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Freelander Maintenance and Repair



  • I did the same thing. I traded a 2003 landrover after fighting with LR. same problems. I was planning on keeping that car for a long time. after all the problems. I could not take it. I bought japanese.
  • I know some time has passed since you posted this, but can you tell me if you ever got anywhere with the class action suit? My Freelander is shot and it only has 54k miles. Any advise will do. Thanks!! :confuse:
  • My Freelander is shot with less than 52,000 miles on it...I have not heard anymore on the class action....anyone have anymore information?
  • I did not do one. I put my name on some list from Bridget, and heard nothing. If you live in the Chicago area let me know. I have a friend that is a class action attorney.
  • I actally live in the state of Washington. Had to pay 5100.00 to get at new tranny, and two weeks later my transfer case was shot! So I have been with out a car for almost a month! The only nice thing is that I have an LR3 as loaner...and at least I can count on that! Reading looks like I can expect more! :mad:
  • Hey all-

    I have a 2002 Freelander SE. Had the thermostat problem fixed as soon as it appeared. Haven't had any problems since.

    The vehicle was CPO, and the extended warrant lasts until 7/08 or another 12,000 miles.

    Does anyone know if LRNA offers a warrant beyond the CPO extended warranty? Something like 10 years or 100,000 miles?

    If not, based on all the feedback, I'll definitely be selling this before next July.
  • I have a Freelander 2000... what a CRAP!!! This is a nightmare car... I will sue Land Rover for damages... I have spent approximately US$ 10M in repairs...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I have spent approximately US$ 10M in repairs...

    "M" in connection with U.S. Dollars is usually taken to mean MILLIONS which is obviously not what you meant.

    You weren't very specific so I am curious. What "damages" do you think Land Rover inflicted upon you?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Because I trusted in Land Rover to provide me with a safe and trust worthy vehicle for me and my family...... we are now struggling financially and have very bad credit due to numerous expensive out of pocket repairs had to pay. Besides the fact that it was always in the shop and the repairs sometimes took weeks. (Engine replacement, tranny replacement......etc.) We were terribly inconvenienced.
    Our truck was repossessed. NEVER BUY A LAND ROVER VEHICLE !!
  • I own a 2003 Freelander as well I have the same issue with coolant leak. I just spent $1700 on replacment of the head gasket and a week later tempature gauge spiked; too know avail coolant loose again.
    As I see in the forum there are many complaints regarding this issue, as we all know Land Rover had poor design on this engine and they should be held accountable. I am willing to assist in the suit if one is brought fourth. Until then I will get rid of this vehicle and make sure that anyone interested in purchasing a Land Rover to warn them of their poor service and design flaw. :lemon:
  • please let me know who to contact about the class action lawsuit I have been hearing about in San Francisco if you know, since I share the exact same problem. My car is parked at a garage and I need to figure out what to do about it.
  • Dito! I'd like to be included in this Class Action Lawsuit, please send additional info. I own a 2004 Freelander which I've loved, 70,300 miles until yesterday when I was informed by my Land Rover dealer in New Jersey that I need a new engine, $8,800. The funny thing is they cannot get these engines. I called Land Rover customer care center, they said they would get back to me by Tuesday Dec. 4. PS: Engine overheating problem... Thanks, "Without a car in NJ"....
  • We own a 2002 Freelander and as many of you this is the worst investment I've ever made. I had a problem with a an engine valve and had to replace the whole the whole block, on any other car it would have cost around $200 including labor. Since we had to replace the block it end up costing us $2200. The AC blower/fan stopped working, the thermostat went out as well. The transmission is leaking and the muffler is also making some terrible noises. We're the second owner of this junk and can wait to get rid of it. When going to repair shops we're being told that many of these issues are common for the freelander. Did I mention that the panel looks like a Christmas tree with all kind of problem coming on and off at any time. We get a warning light for a couple of days or hours, then the next time you turn it on is something different.

