november. I cant afford the $5,000. to have it fixed and I am still making payments.
    I would suggest that if you can afford to get it so and quickly get rid of it. I think everyone would agree with me on this too.
  • It actually makes me feel better to see how much trouble everyone else has had... hate to say it. My 03 Freelander is just garbage. I've had everything (but tranny) done at least once (some twice). After the second overheating they actually changed the engine block which had to be ordered from a factory in the UK and took an additional 8 weeks before I got my car back in the summer of '05. It has been back again three times for other warranty work - heater blower (3x) electronic windows (2x) heated seats (2x), windshield wiper ...really annoying stuff. Other things continuously go brakes (2x) (vehicle has less than 40k) radio, it goes on and on. In the last three and half years my wife and I estimate we've been without our truck for at least four months (2.5 because of the engine alone).
    I wish I owned a LR authorized service shop...job security!

    I can't get LRNA to do anything. If there is some legal recourse (lemon law doesn't apply here) please advise. :sick: :mad:
  • Oh man, reading this makes me want to throw up! We too have a 2003 Freelander. I have loved this vehicle until recently. First of all it has around 60k on it and we bought it used with about 40k. We had the brakepads replaced last year, the squeaking brakes won't stop (I knew from the get go that LR was infamous for their brake problems) but have a feeling they need to be replaced again (and as we all know, they aren't cheap). A couple of months ago I noticed the heater/a/c fan would not work, but didn't think anything of it until yesterday where here in Denver it was 12 degrees and my heater completely quit working. Then last night my husband took it to get gas and it died at the pump. We jumped it and he took it to LR today and they said something about the heater core and it is hard to get to. At $125/hour for labor I don't even want to know what the final cost may be. Also the radio acts wacky, it is on but the volume won't work and we don't think the front windshield elements are working either. I really like this car but don't want to wait for the transmission to need replacement since this seems to be the common denominator with all of us. I had a Toyota for 10 years and never had anything major happen to it and these "luxury" vehicles fall apart. I can't believe there isn't some type of recall. Seriously...... :cry:
  • I have a 2002 Freelander. My transmission went out at 53,000, LRNA said good luck your warranty is expired. The dealer wrote 49,000 odometer on my paperwork and only charged me labor, $540.00. They didn't mention the timing belt, that went and so did my whole engine. Nobody mentioned the recall on the child lock. My 3 year old found the problem for me. Now my car is sitting in a private shop waiting for a $5,000
    used engine. I'm in, lets get LRNA. They know the problems and they commit fraud
  • My engine had went too. Before my warranty was up. How bad is it when you have a vehicle that is supposed to have a reputable reputation and its engine goes at $30,000 ???? and it only gets worse after that !!! Trannys and all !
    I cannot believe Land Rover doesnt or hasnt done anything for any of us. Its not like they cant afford to recall them all. In fact it would be a good sales and publicity move on their part.
    I am sorry to hear you have these problems with your truck.... we all feel your pain.
    So what is LRNA and how do we sign up ??? I am in too.
  • we also have an '02 freelander, bought it used with 53,000 miles on it ( it now has 73k ) never had any major problems with it ( except with the brakes ) until 2 weeks
    ago, our truck doesn't want to go to third gear, and the check engine light went on, we took it to a mechanic last monday and we were told that we need to replace the transmission ( $3,500 ), does anyone know if we there's still a trade in value for a truck with a replaced tranny?
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