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Mainstream Large Sedans Comparison



  • Me neither, but the Avalon has 268hp, the Taurus has 263hp. 5 horsepower. I would call THAT a wash, since you can't really feel a difference.

    The Taurus has 1 lb-ft more of torque available at 200RPM lower than the Toyota too; also a wash.
  • I would. I'm not the one in the market though, that would be my grandmother, and at 72 years old, she wouldn't dream of buying a Hyundai. She has driven Honda since '91, and before that, she had Fords; from a Fairlane to a Torino to a Granada, all the way to a 1984 LTD (the one based on the Fairmont). She always got good service out of her Fords (LOVED her LTD), and her Hondas too.

    She'll likely have it down to another Accord (2008) or a Taurus in the near future, but she wants to drive a Civic too (I know - RANDOM, but she loved her '91 Civic until it was totaled).
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    and IF it is $6K cheaper now it will likely be worth at least that much less when you likely want to drive something else - as with many other things you tend to get what you pay for - now and later!
    And your option comparison is a joke(as specific option comparisons often are), the Avalon (some Maximas are the same) doesn't split (or fold down) the rear seats because they recline (take your choice), keyless entry pad - how about an even more ridiculous way to get even wetter in a good rainstorm, adjustable pedals and DVD players - why so you can be doing something you shouldn't - just before you hit the bridge abutment. Ever driven a car with a good set of HID headlights? Now these would be useful!
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,023
    I just looked at just for the heck of it and there is already $1500 worth of rebates (in my area). Unbelievable, its a new '08 model and we aren't even out of Sept yet! I predicted this in post #3170 but didn't expect it to be this soon.

    P.s. The keyless entry pad is great if you don't want to carry your keys. I had it on my Ford's and did like it.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • Um, the cars with the keypad also have keyless entry...

    It's better to say that its a unique feature to prevent locking your keys in your car (or to allow you to do so). It has regular keyless entry as well; don't forget that fact as everyone else seems to...
  • Adjustable pedals allow a vertically challenged person, i.e., short females, to adjust their seat further away from the steering wheel so they don't get whacked so hard if the airbag deploys. IMO, an very useful option if you fall in that category.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    the thought of leaving my set of keys in the car never occurred to me and never did on a 92 Maxima( and an Aerostar) I owned. Maybe force of habit and a fear of getting them stolen? So as a result keypads were never used and tended to delay car entry at those very infrequent times I wanted in but didn't have my fob. Old tech however dating back into the 80s that I have always thought was only still appearing on Ford products because this is something they can do and they had left over inventory. kinda like the fad with digital dashes (the Aerostar and Probe I also owned faded over time and became invisible in daylight. One other thing I've noticed is that Ford seems reticient to give upon those ugly green leds especially on secondary controls, the backlighted white (and orange) dash gauges in Toyota/lexus ( and Nissan/Infiniti) products seem far superior to me egronomically - didn't like the red/white and blue in the TL though, while clear and legigble reminded me of a pinball machine and out of character for a car of that stature.
  • Avalon has better fuel economy than the new Taurus?? Most likely, but after driving a 2008 Taurus over 1,400 miles with a 75% highway and 25% city combination, I would say 28.8MPG average is not too shabby for the 3.5L DOHC V6. Before you slam the new Taurus, I would suggest some serious seat time in the car. This new engine has got some serious horsepower and torque, and the new GM/Ford-designed 6-speed automatic is seamless.
  • Completely agree. The new Taurus is NOTHING like the 500. It's sooooooo much improved.
  • The new Taurus is NOTHING like the 500.

    Except for the exterior. And the interior... :P

    Improved, yes, but it is still much the same car as the 500 (that's not a terrible thing).
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    yep. your 28 mpg would definitely be in Avalon territory. My Avalon has been doing things like this for over 50k miles now but only gets up to 28 or 29 overall if I hold my highway speeds down to 65 or 70 and/or the city driving is not really city (on a 70-30 mix). Curious what the DT3.5 is turning at a constant 70? In the Avalon,it is 2100 rpm...
  • Both the DT 3.5 and the 2GR in the Avalon have ratings of 28 MPG highway. The Avalon does one better (19 vs. 18) in town. So, similar mileage is to be expected.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,023
    The Kool Aid over at Ford must be great, because many are drinking it. The Taurus is nothing more than a mid cycle freshening of the 500. A new engine (that was supposed to be there all along), revised suspension, and the Fusion grill. Hardly nothing like the 500. The 500 was such a marketing disaster that Ford thought the only way to save the vehicle was to give it a familar name (that was in the toilet due to being king of the rental car lots). Overall, decent car, but destined for failure, low resale value, and will inevitably be at your local Avis by year end. Its a shame, because it has a Volvo chassis, alot of room and now capable power. However, the damage is done.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,023
    "One other thing I've noticed is that Ford seems reticient to give upon those ugly green leds especially on secondary controls"

    I do love the dash in my Avalon, its so easy to read in any lighting conditions. A big improvement even compared to my previous Toyotas. Most American makes are still using the older style lighting, they will catch up sooner or later.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • burlburl Posts: 40
    Hi folks
    I sold cars for 30+ years (Chrysler & Toyota). Detroit deserves what it is getting and are going BROKE or have already been BROKE .
    They have shown no interest or ability to compete
    in the past 20 years of watching their Market share go to almost nothing (GM I believe was about 48% at high now 28% .... #'s may not be exact but at least in the Neighborhood) Same for the other Detroit Idiots.

