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  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Doug, my opinion is subjective in light of the fact that I am a quite satisfied 2000 Quad owner. One of the reasons that I selected the Dodge Dakota over others, is that it had four full sized
    front hinged doors. It was the only crew cab truck that allowed me to couple a V8 engine to a 5 speed manual transmission. I personally prefer purchasing American made products although in reality there are no longer "pedigree" American products available. Another reason, is that I owned previously, a 1995 Dodge Dakota club cab with the 318 and a 5 speed and loved that truck. The size of a Dakota is unique in that it falls between a full size and a compact. The Nissan crew cab was also considered until I test drove one. There was a lack of power and I guess that Nissan recognized it as well, hence the new turbo-
    charged version. The pedals on the Nissan were very close to each other and my size 12 EEE shoes became entangled. Although I have not driven a Toyota Tundra, the "suicide" doors and the inability to combine 5 speed and V8 eliminated any further thoughts for purchasing that particular vehicle. As for the choice between the 4.7 and the 5.9, here is my take for what it's worth. If you tow heavy loads on a regular basis, the 5.9 is a good choice. It has lots of "grunt" but the price of that, is fuel consumption. If you prefer a 5 speed transmission, then the 5.9 is not an option. The engine technology is older, but it is a strong and dependable mill. Doug, in the end, it is your choice. Weigh your particular needs and wants against what the manufacturers have to offer and consider the price versus your desires. Good luck in any eventuallity.

  • txqc2000txqc2000 Posts: 121
    I too considered buying a Tundra b/4 I purchased my 5.9L 4x4 Quadcab. I have to admit that the V-8 engine in that Toyota is SWEET and almost sealed the deal for me!! But the bottom line in my case was that my wife and I would be the only ones able to enjoy the Tundra -- b/c the rear "seat" would be totally uncomfortable for the kids, not to mention my lower back since they'd be kicking the back of my driver's seat constantly due to the short rear leg room. Yes, I dragged the whole family down to the Toyota dealership to try this out, and my boys were not thrilled with the space in the back.

    Like Bookitty says, it really comes down to your personal tastes, needs, etc. In my case, the QC was the right fit for me. Good luck.
  • As a former, HIGHLY SATISFIED Toyota truck owner, I feel qualified to give this one a shot.

    Toyota advantages: BULLETPROOF reliability. I speak from personal experience on this. I bought a 4banger compact toyota in 1990 and sold it in 00. The only items replaced in that time (100Kmi) were a starter and the muffler. (Of course tires and battery etc..). Most reliable vehicle ever.

    Dakota Quad Advantages: INTERIOR ROOM AND 4 DOORS. I haul people (2 kids, one in a car seat and wife) more than cargo, clear choice for me. LOOKS: The Tundra is lackluster and the Tacoma, IMHO, is butt ugly. For almost 30 large, I want to think "ssooweeeet" when I look at my new vehicle. The Quad definately does that, hands down over ANY other truck, I think.

    If bulletproof reliability was my #1 overriding be all end all concern, I'd buy the Tundra.
    My #1 overriding be all end all concern was 4 full size doors and a reasonable size box in back. I also wanted to stay under 30K; I doubt a well appointed Tundra will do that.

    I admit my neighbor works at DC and HOOKED me up with a 2% under invoice deal, add to that a 2K rebate and I was out the door for 25K on a 29.8K Dakota. That helped..:)
  • gregp5gregp5 Posts: 51
    Bookity, Thanks for your reply.
    Went to Reed mans yesterday,not a big supply left of Quad Cabs and couldn't find one with the options I was seeking. Salesman said I could still order one and I priced one out. I wasnt too thrilled with his price though,was expecting better. Might go to a dealer a little more local and see what kind of deal I can get by ordering a new one, before the 2000. rebate ends.
    Bright Silver looks mighty good.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Greg, there is a Farm Bureau discount of $500.00 for members after 30 days of membership. It costs $75.00 to join in PA and I used that when I purchased my truck. To check it out, try http://www, Go to the state site and click on member benefits for details. If you order, the 30 days will work out just fine. If you need any help, please post or contact me via Email. My address is on my profile. Good luck. By the way, I paid $125.00 over dealer invoice (actually less because there were 2 increases) less the Farm Bureau discount. That discount is in addition to any rebates.


  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I don't know what your idea of central NJ is, I did business with Oasis dodge in Old Bridge NJ.
    This dealer which was recommended by autobytel.
    Signed the papers for $400 over invoice.
    good luck
  • greg, I, like bookitty, bought my 2000 qc from reedman. got it off the lot, nov. 2000, for well under dealer invoice (2000 leftover), and 0.0 financing (!). dealt with truck manager John Howley ( who has since sold my parents a 2001 town and country, loaded). John grew up in my neighborhood and has always been an ace, but I would trust anyone that bookitty recommends. I think the trick is to bypass the sales associates if you can, and deal directly with the sales managers. they are the guys who know their stuff.
    drive safely,
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303

  • chrickchrick Posts: 2
    I'm looking into buying a Dakota but I don't know if they are good reliable trucks. I currently have a Dodge Neon and have had nothing but problems from it and I don't know anyone who owns a Dodge truck. I just want to make sure I know what I'm getting into bfore I go and buy one.
  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    From my experience there is nothing better than a Dodge truck. I have a 97 bDakota that has been trouble free and just ordered another one to go along with it. But then again I am a mopar man. All of my vehicles except for a 76 Dodge van have been good.