    I agree with many of the postings. LandRover should buy all these freelanders back

    If any of you are working on or aware of a class action suit to LR, please contact me as well.
  • hi all...was wondering,if i am in seattle,would i be able to get in on this class acion suit?i hav e a 2000 range rover that the dealer has supposedly "fixed" about 4 times now,replacing everything an d charging us 1000's along the way,and the damn coolant is STILL LEAKING!!!!and overheating!we have to fill it w/ water every day and carry around a freakin' gallon of water in the car,since we never know when that red light is going to come on and we are going to be smelling smoke.Sometimes it's fine for a 2 hr drive,other times it happens 10 minutes after driving.I am so frustrated.i refused to pay JAguar the last time because they once again did NOT fix the problem.i don't get it?my locks are possesed,they lock and unlock whenever they feel like it,handle fell off door and it won't open so that i can get to the fuse box to replace the heater fuse (did i mention i live in Seattle,and it is COLD here?)Arghhhh,i am just so done w/ this.if anybody is looking for people to sign on for any suit that this pertains to,PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!thanks for letting me vent :O)....rebecca
  • I also have a 2003 Freelander with 53k miles and I just been told that I need a new engine, I'm not happy with this car, it has been noting but problems, from the windows, the radio, coolant breaks etc..... sign me on or send me information about this lawsuit, I'm not about pay $5100 Dollars for a 53K Mile car....
    Thank you
  • Daughter owns 2003 Freelander with 77800 miles. Service engine light on. Dealer says needs intake manifold - $1350; uses coolant; just replaced leaking heater core - $800. Add us to the lawsuit - seems like it might be wishful thinking. Has anyone started anything?
  • The misses and I own a 2003 Freelander. Thankfully we have the 100k mile/7 yr extended warranty. Right now it is back in the shop with a bad starter, plenum, and heater core. As another noted, her next vehicle will be Japanese (Toyota/Lexus). But on the flip side, the Freelander is a great fat-bottom girl for when it comes to bad weather. Her all-wheel drive keeps going and going... Too bad the rest of the car hasn't held up.
  • This land rovers / Freelander needs constant maintance to keep running.I have 2002 with v6 2.5 138,752 miles . 1500 mile oil change 15w50 syn there 25.@ WLMrT. Trans Fluid every 25k miles . air filter every 10k and Maf cleaning with maf spray. The oil filters are expensive 15.+ . The Problem with these SUV is desing flaws. 1. thermostat (they installed it out side the block.)2. Campositioning sensor old compony that use to manufacture went BNKR.New ford design now made in germany .When you go to get it service check that you get a old tech.These SUV are like a fine machine(Ferr,Lmbo) there cooling system very sensitive. 1 bubble and it will over heat . they installed a purge valve located close to fire wall. you have to unscrew to refill colant if not new engine.Trans are not seal service then 402 oil only!!!!this oil is special mineral not at Autzn.Dealer only. Always allow to warm up 1min and cool down 30sec . Its a french trans and german/english eng MG have the same exact Engine but none in thee us :cry: any question post.thnk you
  • I have a 2003 Freelander and have 70,000 miles. I have had countless coolant leaks, and my truck lives at the dealership. I would be very interested in a class lawsuit. I have contacted the headquarters in NJ and I'm sure you already know they do nothing but advise you to get rid of the truck.

    If anyone has had any luck with getting problems and concerns resolved I would love to hear about it. Also if anyone knows of a class action lawsuit or of any forming I am extremely interested.
  • Yes, I'm in! I still have my freelander and you should see the file of invoices that I have on my 2003 freelander. The only solution to the problems that I'm having from the corporate office and the dealership is to get another vehicle.

    I have never owned a vehicle with so many problems. I'm basically in a situation where I can not afford to get another vehicle at this time.

    Please let me know if you know of any class action suits. I did receive a payment after 1 year because of all of the problems that I had. I qualified because of the lemon law. I don't know if I would be exempt from any further action against Landrover at this point. I had no idea that I would still be having the same problems now as I did then.
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