    I would prefer to Buy Detroit iron just because I grew up in them if for no other reason................................As hard as it is for me to believe it Hyundi has gone from junk to an apparently
    Major competior in (4-5 Years?) Starting at O sales.!!!!!!!

    How can that many executives, designers , workers Manage to run off a past custimor base that loved them and would never Change ( even bought much that they new was not as good as their competitors).
    Hey... beat me in the head with a 2X4 and I will eventually get the have nany many oyhers

    My 2008 Avalon will be here in 2 weeks ,,,,on which I am trading my 2004 valon on which I traded my 2001 Alavon........can hardly wait for the 2011's to come out New body and whole new line of engines getting 10% more mileage and 10% more power ( on which I will be able to trade BECAUSE OF THE VERY HIGH RESALE)

    Hopeing to see Detroit getting vey very competitive .......Again

    I drove most every thing available and thank god they are getting more competitive but Still not even close except for the few die hards left.
    Actually I would Put the Camory in the slot in discussion ..........
    not the Avalon.............which is the Camory is Disamating them already.

    I sold over well over 4000 cars in 30 years
    While I believe the Difference is much closer than it has been in many Years.............The Boy's in detroit have caused themselves an almost insurmontable problem.

    2 weeks I can hardly wait
  • jimmy2xjimmy2x Posts: 124
    As I recall the 500 also had a CVT which has been replaced with a six speed automatic. That being said the looks of the car, especially the exterior really do nothing to excite me. Sort of reminds me of the wife's 80's Tempo.
  • For those of you who are obviously clueless as to what the new Taurus is really about. I'll give you a little insight. Despite the fact that I'm technically challenged in discussing comparable specs, engine displacement,etc. I will give you my 2 cents. I started y car search in Dec. 2006 originally researching every square inch of the Impala SS.

    At the time, the SS was the large sedan I was most interested in. I researched every square inch of that car till I knew it like the back of my hand. Well, due to circumstances out of my control, the deal to finally purchase the ar of my dreams fell through in April of 07. At that time I decided to broaden my horizons and I was determined to complete hands on research to every large sedan falling anywhere between $26 - $40,000. To make a long story short, the Azera, Lucerne, Maxima and Avalon were the vehicles most scrutinized. I was finally ready to but again in July of 07.

    Because of the rebates, I came to the conclusion that the 500 I had ignored for so long would be worth taking a look at. I rented a limited for a week and to my surprise the ride was very better than I thought. The Ford gives you a secure feeling missing in the other large sedans.

    Of course, I was very unhappy with the lack of engine power, so I decided to wait for the new Taurus. Fast forward one month later and wow. The new Taurus was much, much more refined, the ride was much smoother and the new engine combined with the new 6 speed trans. made this car the obvious choice. I can't explain it but this vehicle gives you that older lincoln feeling - making you feel you're on top of the world with a bit better handling.

    In closing, I will say please do not judge the Taurus until you drive one. I went ahead and went car shopping with my father last weekend. We test drove a Mercedes E class and after being unimpressed, my father even stated that the Taurus was a much better ride!

    Here are some pics -

    PS - I was completely unimpressed with the Azera. As bad as I wanted to be.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    We test drove a Mercedes E class and after being unimpressed, my father even stated that the Taurus was a much better ride!

    You can't compare a RWD midsize performance sedan to a FWD boulevard cruiser. If you want ride comfort and large interior space then the E class is not for you.

    For some reason you didn't state why Azera, Lucerne, Maxima and Avalon didn't get your vote after the test drive. Also, why's Azera so bad? Personally if I am on a budget and want a large sedan Azera will be my first choice.
  • The Mercedes E350sedan is not a vehicle I would considered a"performance" option. It's a V6 sedan with 268 hp. You would think that a $52,000 Mercedes would blow the doors off a $28,000 Taurus. I know it sounds funny, but IMO I can assure you the Taurus is at least equal in ride comfort. If not better!

    I was expecting to be little more impressed by the Maxima. Again, at 29 I'm not an old retiree but ride is really important to me. The Maxima is a little sportier but the ride was unimprssive. At 6' 230lbs, the Azera was a little snug and the highly vaunted Infiniti system was very unimpressive. The accelaration was nothing to brag about.

    Although a nice vehicle, for the price, IMO the Avalon does not beat out the Taurus in any area. Even if both the Taurus and Avalon were similar in price, I'd choose the Taurus. Keep in mind I paid $28,000 for my Taurus Limited. A similarly equipped Avalon would run me $35 - $36,000. That's $7 - $8,000 more!
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,023
    "The Ford gives you a secure feeling missing in the other large sedans."

    I don't really know what you mean here???? Most of the cars here are fairly softly suspended cruisers. But, at most any (sane) speed they all feel pretty composed and safe. I have driven everything here except the Taurus (but have driven 500) and all were more than adequate.

    " can't explain it but this vehicle gives you that older lincoln feeling making you feel you're on top of the world with a bit better handling"

    I have owned 2 Town Cars and a Grand Marquis. If the Taurus's handling is only a bit better than a TC I am running away fast. I like those old boats, but not for my daily drive.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

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