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Kia Spectra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think there's something to be said for sales goals having been met. One place I went to gave me such a lowball offer on my trade it was roll on the floor laughable. I happened to know the sales guy and he kinda told me to get to the door as quick as possible. His "boss" was trying to steal my car. IOW, they reeeeeally didn't want to sell anymore of their in stock Elantras. Supply was running a lil' low I think and they wanted to keep what they had for another month especially IF the '06's don't show up 'til the later part of Oct/early Nov. Might be wrong but that was my gut.

    Did have to travel a bit to snag my car but the supply was much greater at this cross town dealership. Much higher incentive to move rubber you might say (Their website does claim "Largest Hyundai dealership in volume on the entire East Coast." Who am I to argue?). As I got up and started walkin' towards the door, "my number" magically appeared. Imagine that.

    Yeah, I can see the Kia Spec5 might be more abundant than the Elantra GT hatch in some areas although I do think since you mentioned you were interested in the automatic, they (the GT's) ARE out there in larger #'s than the 5 speeds. My opinion, trust hasn't exactly gone through the roof yet with the American public I think on the Kia brand. That's not to say that it won't, just hasn't yet. Hyundai's a little bigger corporate wise and is hitting the JD Power rankings rather well of late. Time will tell if this brand new Korean car of mine stands up to the Japanese products. For the three grand discount I calculated right off the bat, I thought it worth the gamble.

    Suzuki cars? Nah. Doohickie, you know better than that. Don't get "torqued" at Hyundai/Kia. Get even. Wait to see what the next hand in the card game deals ya...again, if you've got the time and patience. I still maintain since you didn't pull the trigger yet, wait. There's a car out there that's going to come right into your sights.

    PS Spoilers falling off...hmmm...nervous? I was too.
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    The Kia salesman just called. Without giving me an "official" quote over the phone, it looks like a $17000 Spectra5 will cost me about $15000. This is more than I want to pay, but he said there is a good chance we can get the special Kia finance rate of 2.9%. My credit numbers are not good enough to automatically get that rate (just a few points below prime), but the salesman said I might still get it if we apply for the loan. After my downpayment, my monthly payment on a 5 year loan would be less than $270 month (my target is $250, but I could afford more).

    This number assumes a reduced rebate ($500) and $500 for new graduate incentive (for my wife). And there may still be a little wiggle room for the dealer to bargain a bit.
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    I found a Hyundai Elantra hatch with everything I want except the CD stereo (and I'm not averse to putting an aftermarket unit in). Over the phone the salesman said it would be about $13700 to $14000. I think I prefer the Elantra to the Spectra anyway, so I hope to drive out to the dealer (almost an hour from here) tomorrow afternoon and check it out. I may come back with a new Elantra. I was hoping to do better, but with Hyundai cutting back on their incentives, this may be the best I can do.

    The model is a Hyundai Elantra 5-door with cruise and AT (no other options).
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46

    How do you like your new 2005 spectra 5 with manual tranny?

    Is your car with the 138 hp engine or previous lower powered engine?
  • hi everyone! new to the group, we bought our 05 spectra 5 in may 05, all options, we paid 21,000CAN for it, they threw on the kia front visor and tinted the windows for us too. we took the stock mp3 player out, and replaced it with a jvc mp3/wma deck that has exact same metallic trim as the dash, a perfect match, we opted for the 5spd, would you take anything else? just had awesome mileage last month too! gas here in BC was $1/litre, we only spent $50 for the entire month of aug in gas, and we do a lot of city driving. fun to drive, slick looking car, and wicked on gas! we love it!
  • sly71sly71 Posts: 2
    Hi. I am considering the purchase of a 2006 Kia Spectra SX, with auto-transmission, antilock brakes, and spoiler. The only thing it is missing is the sunroof, which I am contimplating finding another with it or just doing without. The sticker is 17,500.

    I wanted to know how much you got your car for, before TTT. I am trying to see how much negociation room there is on this car. thanks so much!!
  • sly71sly71 Posts: 2
    was the 13,880 after tax tag and title or before?? I am looking at one that also has a 17,500 sticker and I want to see how much room I can move on the price

    thanks so much!!
  • masta159masta159 Posts: 3
    Hi, I posted this earlier in a different forum but I want to throw out what I was offered by the dealer & was wondering if anyone thinks it's a good one. They offered $14995 for an automatic Spectra5 & $12670 for Spectra (4 door). I like the hatchback better. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • herfnerdherfnerd Posts: 4
    Automatic or stick? Sunroof?
  • masta159masta159 Posts: 3
    No sunroof, but automatic. This is also the price before taxes or any other charges but it includes all rebates & incentives.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hi everyone. Please use the following discussion to post any questions that you have about leasing a Hyundai Kia Spectra. Thanks.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    dear carman- as far as I know , Kia Financial does not offer leases on the cars at all , at this time. At least in New York State. A problem with a Kia Lease is , like all leases, it is based on the residual value of the car. Presently , Kia does not want to get stuck like Mitsubishi did by selling or leasing a bunch of cars to crummy people that beat them to heck and then welch on the payments. Mitsubishi lost an amazing amount of money after the initial sales thrust they got going with the first " Fast and the Furious" movie. They lost over $ 4 BILLION dollars on bad loans/ leases.