    In my opinion, the quality of the dealer determines the quality of the vehicle. Its too bad that Chrysler has so many poor dealer service departments.
  • chrickchrick Posts: 2
    Thank you for your honesty. Chrick
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    We have 2 1999 Neons and a 2000 Quad. Had to have Computer flashed in both Neons right after we got them. No other problems to report. Neons have 17,000 and 19000 miles and the Quad has 9000 miles. We also have a 1995 Nissan Altima SE that has only required an Oxygen sensor in 43000 miles. By the way all the vehicles are manual transmissions. Rick
  • gregp5gregp5 Posts: 51
    Took the plunge last night. I went to Freehold Dodge and ordered up a
    Bright Silver 2001 QC 4x4 with the following :
    4.7 V8
    45 rfe mission
    anti-spin miff.
    ad service group
    radio w/the equalizer
    power drivers seat
    skid plates
    sports plus group
    leather wrapped steering wheel
    towing group
    r. defroster
    power overhead conv. group
    bucket seats
    p/time 4wd
    3.55 axle
    power conv. group
    radio controls on wheel
    Think that's about it....Geez, I don't think my blood pressure
    has returned to normal yet.
    Now, if I could only figure how to pay for it...............

    Sorry for the long post regarding options, but I just HAD to tell someone !
    One question though, while typing this post I hit the tab key and
    it appears to have horizontally expanded the box I'm typing in,
    anybody know how to bring it back to normal size ? I dont want the posts
    to be too wide.

    Thanks for yor help guys
  • biglucybiglucy Posts: 140

    Sit back and take a deep breathe. Now, exhale gently and continue to take deep breaths until you feel better! Hemoglobin is a wonderful thing!!!
    Don't worry - You Done Good!!! Sounds like a fantastic purchase. Know what your bottom line $Price$ will be, Keep to your guns, and Keep your fingers crossed (the last two require alittle dexterity).
    The best advice I'd like to share with you is to get your truck paid off as quickly as possible, double up on payments whenever you can. If you haven't purchased a house yet then this is probably the biggest investment you have made, so make that investment work in your favor (and enjoy a great ride at the same time)!

    Good Luck!
  • I've looked everywhere for slip on tow mirrors for my QC. There are plenty for the stock smaller mirrors and full size Rams. I have the optional 5x7 inch mirrors that came with my tow package. They still don't reach far enough out see around my RV trailer. Anybody? Thanks.

    I tried the strap on mirrors and they stink. They vibrate too much and bend in the wind.
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    I saw this in my local paper today, $ 8000 thousand to repair a RAM !? A new one is about twice that, insurance companies must love this ...

                        Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx


    1981 Raleigh for commuting, errands & fun

    1997 Trek 2300 for real fun !

    2000 Honda Civic hatchback

    - snip - April 9, 2001, 1:28PM

     Some truck bumpers not as strong as they look

    DETROIT -- When the going gets tough .. the tough get bent out of shape. That's the conclusion that might be drawn from results released today of low-speed crash tests on the bumpers of rugged-

    looking pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

    Of the seven 2001 models tested, only one, Ford Motor Co.'s small Escape SUV, earned an acceptable rating for crash-worthiness,

    according to the safety institute.

    It said the other vehicles, subjected to four separate crash tests at 5 miles an hour, sustained extensive damage that would require

    costly repairs.

    The pickups tested were the Chevrolet Silverado, the Ford F-150, the Toyota (7203.T) Tundra and Dodge Ram. In addition to the Escape, the SUVs were Hyundai Motor's (05380.KS) Santa Fe and Toyota's RAV4.

    "The performance of the four large pickups ranged from poor to awful," said Adrian Lund, the institute's chief operating officer.

    "None of these vehicles sustained less than $4,000 total damage in the four tests, and the Dodge Ram sustained more than $8,000 damage.

    There's no excuse for such poor performance."

  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    Repair costs are always high. If you were to build a vehicle from the parts department iot would cost 10 times what you pay for it MSRP.

    Modern manufacturing drives most of the costs out of it but building by parts as in a body shop is very loabor intensive and that is where the high cost come from. Heck, I just bent the hood on a car in a 25 MPH tap and it cost almost 2500.
  • astaasta Posts: 122
    no post, guys! Been off in work/home buying land (and I thought buying a truck was tough!) anyways, still love my 2001 Silver 4x4 QC since I took delivery last October. Sold my trusty Saturn wagon and got 500 bills below my asking, which was 10K. Not bad for a 4 year old car that I paid 16K for. have been religious with the oil changes so far, but have only put about 7100K on the truck since October. Just noticed (yesterday) a squeaking type sound when I release the brake pedal after stopping. Took it to a dealership (not my regular one) and they said this noise was normal with the semi-metallic brakes on the QC. He lessened the noise somewhat, but it's still there, still annoying, and will probably get worse with wear, according to the service guy. Anybody else have this issue and is there a fix? The sound only happens upon releasing the brake pedal - brakes work great. Like I said it's a sort of squeak or rub.

    thanks! Good to be back amongst old friends.
  • akula2akula2 Posts: 8

    A few months a friend of mine was in a slight fender bender in which his air bags deployed. When he went to the shop that was repairing his vehicle he was astonished to find out that half of the $2500 bill was for air bag replacement. For comparison purposes the owner of the body shop led him over to a 2000 Dodge Ram which had been in an accident. The actual body damage was $1500 but since all of the air bags deployed the total cost came to well over $8000! Just FYI...
  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Posts: 159
    I got my hood insulation installed yesterday.
    So all you 2001 Dakota SLT owners check under
    the hood for insulation, bet you don't have any.
    The dealer will install it for free(you already
    paid for it).
    I was also shocked at the 'crash tests' for
    the Dodge Dakota. The more I look under and
    around my truck, I can see how Dodge 'cuts' the
    weight! But others do it also.
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