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Buying a Used 4Runner - Help Me Decide



  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Whatever you buy, get snow tires. I've got a 2003 V8 4WD 4Runner and I put snow tires on in the winter -- even here in Boston.

    The 4WD and traction-control wizardry is great for helping you go. But it doesn't do a darn thing to help you stop or corner. And a 4600 lb truck has a lot of momentum when you get it sliding sideways on an icy street, as I have learned from experience...
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24
    I am not an expert on cars. However, a number of my patients reside in group homes. I am also the State of California pharmacology consultant for all board and care facilities.
    I would recommend you compare insurance costs for different vehicles if you are transporting patients, since you stated, "...if WE have to drive out in bad weather"..
    Good luck in your vehicle choice and your career. Caregivers for these patients deserve great respect.
  • I have decided that my next vehicle is going to be a 4runner, I have the chance to get a black 95 4runner I dont know for shure if it is sr5 but it has 5speed, 4x4, sunroof, power doors/windows, 153k miles. I think I can get it for $6k, is this a good deal? how many gallons does the gas tank hold and how much mpg can I expect? the sticker says 'gas saver' on it. how is the 4x4 on the 95 model?
    I think I read the 96 4x4 was more advanced. Is 153k miles too many?
    I do alot of traveling and I am moving from oregon to kentucky about a week after I get this truck and I dont want to have it break down on me in the middle of BFE with all my possesions stuffed inside. The total trip is going to be around 2700 miles, I will have a passenger and probably 400-550 pounds of crap, what kind of mileage can I suspect?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,985
    Sounds high if it's the 4 cylinder (would that be the "gas saver" model?). A clean 6 cylinder in my zip code retails for around $5600 so that's not far off, depending on the options (Used Car Appraiser).

    I didn't check all models - the V6 SR5 as a 17.2 gallon tank and the EPA estimate for the manual is 14/18. More specs (and different styles) can be found at the appraisal link above.

    You can also cross-check prices in the Toyota 4Runner: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion.
  • Need your input: I’m looking for an SUV to last me 7 – 10 years and w/seating capacity for at least for six (occasional visit by the in-laws). I’m looking at a new 2007 Pilot LX; however, a friend is leasing a 2005 Toyota 4Runner Limited that he’ll be turning in at the end of the year, with end-of-the-lease purchase price of around $22,000. It’s a basic 6 cyl. 2wd “Limited” w/tow package (has never towed anything), leather, power seats, removable third row seats, side airbags, runboards, etc., expected to have ~30K miles; no problems w/vibrations, sulfur smell or rattles, garaged and dealer maintained. I’m in no big hurry, but should I get a new Pilot LX (~$23,500) + hitch and maybe a tranny cooler OR should I go for a three-year-old 4Runner Limited (out of warranty!)??? I like the 4Runner better b/c it’s truck based and has more toys. Either SUV would be mine on weekends only, as my better half would use it to ferry kids around during the week. I don’t need a 4x4 in S. FL and my trailer is only ~2500 lbs. I understand the Pilot is a crossover and not even in the same category as the 4Runner, but I’m a little bit worried about all the electronics wizardry and potentially more expensive maintenance of the 4Runner. Should I get an extended warranty? Any input is greatly appreciated.
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