    If the value of a used KIA ever amounts to something then leasing may become a possibility. right now the cars are still too new to the used car industry to command any predicable resale value.

    I have two Kias and am happy with them . But I know if I want to sell my 2002 Spectra I won't get much for it. But if I had bought a Honda Civic it would worth the value of Gold.

    There is the rub with leasing a newer brand opf car.
  • tmporttmport Posts: 19
    I bought a new 2006 Specta5 today, Spark Blue w/ ABS and sunroof, MSRP $18,675. It was a "demonstrator" model w/ 447 miles on the odometer.

    I paid $13,250 plus tax/tags/title, for $14,322 out the door. I live in Washington, DC.
  • brunojoebrunojoe Posts: 22
    any ides on price for this model OTD? thanks bruno
  • We were ready to purchase the KIA here in Hamilton. The dealer gave us a turnkey quote of $22767.60 for the 2007 LT Convenience Automatic with 0% financing. I did research, and thought this was a pretty good deal, as this corresponds to about $1600 discount. We were going to finalize the deal today, but I notice of the three payment plans was $379 per month for 60 months + a $3000 deposit. But that totaled $25767.60.

    When we asked about it, we were told she made a mistake, and the correct turnkey price was $25558.62. And that was computed from a vehicle price of $20020. I did the math, and figured out, somewhere there was an extra $700 fee they did not tell us about, and there quote was $1600 more than what the website computes after I add the 14% tax. So we politely said no thanks and bought a 2008 Toyota Matrix instead. In the end we paid about a thousand dollars more for the Toyota Matrix due to financing costs, but the car hold is value better, and it is a 2008 not a 2007.

    I just don't get it. The KIA is clearly a lower quality vehicle, with nearly twice the cost of routine maintenance. Why would someone pay so much for it? And why can't they even give quotes were all the numbers add up correctly? And do they think we are idiots enough to believe the Canadian version gets 46 MPG, when the US version gets 30 MPG?

  • The local Kia Dealership is offering $11k off of all Kia models.

    Resulting prices:
    Sedona - $15,775
    Rondo - $11,775
    Optima - $10,775
    Sorento - $12,775
    Spectra Sedan- $7,775
    Rio Sedan - $6,775

    These are all new 2007 models.


    :) (You knew that had to be coming :P )

    When I went to the dealership (without ad in hand, wanted to test them for honesty and how forthright they might be.

    They did mention the $11k discount, but told me that it was only available on the vans and SUVs and only on the models that were fully loaded, resulting in a final price on the Van for example of about $23k.

    The discount included a $1500 rebate and $3k in customer loyalty stuff.

    When I tried to get the specifics from the dealer (when I asked about their ads) I was told that the cars did not have air conditioners. The detailed explanation was that the cars were made for the North and shipped down here to North Carolina.

    Rebuttal to bad line

    1. I'm from Illinois and it gets as hot in Illinois as it does in North Carolina. Air Conditioners are just as essential there as they are here in North Carolina, now maybe a car without airconditioning might sell in Alaska, but I doubt even then that a small little Kia would drive well in the snow.

    2. They pointedly showed me the small little air conditioner in the other cars. The air conditioner is smaller than a small can of folgiers coffee (like about the girth of a 1 liter bottle of water, but a little shorter). I sincerely doubt that a small air conditioner like that is really worth $3.5k ($16k normal price - less $4500 in discounts = $11.5k - $8k selling price is $3.5k for an air conditioner.)

    That's one hell of an air conditioner!

    On a separate note, if they advertise a Kia new for $7-8k, that cannot be good for the resale value of used cars of the same make and model. ;)
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Optima owner just passing through.

    I bought a Kia rather than a Sonata because of similar crap from the local Hyundai dealer.

    The sad fact is that Kia and Hyundai both have more than a normal share of sleazy dealers. Sad, although the snottiness of many top tier (Toyota, Honda) Japanese dealers is almost as disconcerting.
  • You hit the nail on the head regarding the snottiness factor of many of the Japanese dealerships.

    I had a Honda sales guy tell me that he didn't want to sell me a Prelude for MSRP, because his manager was thinking about selling at auction the next day, where they typically sold for $3k over MSRP.

    My response, go right ahead, and by the way, why do you have a dealership at all, if you can sell cars for $3k over MSRP at auction?

    I've never been back to a Honda dealer since(had other stupid run ins before that).

    I've had better luck at Toyota dealerships, but that could be a fluke.

    Now, when it comes to Mitsubishi dealerships, (I like Mitsubishi cars in general), I've never found a Mitsubishi dealership that didn't literally break the law (seriously) at least once during my visit.

    I've been to Mitsubishi dealerships in 3 states to buy cars (because I like their cars and I keep thinking they can't all be crooks), I am seriously disappointed everytime I go there.

    Funny thing is Mitsubishi took almost a half billion hit a few years back due to their bad vehicle loans, partly related to their predatory lending practices. Those lending practices may work for the mafia, but they don't work long term for car sales.
  • For what its worth, 3 days after my visit, the local paper is now running the same add with prices adjusted down by $1000 (total discount of $12k instead of $11k).

    So those numbers I quoted above are now $1k lower. Hope no one is trying to sell one of these cars used!
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