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Acura TSX vs. Infiniti G35



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I've been told by my Acura dealer that all cars within their lineup will soon be SH-AWD, so within the next year or two, that will include the TSX.

    I personally love the sound of the exhaust on my G35.
    I've heard the FX35 and it is a weird sound, but the G35 does not sound quite the same. It's a lower tone with a little more grunt... not that strange buzzing noise like in the FX.

    I've been liking the BMW 335 from what I've seen online.
    A co-worker just bought one (coupe) and he parks it right next to my G in the morning.

    It's completely ugly when it's sitting next to the G, n my own opinion. ;)
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    I hope not. i prefer fwd or even rwd
  • gdoctsx1gdoctsx1 Posts: 60
    What year is your G35?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Born March, 07
  • gdoctsx1gdoctsx1 Posts: 60
    Very nice. I've been seeing the new models around the area where I live. Looks like they've got the styling down for this model. I thought the previous model looked a little narrow, but the new one looks "beefier". Watch the cops in that machine!
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,052
    I can see this chat has not changed since my last post. Keep it going Host PAT.. anyway I would like to address the G35's interior --I think its fantastic-- the nav system and all the entertainment features are great..bose, 6 disk, hard drive, compact flash, sat radio and a mpg hookup --the tsx also has a real nice interior and nice nav system but infiniti has really raised the bar and incorporated the interior of the M to the lower G. The Tsx and the TL are a little dated at this point but I think for the price the TSX is one fantastic auto..but watch out the new accord might be a better deal.. in EX 4cyl form its pumpin out the same 200hp and a newer layout and in v6 form its got a 60 hp advantage with a better interior. its amazing how one year can change the automotive landscape.. i remember in 2000 when i bought my acura integra gsr with 170hp (and a fantastic engine and manual) now 300 hp is the standard along with climate control-ipods and stability control. I do think the g35 right now is that standard the others are looking at --yes bmw and acura along with lexus == the reason is the technology in the car the fantastic nissan engine and the price its hard to beat. Look at the sales numbers and they'll tell you the same.
  • I would suggest anyone in the market for a great overall car, grab a TSX while you can. My experience has been nothing but positive. I put the Aspec rims on the car and it looks a lot more aggressive. The new Accord, well...hmmmmmm. I'm trying to like it. The coupe, perhaps. The sedan, that thing could have 400hp, still not into the styling. The G35 Sedan and coupe are tough to beat. I personally don't care for the interior (sorry sweendogy). The clock annoys me and still find the interior a bit ergonomically challenged. The interior on the doors is flat, bland and the cabin feels a tad narrow (must be some illusion, because i'm sure it's wider than it feels). However, bang for the buck, it's about the best out there. Looks great on the outside, tons of power and features. It's the interior that kills it for me. After sitting in even the now 'long in the tooth' TSX, still looks better to me. Albeit, the G35 seats felt exceptionally comfortable with great lateral support. I'll see what happens when my lease is up. If the IS350 had back seats, it would be in the running. Perhaps the interior of an Acura, refinement of the Lexus and the looks of the G35 - or a buggati veron if you have a spare 1.4million.
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,052
    G35 interior bland?? dont see it-- are we talking about the 2007??? I think for 07 they did a good job making it more userfriendly. Voice control of everything along with easy button control of every function (sorry IDRIVE) could not be better. I do think its a little narrow on the inside and the steering wheel not the best.. The clock is a infiniti gimick and a non factor for me. I would agree with you on the TSX great car but again for that kind of money its prob worth a look at the new accord or even branch out --Saab new 93, the subaru legacy sport both AWD with more power -- I would of loved to by another acura (for the service and reliablity) but lack of AWD and the overall package for the price has caught up with you/.
  • I hear ya. Never been a Saab fan as the exterior and interior both were lackluster for me. Subaru Legacy just seems to have an identity crisis. Kinda has TL lines with a back end that look old Toyota camry like. I like the Infinity line and I think by sales volume the G35 sedan and coupe are making BMW sweat a little. I prefer the interior of the Acura's and Mercedes. I had a 3 series and never really liked the interior of the BMW. I got 2.9% lease rate and about 4000 off list with the Navi and cost for the Aspec wheels. Very few black 06' TSX's with ebony finish wheels out there. I'm digging the car a lot and find it a joy to drive everyday. Albeit the look of the the new G37 and G35 from the outside is very appealing. They've improved the interior of the 07', but the center console and even the navigation placement with that pop up looking screen is unattractive to me. The horizontal spot with that large round dial is just not working for me. Maybe I would get use to it. Who knows, maybe my next car will be an infinity as they have some of the best overall packages to offer. Swap the interior of the Acura and i'm in.
  • Interesting opinon on the interior of the G35. I'm a big guy (tall-ish and overweight, :P ) and I fit well in the G35. It can feel a bit narrow but I blame that on the sheer size of the center console. It's bloody huge! I'm confused the most by your popup comment. I'm not sure I see what you're talking about... Now, saying it's not attractive, well, that I can understand. Having a big effectively blank, non-matching blob in the middle of the console is always going to be unattractive, imo.
    For reference, here's a good photo of the 07 console:

    The main thing I don't like about it is the Infiniti Controller. I never use it so it feels wasted to me. (Why use it when I can do everything with the on-wheel controls?!) I also agree on the clock being gimmicky but in a day and age when most teenagers can't seem to read an analog clock it amuses me to have one in the car...
  • jl114jl114 Posts: 3
    If you don't like the infiniti controller you can still perform a lot of the functions without it. They don't limit you like the idrive. I'm very glad they didn't go for a pop up screen thing, i hate those. If anything, they look ugly!
  • Hi everyonel, I'm new to the townhall.

    Currently own an '04 TSX / 36,000 miles with absolutely no major mechanical and/or structural issues....I can't believe how well it holds its resale value too!. However, I get the new car itch every few years and my TSX is on the way out. I understand TSX's and TL's will be redesigned in '09, but I'm not sure I want to wait until then...Hmmm, what to do? . I LOVE the G35 and with AWD (needed where I live) and package options its price is comparable to the TL not the TSX.

    I agree with previous posts the better comparison of TSX might be (amongst others) the Lexus IS250 or the Audi A4 2.0.

    I'll keep up my new car search ..... I think I have it narrowed down to around 12 different models right now...haha. Keep up the good posts!
  • I like my TSX, but to me it handles bad in the snow at least compared to the G35x model and even other AWD cars because the TSX is only FWD.
  • I was in the same situation. My 05 TSX lease is up about 5months but itching to get out of the car. I switched to a G35xs about two weeks ago and loving it so far.

    The infiniti dealer bought out the TSX lease so I'm not responsible for any more payment. I still haven't open up the throttle yet since the car only have 250miles but man I can't wait to drive it everyday. Love the safety of all-wheel drive (I'm from NJ) and the torque of the car. You won't regret it. Almost got into a TL-S but my last Acura and Honda just full of annoying rattles. I came from 4 honda cars before switching to Nissan.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    All three were on my wife and I's short list. We often times compare vehicles that others would not consider in the same class.

    I've owned several Hondas and have an 06' Civic as my commuter vehicle, we've owned other Nissans as well, all trouble free.

    We opted for the G35XS, the monthly payment was about $100 per month higher than a TL and about $200+ over a TSX, all with identical lease terms 36months, 15,000 miles just inception fees, between $1000-1500.

    They all are very capable vehicles. I doubt anyone here could offer incite as to which is better. In my instance we did not want to wait for the redesigned TL and TSX to see which had AWD, and compare, then go through the negotiating process when we had what amounted to an invoice deal on the G35XS.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    I am a former owner of 2 nissans,bought new and had bad luck with both of them-engines had to be replaced due to defects. (under warranty). They were both quiet (no rattles) but then again so is my 06 tsx 6spd, bought new 11/17/06 with 35,000+miles. The last car that I owned that had awd was a 1998 eagle talon Tsi. It was a great car to drive when there was not too much traffic on route 80 thru the delaware water gap. Otherwise I was just as happy driving a car with FWD. (I am a former jerseyite-bergen, ocean, sussex and warren counties). The g35xs only comes with automatic (not for me). good luck and safe driving.
  • gasnetgasnet Posts: 49
    I own a TL and this should be compared to G not a TSX. A TSX is a girls car.At first i thought this post was a type error (he meant TL)
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I agree, the TL and G are more similar. Both are overweight pavement leviathans best suited for septuagenarians who don't want to feel anything while driving to the Bingo hall.

    Enjoy your Buick - er, I mean TL :P
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    When my tsx was being serviced I had a 2008 silver TL as a loaner car. I had requested it so I could try it out. I was able to keep it overnight driving 500+miles. It made me love my tsx even more. I am not into automatic so that was a minus and it drove like a "buick". Nothing to brag about except saying yes I drive a "acura". I do see alot more TL's than tsx's in my travels.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,207
    "I do see alot more TL's than tsx's in my travels."

    Yeah, me too, by far. That alone is an excellent reason to be driving a TSX. In my case, the other big one is that the TSX has fold-down rear seats standard and the TL doesn't even offer them.

    If I end up with one, I guess I'll just have to learn to live with driving a "girly" car, much as I did when I drove my Miata R type.

    I can live with it.
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